To me it’s kinda patronizing to depict Harley Quinn as someone who is sugary-sweet 24/7, who doesn’t harm anyone that doesn’t deserve it, who is constantly kind and considerate, who only does “bad” things because of Joker’s negative influence and never out of her own desire to commit villainous acts. It’s essentially taking a female character and altering her long-established characterization into something more “acceptable” until she no longer resembles herself. Harley is not allowed to simply exist as a female villain–she now has to fit the standards of what people believe a strong woman should be, even if it means sacrificing the same aspects of her characterization that made her so popular among fans in the first place. It seems like there has been a recent push in the comic book world to make villains more palatable and tame instead of letting them actually be villainous, and Harley’s character has been especially affected by this trend.

Let Harley be the same woman who wanted to work at Arkham Asylum because she was attracted to Gotham’s criminal underworld and described it as “glamorous”. Let Harley be the same woman who spent months trying to set up therapy sessions with Joker with the full intention of exploiting her patient by using his “secrets” as material for a tell-all book. Let Harley be the same woman whose idea of “game night” is gleefully watching Joker shoot security guards as she cheers him on enthusiastically. Let Harley be the same woman who may care for a small circle of friends but otherwise considers harming innocent people to be “just a joke”. Let Harley be the same woman who is funny, adorable, and horrifying all at the same time, who you want to root for even if her violent actions disturb you. 


  • Jason:*does something bad*
  • Tim:Jason, you can't do that.
  • Jason:*does the thing again* I'm sorry what did you say?
  • Tim:I just said don't do that.
  • Jason:*does it again* You're not being very clear right now.
  • Tim:I'm done with you.

found a henchman in arkham origins valiantly defending killer croc. “you work for a half-crocodile and you don’t believe in batman?” “waylon isn’t a half-crocodile. he has a skin disorder.”

Such A Joker (8/?)

Part 7

I turn around looking in the mirror making sure I look at least a little presentable before I go to see Jerome. A lot has happened since the last time we saw each other. Yes we’re still keeping the secret of that night hidden between us, but I’m also hiding a part of myself from the world. Ever since that night I’ve felt caged in my own body. The feeling of freedom lost in just a memory from a year ago. The amazing feeling it had. God what a rush! The sticky red liquid running over my fingers. Not to mention the mind blowing sex that I’m craving from my circus boy. I started working with my father a while ago just doing coffee runs and filing records, but now I’ve been promoted to being on actual cases with my father. Each murder case we get I can’t help but feel jealous of them. They got to feel the rush, and the power going through their body while I have to sit there just dreaming of what I could do. 

 I haven’t seen Barb in weeks, and now there’s this new woman named Lee Thompkins who my father seems interested with, and every time I ask if he’s heard from Barb or even if I simply mention her he gets a distance look. Somethings happened and he won’t tell me. She was the closest thing I had to a mother and now he thinks he can just throw her away and not tell me? 

He can’t replace her with some tall brunette doctor. That just won’t happen. I walk down the hallway and surprisingly see my father sitting on the couch. He’s usually gone late, or almost never home at all. He barely talks to me if we’re outfit of the station. Almost as if I’m just some coworker; he’s completely forgot I was his daughter. He looks up at me and then looks down at my hair. “What did you do?” He asks with an unreadable look as he studies my now platinum blonde hair. “Just a lil change. Thought you wouldn’t care.” “Well you can make your own choices. You are an adult, but just let me know next time.” I nod my head as the awkward tension starts to build. 

“Of course.” I walk into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water hearing footsteps behind me. “Are you going out again?” “Yeah. I’m actually going to the circus. You know like we use to when I was little? It’s cute seeing family’s there. Especially a full family.” I say with a slight bitter tone. 

“I’m sorry about Barbra. You just wouldn’t understand (y/n).” I laugh and cross my arms with one of my eye brows cocked. “I wouldn’t understand? I understand that you’re not concerned with how I felt on the situation at all. I understand how you’re seeing that Thompkins woman. You can’t just replace the woman who helped you raise me! You can’t not tell me where she is. You’re the one who doesn’t understand how much I need her. I only need two people in my life and she’s one of them.” I yell with a red face storming out of the house and straight to my car without another word. I speed to the circus getting butterflies as I get closer; It’s still day light, and the show doesn’t start for another hour or so. 

I just wanted as much time with Jerome as I could have. I bang on his trailer, but don’t get an answer. I try again, but I end up with the same result. “He’ll be out in a minute. He’s cleaning something up (y/n).” A scratchy voice says from right behind me. I turn around to see an elderly man with glossy eyes. Wait…he said my name. “How do you know me?” The man walks closer with a slight smile. “I’m the blind fortune teller my dear. I knew you were coming for him. I just figured I would tell you where he was." 

"So you can see the future?” “In a way yes.” I smile and raise my eyebrows. “Can you tell me mine?” The man smiles and grabs my hand. “My dear that is a dangerous story to tell, but I can tell you are not who you seem to be. You hold a dark and deep secret shared with another. Another whom you love. You also want to be happy as everyone does. A family. A relationship you once had with your guardian has fallen. Both you and he feel guilty, but know there is nothing to do but let it continue to worsen.” He grazes his boney fingers over my ring and nods his head with a smile.

 "Yes yes. Very much. He loves you much. I will tell you this as well. He is a dark one on the inside. It was chosen that he revile his true colors one day, and dear that’s coming very soon. Very soon indeed. All though you may judge him for what he’s done. Do not forget what you have done as well. You two were cursed to be together. Covering things up is what you’re good at. He’ll need that help soon dear.“ The mans grip on my hand gets tighter and my heart starts racing.

 "Oh don’t be frightened my dear. You two will go down together. It was nice to meet you (y/n).” He pats my hand twice and let’s go. “The feelings mutual sir.” I say without emotion. “(Y/n)? What are you doing here? You’re early.” Jerome says as he wipes his hands with a clean rag. “Is that a bad thing?” I ask furrowing my brows. “No, no not at all! I’m just…just surprised. Is all.” He stammers over his words and comes closer to me. “Where’s your mom? I don’t wanna get kicked out again.” “My mom? She’s out. Has been for a while. Haven’t seen her. Since this morning." 

I look at him more closely. He’s obviously hiding something, but what? "Are you okay?” “Of course. Let’s go inside.” Jerome quickly opens the door allowing me to walk inside. “Excuse me for a minute.” I nod and walk into his room. As I walk aimlessly around the tiny room something catches my eye. What can I say? I’m a detective. I stride over to Jeromes hamper and see his kaki pants with dried specks of what seems to be blood. 

I move them to see one of his shirts covered in it along with a rag much like the one before only this one is covered in the red liquid as well.

“He is a dark one on the inside. It was chosen that he revile his true colors one day, and dear that’s coming very soon. Very soon indeed. All though you may judge him for what he’s done.”

 I drop the rag and shoot up straight. His mother is gone. He’s nervous as hell. His mother was an abusive drunken whore, and it was clear that Jerome hated her. “So you found them.” I whip around to see him standing in the door way. He’s no longer has the nervous boyish look, but a wide smirk in its place like the one from that night. “Jerome…did you…did you do what I think you did?" 

He shrugs and chuckles wildly. Killing someone you don’t even know of is very different from killing a loved one. Although I don’t think you’d call his mother a loved one. "You would’ve done it if I hadn’t doll. He strides over to me and I back up hitting the wall in no time. 

 "Do not forget what you have done as well.” 

 I have no right to judge him for this. I’m no better. I murdered someone last time, and didn’t go to the police. Both him and I are sick. I shake my head my lips forming a smile. “I would have done it.” I laugh and walk to him wrapping my arms around his neck. I place my lips on his in a soft and slow kiss. “How’d you do it?” I ask pulling back slightly. “A hatchet on the hill. Mr. Cicero helped me after he found me. I’m not going down for this. That bitch had it coming from the start.” “You do know I work for the GCPD right?”

 I laugh pulling out my badge. “Well there’s also a year old corpse not to far from here dear. Remember who caused that?” “You’re the one who hit him mr multitasker.” “But I’m not the one who hit him with the baseball bat and killed him.” “Yeah you’re right.” I laugh hugging Jerome close. “But you do need to either need to burn these or wash them.” I say motioning to his clothes. He places his hand on his chin over exaggerating his thinking process. “Probably washing them would be good. I love that shirt." 

"Only because it’s the shirt you first smoked pot in.” “And the shirt you ripped off when we had some fun doll. That reminds me.” Suddenly my bottom is grabbed and Jeromes lips are pressed against mine in a heated kiss. He backs us up to his bed and stops immediately. “What’s wrong? You seemed into it.” I say a bit disappointed. He doesn’t answer me; just stands up and gathers his laundry. 

“Jerome?” I ask again following him out of his room. he goes over to the very pathetic washing machine, and throws the clothes in starting up his load of clothes. He just leans against the counter and stares off into nothing. “J? You alright?” I grasp his arm lightly only making him turn to me. He forcefully pulls me to him and slams me against the counter top. “I need you now.” He growls and puts me into to counter. Jerome pulls my panties down my legs. I tried to pull open his belt, but he stopped me. “No no no doll. All about you right now darling.” He sinks to his knees and dives in with his mouth. His tongue works on me fast and in the most pleasant way possible. I lean my head back with closed eyes gripping at his hair.

 "God Jerome!“ I moan out amazed by the pleasure he’s providing me with. Jerome continues to work my body to the edge with his mouth. I grip onto his hair tighter and moan louder almost screaming. As I spill free he moans into my soaked pussy cleaning me up. I look at him as he smiles up at me. "Did you like that baby? Did you like me devouring your sweet dripping heat?” He says rubbing his hands up and down my thighs. “You know I did. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been screaming J.”

 I laugh and pull him up to me planting a kiss on his lips tasting myself in the process. “Now come on. We have a bigger bed to cuddle in.” Jerome picks me up from the counter and carries me to his mothers room throwing me on the queen sized bed. “Hm a bed fit for my beautiful queen.” I smile at him, but am quickly blinded by a bright flash, and a snap. “Jerome what are you doing?” I ask laughing as he exams the picture coming out of the camera. “Ah! That’s a keeper!” He pulls out his wallet and places it the slot for viewing. “You’re really gonna keep a picture of me in your wallet? How cliché J.” I laugh pulling him on top of me. 

“Well a little ild fashion never hurt anyone doll.” He laughs loudly and smiles wide. He’s gone completely insane. All though I’m no one to talk I skip around, dance, laugh, and even talk to myself. Of course when my fathers not at home. You know what they say. It takes two fucked up people to make a great relationship. Oh and by golly is ours gonna be great! Jerome and I cuddle for hours. I ended up falling asleep on the nice soft bed while Jerome played with my hair and laughed to himself. I only open my eyes when I hear a voice. A very familiar voice. “GCPD open up." 

I turn to see Jerome already halfway to the door. He comes running back and points a finger at me. "Stay.” I salute and lay back down listening to their conversation. I’ve got to hand it to Jerome. He’s not a bad actor. Once the door closes I walk over to the window seeing Jerome, the ringleader, Lee, and my father following the snake. It’s slick body slides up to a wagon covered by a tarp. The animal goes under the tarp and my father soon tears it away to revile a sight that made me angry. I thought he knew how to hide a body! I slip on my shoes and run out to my father. 

“Dad!” I yell getting his attention. “(Y/n). What are you doing here? I tried looking for you at the show. I didn’t see you anywhere.” “I’ve just been roaming around what’s going on?” I ask acting like I know nothing. “This boy’s mothers body has just been found.” I cover my mouth with my hand looking surprised. Jerome crumbles to the ground sobbing while Lee comforts him. Ugh can’t she just stay away from all the men in my life? I roll my eyes and go over comforting him as well. 

 "Meet me at the station. It’s gonna be a long night.“ My father says and starts walking away with the ring trainer and Lee. I lead Jerome back to the trailer closing the door. Jerome starts laughing stamping his foot. "This isn’t funny Jerome. What if you get caught? I can’t act like I don’t know you if I’m in there questioning you. My father will be right there as well, and he’ll know something is up if I don’t ask the hard hitting question you can’t answer.” He shakes his head and grasps my chin lightly. 

“I’m not getting caught baby, and if I do well then we’ve got a car for a quick get away.” “We?” He kisses me quickly. “You’re coming with me. I can’t spend anymore time away from you doll. It’s time for us to be together fully. We don’t have to wait months on end. Get ready baby this is the start of something amazing.” Jerome says kissing my lips lightly. “I need to go and question some of your friends. So you get your story straight. You don’t need to go down for this J.”

 He places my hands on my cheeks and smiles wickedly. “I won’t. I promise doll, and you know I’m a man of my word.” I kiss him quickly. “I’ll see you later I guess. Remember we don’t know each other at all. I love you J.” I say quickly and run out the door without him getting a word in. God please don’t let him get caught.

Joker x Harley Quinn : Patient

“How’s my favorite patient?” A voice sounded behind Harley. Harley turned around, smile shinning on her face, she fixed her hair and straightening her clothes as the Joker walked into the room.

“Great, sweetie!” Harley beamed, walking up to him and hugging him around the waist. She would be content to stay in this position forever, staring at his tattooed chest. But alas, there were people to torment and a bat to catch.

“Fantastic.” Joker pat her head, removing her arms from around his waist, “Is there anything daddy can do to make it more comfortable for you in here?”

Harley glanced around. They were in one of the many labs in Arkham, her home for the past few days, as Mr. J put his “final touches” on her mind. She wished her Joker and herself could go someplace private. Still, she was happy to stay here, if it meant Joker would be visiting her like he did.  She had been sleeping on one of the surgical tables. Harley supposed could ask for entertainment or to go with him wherever it was he went during the hours he wasn’t with her. There wasn’t much to the room, except for the two henchmen in the corner playing cards. She suspected they were her guards, as they never left her alone. Did they think she would run away?

The Joker moved until he was in front of her, wanting her attention back on him. She smiled, touching his wrist.

“I don’t like him.” Harley said pointing to the henchmen on the right. The henchmen looked up from the card game and gave Harley an evil look. Harley sneered at him, this is what he gets for staring at me all day.

“Him?” The Joker asked, flicking his eyes to glance to the henchmen.

“Yes,” Harley nodded, “He’s always staring at me.” The Joker swiftly put two bullet holes into the chest of the henchmen Harley was pointing at. She snickered, Harley couldn’t help it - what a funny sight - as the man fell to his knees then slumped over awkwardly, dead. Harley started laughing, the Joker turned back to her, his hand moved up under her chin he stroked it once and dropped his hand. Harley’s pulse jumped.

“I don’t like him either,” Harley pointed to Frost who was standing by the door the Joker had come through.

“Harley,” The Joker kept his eyes on her, smiling, “He has valuable information, after that runs out…” He kept the sentence open, “Anyway we have to keep my army strong.”

“Harley, daddy needs to talk to you about something rather serious.” Joker said as the other henchmen scurried from the room, the dead body forgotten by the two clowns. “Our time together might be coming to an end.” Harley looked stricken, “Listen to me. Harley, we suspect the police will be invading soon and you will be perceived as a hostage and taken away.” Joker said, keeping his eyes locked with hers.

“B-But Mr. J,” She was shaking her head, “I want to stay with you.”

“Yes, of course you do.” Joker straightened his clothes, “I’ll come find you when I see fit.”

“But puddin…” Harley was staring at him, she felt the lump starting to form in her throat.

“No ‘but’’s,” The Joker kept her eyes, “Harl, this is the fun game I’ve been telling you about, remember?”

Harley nodded, still not happy but if it was what the Joker wanted then she would do it.

“Remember?” He asked again, bending to her eye level.

“Yes, puddin’.” She smiled for him.

“Good,” Mr. J rubbed his hands together, “Now, time for your daily treatment!”

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In the ss behind the scenes book it mentions that Harleen let j out multiple times. Do you think that means that she was involved in Jason death as Harleen? because that would fix the time line issues.

This is a damn good idea!! O___o She was “accomplice to the murder of Robin“ could mean that she wasn’t involved in the killing itself, but she helped Robins murderer - Joker - to kill him by helping Joker to escape from Arkham. I don’t know if she was directly involved into the killing of Robin, but I can imagine it both ways. Harleen just helping Joker escape from Arkham so he can kill Robin and Harleen being directly part of the murder.

fic recs part 40!!

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**Sequel to “Imagine being Bruce’s sibling and working at Arkham and dating Jonathan Crane while he was working there,” and “Imagine Bruce trying to make you break up with Jonathan Crane.“ [x] and [x]**

Imagine Bruce trying to convince you that you mean nothing to Jonathan.

“Look at him, [f/n], he’s a psychopath!

You flinched as Batman threw the hooded figure on the ground in front of you, your entire body trembling with fear.

“Do you understand at all what a psychopath is?” the masked vigilante demanded, his voice a gravelly snarl. “A psychopath does not feel emotions. They do not feel love. They fake it. They lie and they manipulate and they do not give a damn about anyone but themselves.”

Tears pricked your vision, “That’s not true!”

Batman ripped the hood off of Jonathan, grabbing a handful of the man’s hair and forcing him to face you. “Look at him, [f/n]!” he snapped. “This man does not love you!”

“You don’t know that!” you whimpered, unable to look at your boyfriend. His eyes were so cold and baleful as he gazed up at Batman that you shivered, squeezing your eyes shut. This wasn’t Jonathan, was it? This wasn’t him.

The Batman’s gloved hand grasped your chin, jerking your head around to face Jonathan again. You whimpered, tears streaking your cheeks as he held you there.

“Tell [f/n] the truth, Crane,” the vigilante snarled, the threat in his voice clear.

Jonathan worked his jaw back and forth, scowling. When he spoke, his words were like ice, frigid and uncaring. “A sound diagnoses.”

Gif Credit: Scarecrow

Article | Gotham Producers Confirm Jerome’s Laugh Was Heard In Season 2 Finale 

In the second season finale of Fox’s pre-Batman show, Gotham, it was revealed that Hugo Strange(B.D. Wong), the Chief of Psychiatry and director of Arkham Asylum was performing mad scientist experiments on humans at Indian Hill. Apparently Strange even created a bizzarre clone of young Bruce Wayne.

As the “experiments” finally escaped from Indian Hill and into the darkness, some thought they may have heard fan-favorite Jerome’s maniacal laugh. Executive producer Ken Woodruff confirmed toTVGuide.com that it was definitely Jerome’s laugh, but that he isn’t making a return, just yet:

“[The laugh] was really to keep [the Joker] alive, to keep Jerome and that threat of the Joker alive. We wanted to make sure fans don’t feel that we’re completely done with [the mythology of the Joker] because we are 100 percent, absolutely not,” he said. “[But,] it’s not going to be something we delve into right way at the top of the season,” Woodruff explained.

While season 3 will delve into more of the Joker’s mythology, it sadly won’t be happening until the end of the season. Gotham is opening its storyline with the Mad Hatter as the main big bad. But don’t worry guys, on a show that is already characterized as “villain-centric” you will still be seeing the rise of The Joker (before he knew he was The Joker) this season.

I mean, let’s be real…you can’t possible have a Batman villain show without some prototype version the Clown Prince of Crime, right?


I’m really sorry i’m so behind on headcanons everyone. I’ve been on the go all day, i’m tired out of my mind and i have to be up early in the morning again. I have four headcanons to do right now: Arkham, Harley/Joker children, Frost POV 2, and NSFW. I will get them done I’m not going to forget or ignore them I promise. I’m just very, very, very tired and refuse to write bad content. Please forgive me and please be patient. I will have them done as soon as possible.

Do you think Riddler keeps in touch with the girls while they’re in blackgate? Send them letters, maybe a picture he did during rec time. Query and Echo send him a ‘Rid-dler’ license plate in return.

Because they know the guards have to check the mail, the girls will sext him with long winded pages. Eddie claims that he torn them up right away but in truth, that’s exactly what he did because that’s nasty.

Mail is also really slow compare to texting or emails, so sometimes Riddler becomes impatient and has Kristen come down to Arkham to relay a message to the girls fast.

Kristen giving Ed a file in a cake and he blows up at her, “What the heck am I suppose to do with this?? The cells are made with plexiglass.” Like chill dude, it was just a joke.

Kristen giving Query and Echo a file in a cake and they laugh it off as “You’ve been watching too many cop shows. But hey give this to Eddie, he could use it” Like nah dude needs to chill out first.

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Sometimes I like to imagine the joker blasting "You're never fully dressed without a smile" over the intercom of arkham asylum as he goes to break someone out.

what a gay drama queen