Arranged Marriage: Sehun Edition. Part 10

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Desclaimer: So people, I am so sorry for not posting for so long, but I had the most important exams of my life and I also procrastinated a lot, but now it’s summer and I also remembered why I love writing so much so expect at least two updates from me every week! <3

Warning: More angst, more fluff, a long ramble from Sehun and how his life before marrying and more angst. enjoy <3

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“Have fake marriages become such a frequency that we don’t react even if it’s happening right in front of our eyes? Has it become a regular occurrence to be married because of money, fame, business? If not, then why is it that we decide to close our eyes, even if it’s obvious that CEO Oh Sehun didn’t marry by love? Or is it the other way around? Is the CEO’s wife being forced into this so called marriage?”

I closed my laptop with a loud thump, refusing to read any further. New articles were being released almost every day about my marriage and the subject was the same in every single one of them.

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Mark Gatiss, Ian Hallard & James Holmes introduce The Boys in the Band. Plus random cameos from Bunsen (the dog).

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I'm not sure if there's already a list, but could I please have a list of the stories with marriages of convenience/green card marriage/accidental marriages? Thank you so much!

Marriages of Convenience (includes Green Card Marriages)

Accidental Marriages

Arranged Marriages

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I am so done with these old ass men! They’re ridiculous… One man offered me $150 to meet for FIVE FUCKING HOURS at his house for “some real fun.” But wait… HE WANTED TO MEET 8-10 TIMES A MONTH. Sometimes $250 if he’s feeling generous that month… I’M GAGGING. Somebody get these broke ass men tf outta here. I’m so sick of these cheap ass men, ladies I went OFF. And his only response? “Times are changing, winter is coming.”

Damn fool FOH

How to become a sugar baby and find a sugar daddy secretly

How to find a sugar daddy while keeping it your little secret? 

1.How to start?

Make a fake email, or an inactive one that doesn’t connect with your real infoemation. Normal email like yahoo, gmail or outlook is okay. It’s the foundation of sugaring, you can use it to register dating sites, paypal account and chat apps.

2.Where to start?

Rigister some sugar daddy dating websites. Except SA, you can also use an sugar daddy dating app called Sudy, which is one of the platforms that I use. It’s like tinder+instagram for sugar dating, much easier than SA and more intersting, but the user is less than SA. If don’t want to use any sugar dating site, you can use normal dating sites like tinder, I heard that Ashley Mandison is also a good choice. You can also use omegle, search the interests “sugar daddy” ,“sugar baby”. 

3.Sugar baby profile?

If you don’t want to show your real information, creat a fake one is okay. Use fake information and wait for daddies to message you. The picture must be attractive, you can edite the picture or hide part of your face. 

There’s a  bold way, use the pictures you’ve posted on instagram, twitter or other sites, if your friends find your profile, you can just say someone stole your photo and made a fake account.

I don’t suggest you use other girls’ photo cause it’s immoral and might hurt others. But if you do so, make sure she is not famous or you won’t pass the verification.

4.How to communicate?

Before meeting a POT, if you can’t confirm he is safe and trustworthy, don’t give him your real phone number, use a burner phone. You can also make a fake Kik or Skpe account to communicate with potential sugar daddies.  Don’t talk to sugar daddies in your area unless you actually plan to meet them. 

 5. How to get paid?

Cash is the best way, but for those who wanna keep a long distance sugar relationship or want a sugar daddy on line, make a fake paypal. You can register it with your fake email. You can also make a google wallet account.  Your sugar daddy won’t see it because he only gets to see the email he sends to.

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literally it’s only the suggestion of mine based on my experience so you should think twice before taking actions. Like I said I don’t have a problem with paid promotion as long as it’s truthful and objective, tagging with “ad” or “sponsored” is necessary. Hope this can help you, xoxo.  

Why you shouldn't talk about sex with these men
  • Him:Fantastic. So, tell me about your kinky side?
  • Me:Vanilla get's a little dull don't you think?
  • Him:Evasive answer.
  • Me:Vague question.
  • Him:I'll leave the trash where it belongs, bye slut!
  • He had his dick in his hand. Clearly he was hoping I'd give him something to cum to. I refused. Now I'm a slut. If he wants details I guarantee you he's tugging away at his penis like he's trying to tear it off. Don't provide them with anything.
  • These guys are the same ones who will NOT respect your limits in the bedroom. When you stand up for yourself or refuse anything he wants he'll call you a whore and move along to the next chick he thinks he can misuse.