Perder un sueño es como perder una fortuna, qué digo, es peor. Nuestro pecado es haber perdido nuestros sueños. Sin embargo hay que ser fuertes y aunque uno se sienta cansado decirse: “Estoy cansado ahora, estoy arrepentido ahora, pero no lo estaré mañana”. Esa es la verdad: mañana la vida no puede ser esto. Habrá que cambiarla aunque haya que quemarlos vivos a todos.
—  Fragmento de Los siete locos, Roberto Arlt

Davvero, non si sa proprio cosa pensare della gente. Se sono idioti sul serio, oppure se prendono tanto a cuore la rozza commedia che recitano a tutte le ore del giorno e della notte. (Roberto Arlt)

It's 1952 and EVERYONE has long hair. And.. Alrt gets a job. (taciturnalbinism)

It’d been a long day and Edward was exhausted as hell. Ever since he’d turned 18 and got an actual job, it seemed that he didn’t have enough time to do anything personal any more.

Edward flumped down on the couch with his book, labeled Alice in Wonderland. He’d long since lost the dust jacket for it, but it was still a well-loved book in his bookshelf.

He’d been a few pages into the book when he heard a knock on the front door.

Who could it be at this hour?’ he thought, getting up to open the door.

“Can I help you with anything?” Edward asked the stranger at his door, closing the book and holding it to his side.

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M!A Pride, two days

Muse can control shadows.

“Th-this isn’t normal! Definitely not normal! The shadows are moving, sh-should they be moving?”

Just calm down and control ‘em properly or y’ll lop off everyone’s heads!


A shadow smashed through the wall,  crashing through the floor immediately afterwards.

“Or.. I suppose this’ll take a while to get used to..”

It’s Sexual Sunday. Shall we get on with it?

“Elric, we went over this! We’re not using my bed for your sick fantasies.”

Y’re borin’, y'sure we’re parallels?

“Shall I kick you outside for the day?”


“That was your fault! And don’t use MY bed for your shit!”

Fine! I’ll go use th’ couch instead!