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You still believe there is a new team ans a co is happening? We're talking about a baby here, it's gone much too far to backpedal without terrible consequences. Miscarriage is a terrible thing and I doubt they'd go this far and it would absolutely tarnish a possible CO. I don't see how his can end well.

I’m having trouble separating label and management at the moment. That’s my biggest struggle right now.

Someone is PUSHING a successful rebranding, 

SOMEONE doesn’t have them sing WMYB thank fucking god for that btw.

Someone is adding DMD tot he setlist, SOMEONE arranged this concert out of the blue

Someone had People and Billboard so engaged with 1D that it’s a daily thing now.

Someone is NOT stopping the media to call out the existence of this baby, the lack of Louis’ confirmation, they even ran pregnant H pictures.

Someone made that man ask about the baby. Someone made them uncomfortable.

I cannot tell you more. I need to separate label and management to see clearer, but it’s too complicated now.

I think I know what 115 means

So, in 5x07 Kira sticks her acupuncture needles into her headboard:

We know chess is important on the show, now more than ever since so much of this season is paralleling 3b. And in chess, there are couple of different meanings for the number ‘115.’ There are exactly 115 ways to arrange the rooks on a chessboard so that none of them can attack each other.

 But, even more interesting than that, is that when a chess games comes down to being between 2 knights (and, of course, 2 kings), but one of the knights has a pawn, it can take up to exactly 115 moves to end the game. 

So why is that important? 

One, I’ve thought for a while now that we’ve been seeing a chess game play out ( I talked about this here). I think the Dread Doctors represent one of the knights. I think the trickster spirits may represent the other, if the tricksters are not like the Dread Doctors’ successes. That knight may actually be Valack. I’ve thought since we met him that he might be controlling the tricksters and that he might be using them to fight against the Dread Doctors (if not Valack, it’s probably the emissaries). I think the Dread Doctors are the ones with the extra pawn - Theo.  There might very well still be a lot of other pieces on the board at this time, but I think it might come down to this. 

And it finally explains why the hell we keep seeing knights and horses everywhere since 3a right before the ice bath ritual that brought back the dread Doctors (and the tricksters). 

In 3x07, we see a knight on the desk in the Argent study and a wood piece on a table that looks like a bishop:

In 3x11, after Melissa and Sheriff are captured, we see the two pieces again (and Stiles’ shirt of doom):

But then in 3x12, after Chris is captured, the pieces are no longer there:

They moved the knight to display the weapons, but there was no need to remove the bishop. 

And in 3x09 we see another horse behind Allison in the Argent study:

In 3x11, there’s a knight on Lydia’s dresser and this is the episode she drowns 
Stiles in the ice bath:

In 3x13, there is a horse in Malia’s bedroom:

And we get a long and focused shot of Stiles holding it:

In 3x19, we can see a knight on Chris’ desk and what looks like another chess piece:

And in 3x21, we saw Stiles’ chessboard:

The labels say Jackson’s a rook (light), Allison’s a knight (light), Chris’s a knight (light), Peter’s a knight (dark), Scott’s a pawn (dark), Aiden’s a pawn (dark), Ethan’s a pawn (dark), Derek’s a king (dark), Deaton’s a rook (dark), and Isaac’s a pawn (dark). 

And now this season we’re seeing a knight on Mr. Yukimura’s desk:

And next to Kira’s bed there’s a picture of a dragonfly:

which is often used as a symbol for victory in Japan. 

Anyway, this is by no means a complete meta because that’s going to take me a while, but I thought I’d throw this little bit out there now. 

Sir George Martin & The Beatles during a session at Abbey Road. (1967) Photo Source: “Sir George, The Man Who Made The Beatles”, Stephen Pate,, Music Is Real

“The producer is the person who shapes the sound. If you have a talent to work with, a singer together with a song, the producer’s job is to say, right, you need to put a frame around this, it needs a rhythm section to do this or that and so on,. He actually decides what the thing should sound like, and then shapes it in the studio. He may also be an arranger, in which case he may write the necessary parts … he shapes the whole lot. It’s like being the director of a firm.”  - Sir George Martin, Irish Times (1999), quoted in Salon. 25 July 2000

“There was a time when I got really fed up being known as The Beatles’ producer. It seemed as though I’d never done anything else in my life. But time eases a lot of things. And it certainly eases that because I realized that it was something to be really proud of. And um, they’re my mates, ya know.” - Sir George Martin, 1998, “In My Life”

Large (Wikimedia)

Someone put in a request for more Whistler, and more Glasgow School artists, so I’ll be interspersing some through the next few weeks’ posts. I’ll start with a Whistler, Nocturne in Blue and Silver: The Lagoon, Venice, from 1879–1880.

As with many of his fellow Salon des Refusés artists, James Abbott McNeill Whistler “rejected meticulous representation, preferring instead to paint mood and atmosphere and seeking to express beauty in the line, color, and arrangement of his compositions,” the Boston Museum of Fine Arts writes.

There is a sort of unity of tone in Whistler’s works—their sometimes hazy and indistinct forms seem foggy, rather than simply blurred.

I need a caulscott au that’s set in the 40s and the prescotts own the biggest plantation and half the town and nathan is in an arranged marriage with victoria and he’s cool with that until he sees farmgirl max selling her eggs at the town square and he immediately falls for her and comes back every week to buy more eggs than he can eat just so he can talk to her

Beautiful Days SDR2: Super High School Level Friendship

Story: Onogami Meiya (小野上明夜)
Illustration: Fujiwara Ryou (冨士原良)

(I’m still on vacation and am already posting this way later than I finished it, so I’m not going to reread it for mistakes as thoroughly as I usually do. Please don’t hesitate to point out anything that seems weird! Otherwise, please enjoy the final story of Beautiful Days!)

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Louis XVI. meant to write his own memoirs; the manner in which his private papers were arranged indicated this design. The Queen also had the same intention; she long preserved a large correspondence, and a great number of minute reports, made in the spirit and upon the event of the moment. But after the 20th of June, 1792, she was obliged to burn the larger portion of what she had so collected, and the remainder were conveyed out of France.
—  the memoirs of Madame Campan

I can’t stand people who look down on house keepers. My mom has cleaned houses for a living my whole life. Luckily now she also works at my step dad’s office so the money is better but still people have talked to shit to my face about my mom cleaning houses and that’s so fucked. She has always been able to support us and with house keeping she was able to arrange her schedule to where she could volunteer at our schools and go on field trips and stay home with us when we were sick and it breaks my heart when I hear her hesitate when people ask what she does for a living she shouldn’t have to be embarrassed she’s given me and my brother great lives even when were poor and what’s more amazing is how she was able to pull us out of poverty and I love her

*wants to make a fan video*
*wants to make a gifset*
*wants to make an edit*
*wants to update my fanfic*
*wants to rewatch every superfruit episode*
*wants to learn the arrangement of every ptx song ever*
*wants to make a different fan video*
*reads fanfic instead*


Kradness’ 3rd album: Krad Paradox / Release Date: October 21st 2015 (limited on left, regular on right) 


no.1 Justitia of Life (Neru)

no.2 Online Game Addicts Sprechchor (Satsuki Ga Tenkomori)


no.4 Limiter (niki)

no.5 Systematic Love (Camellia)

no.6 Shadow Flame≒Variation [Paradox Arrange] (Yairi)

no.7 Love Atomic・Transfer [Neru Arrange ver.] (Chouchou-P)

no.8 Drama and Deformed Cities (Mafumafu) 

no.9 Tbd (Camellia)

no.10 Tbd (Ryu☆)

no.11 Tbd (kors-k)

no.12 Villainous Self-Riser (Jesus) 

Purchase links (overseas): 



For more info please visit Kradness’ official website HERE 

Someone was posting dolls and I forgot that I had this mer!zutara from forever ago. Couldn’t figure out the scar for Zuko, but other than that, I thought about this one as if it was an arranged marriage between different royalty from different oceans and they maybe sort of like each other despite just meeting. 

/long sigh/