Robert W. Chambers (May 26, 1865 – December 16, 1933) 

American artist and fiction writer, best known for his book of short stories entitled The King in Yellow, published in 1895. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover detail, frontispiece, spine detail, and excerpt from The King in Yellow By Robert W. Chambers. New York: F. Tennyson Neely, 1895.


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Rules and Info!

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○ I accept PayPal and DeviantArt Points once I receive the payment first I will work on your commission and have it done as soon as I can.
○ Please have references on hand.
○If your character appears to be difficult for me I will bump up the price to $5.00 USD / 500  depending what it is exactly.
○I can draw humans and animals and more!
○Your finish commission will be uploaded to my DeviantArt Sta.sh / Where ever you have contacted me!
○Please be patient I may take a bit to work on your commission because of real life situations.
○You may upload the finished commission just please be sure to give credit.
Looking forward with doing business with you all~! 

My favorite part about listening or watching live TOP concert videos is when the audience just knows when to sing. Tyler doesn’t tell them what lyrics are next, and he doesn’t prompt them to sing. He just subtly goes silent and the crowd carries it on because they know where the lyrics fit in around the music. They’re just so familiar with these songs from late nights in their rooms, or long car rides, or while making art, that they just know how they should sound. 

And to hear it is one of the most powerful displays of unity I’ve ever experienced.

Sometimes, we know artists more than we know people in our lives. Especially musicians. Where do you think those lyrics come from? The words of musicians, poets & writers, share things from within their heart and soul that most people don’t have the ability to do. All of those feelings are sent to their brains, then transformed on paper, for the world to see. They choose to share their guts with us. So people can empathize and connect. That is special and generous.

So, yeah, when an artist that we have connected with dies, especially tragically like this, it fucking hurts. We feel helpless. We beat ourselves up with questions that cannot be answered. We go through the stages of mourning just like anyone else who knew them personally, and it is justified.