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Okay, let me try again! What do you think about a good ol' #10?

(10 - body swap)

So. Huh. His nose really was that big. Not that he didn’t know how he looked, not that he hadn’t looked in a damn mirror before, but this was rather different. Not only because his hair, of course, parted on the other side now.

He felt a hand on his waist, large, warm, and very gentle. He shivered inside. It did feel good, like Hux always said it did.

Hux was going tentatively — maybe getting stalled by the reality of his own body facing him, just as Kylo had been with his face. Hadn’t Kylo always said “I like you,” and meant Hux’s shape?

He leant in to kiss, and closed his eyes. I hope he appreciates now how soft his lips are. Seemingly he did, kissing back eagerly. So that’s how it is. Smug vain boy that you are, Armitage Hux.

He trailed a hand down his back, in the way that he liked, and felt Hux murmur in appreciation, pressed close against him. His own ass, though, was not as soft and round as the one he was used to.

“Touch me where you like to be touched,” he said, and it was strange to hear Hux’s clipped tones coming out of his mouth. Out of not his mouth. His own mouth was the one he was breathing against, the one he had been kissing.

“If you do the same,” Hux said, and Kylo could feel the shock in him, at hearing that voice.

He smiled to himself, and moved his hand up onto his, his, chest; onto a nipple that already stood proud from the curve of a warm, yielding pectoral.

“I thought you already knew how I like to be touched,” he said, rolling it between his fingers.

Hux gasped.

It was a rather pleasant sound.


Concepts of the main and major supporting characters of Neuromancer. Will post the minor and other supporting characters soon!


Let the past die.
Kill it, if we have to.
That’s the only way to become what we were meant to be.


Yeah, I had to. : )


Hux looked out through the main transparisteel viewport at the stars ahead of them. “All of this will be ours,” he said, quietly, so that only Ren could hear him, “when the Resistance falls. A new empire under the Order.”

“It could be yours,” Ren said, his voice distorted by the vocoder.

“In A Place Where No One Appeared” by @gefionne

I’m in love with this fanfic, I’m in awe. I’ve came to the fandom very late I think, but it’s never too late to draw a couple of illustrations x) Always will be in love with space and stars and gays in space