It was a quiet Sunday morning, typical in the Presley household. The only sound Tobias could hear was the chattering of his husband on the phone upstairs. Archer’s grandmother, ecstatic at the news of another great grandchild on the way, had been checking in regularly with the couple.

Settling into his worn, leather couch, Tobias leafed through that mornings’ paper. Before long, he was joined by the handsome blond. With a heavy sigh, Archer dropped onto the sofa next to him. Something wrong, my love? the older man inquired, folding his paper & setting it aside.

I miss my family, Owen & my brothers & sisters especially, Archer pouted sweetly.

It wasn’t the first time Tobias had heard this in recent weeks. Since becoming pregnant, Archer seemed almost homesick & longed to be closer to his family. I know sweetheart. We can plan a trip very soon if you’d like. I can clear a few days on my calendar & we can go to Twinbrook for a visit.

This is the most important & scariest time of my life, Toby. Owen would be so great, both with my pregnancy & of course once the baby gets here. I.. I hate that they’re missing all of this.

Archer? Tobias sat up as his husband’s ocean blue eyes met his own emerald gaze. His heart leapt in his chest as it did every time. This time, he could see the sadness staring back at him. Please, tell me what would make you happy. You know I’d do anything for you & our child.

Ever since… What happened with Matty & with the pregnancy & getting everything ready for baby.. I just want my family close. I need them, Toby. The blond looked down at his hands as he fidgeted. Tobias had lived & worked here for years. While he knew without a doubt he belonged with his husband for the rest of his life, he wasn’t sure that he still felt that he belonged in Sunset Valley, not with so many people he loved so far away. I know it’s stupid & selfish & next to impossible but… I just want to be closer, baby. I don’t know how else to describe it.

The raven haired man nodded thoughtfully. And what would you like for me to do? Leave my longtime home? My students? My tenure with the university?

I… I just… the blond sputtered meekly, realizing how silly & childish he must seem.

Because I will have to make some arrangements. This isn’t something that can happen overnight, Tobias shrugged, his mind forming the mental checklist of things that would need to be done. Archer was the love of his life; the man he was afraid he’d never find. Though he knew the younger man had no reason to fear his attacker any longer, he also knew that it made him scared to spend so much time at home alone while Tobias taught. And, at the end of the day, the professor knew he would be happy anywhere his husband was. Having his new family was all that mattered to him in the world.

Really Toby? Archer’s face lit up as he reached out, brushing his fingertips lightly against his husband’s cheek. Tobias sat up further, his lips lingering close. I am so fucking lucky. I love you, Tobias.

  • La Madrina:Well, I have to admit, Mr. Archer, your proposal is very... surprising.
  • Archer:Not as surprising as somebody named The Godmother looking like you.
  • La Madrina:*laughs* Really? And what were you expecting?
  • Archer:I guess like a Mexican Mrs. Garrett?
  • La Madrina:¿Qué?
  • Archer:Or Colombian. Or whatever, I -
  • La Madrina:Shhh shhh shhh. You talk almost too much. But you have aroused my curiosity.
  • Archer:Just your curiosity?
  • La Madrina:*laughs* No.
  • Archer:*chokes on drink*
I also get the sense that there is something untoward with the conception of Ali's pregnancy...

Given all that she had been through, sure, she and Archer/Dr. Rollins could have conceived on their honeymoon night (or at any point before), but she was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution shortly thereafter. Welby would have caught the pregnancy during their tests for initial patient intake but before she was turned over into Dr. Rollins’ care.

My guess is that during Ali’s “treatment”, while she was knocked out from the drugs, Archer artificially inseminated her.

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Listen, it’s very rare for me to have m/f ships these days save for a few that I grew up with (ie Elliot and Olivia from Law and Order: SVU.) 

However, there’s something about MASSIVE BIG STRONG DUDE with a SUPER TALENTED AND STRONG WOMAN that gets me as a Power Couple, first of all.

Then, you add into the fact that they are 60 and 61 years old and happen to have very sweet and cute banter canonly, in game, that is 100% Old People Flirting™. 

Reinhardt as a person is actually really Good; he’s not involved in the Drama within Overwatch and as far as we know, has not done anything Problematic (other than.. not retiring… but that’s not Bad.) He’s just a Good Soul and I think it balances out with Ana and her past within the last decade that’s changed her life from who she used to be when she was younger. 

Review: Gotham Academy Annual #1
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