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Is it normal that I have this whole other life that i daydream about in my head where im someone else? Its set in the future and im a celebrity. The trouble is that ive started doing things that play into the storyline of the daydream in my head- as if my present is the woman in the daydream's past. It is making me procrastinate, binge eat, self harm etc... Its so hard to do anything when i can just think of this daydream all the time. The woman's life is bleeding in to mine and im confused

self harm 

Hi anon, though it may have been an effective coping mechanism at first, it sounds like this daydreaming is now becoming maladaptive. While it is not healthy for you, as it is consuming much of your time and influencing your decisions, it is definitely not an unusual thing. What you are describing may be understood by the phrase “maladaptive daydreaming”. Here is a video of one person’s (a mental health vlogger @idranktheseawater-is-me) experience with it that you may relate to. 

In another video, she discusses ways to recover from this along with licensed  therapist @katimorton. I hope you can find some solace in knowing you are not the only one who experiences this and that there are ways to overcome it or to have it not impact your life as much. 
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one last time // ariana grande

as it was re-released in tribute to the victims of the manchester arena attack 💕💕 may we pray they are at peace, and that eventually our world may be too 💗

My gosh look who’s back, Arianna! Well, a fursona version of her anyway xD

I’ve been wanting to try a sharkgirl for the longest time and start drawing Ari again, so I just put the two together. I’ll be trying this version out for a while.

Some info:

- part-time artist, part-time waitress, full-time procrastinator
- Coffee
- Drawing
- Comfy Clothes
- Fruity Gum
- Sci-Fi and Fantasy
- RPG video games
- Hand Sanitizer
- Rude people
- Caffeine withdrawals
- Taking notes
- Spiders



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