I am still shocked and amazed at the response Archer has been getting this past year. Who would have thought that when I picked up a full time job and my rp time would cut in half, is when I would be doing the most in my life!
     Archer was created in April of 2013 as a joke between about 10 friends in a fandom I haven’t been in in years. An outlier, an outside character, an OC created from a vaguely discussed canon idea into what he is now. I honestly never thought people would be interested in my anxious, shy, quiet, nerdy, compassionate little baby. But here he is! If you guys have multiple blogs I listed by the one I know you best.

     My favs. My buds. My dudes. The guys I’m chomping at the bit to read your reply. That make me dying laughing with your ooc responses to things or just make me happy to be here. I appreciate you no doubt.

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     These guys! We may not get a lot of time in but I’m always eager to do our threads. We always have something unique going on and the interactions are phenomenal. I want more!

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     People I’m excited to see how things are going to go. I really hope we can get started on something and get it off the ground.

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     I appreciate all of you guys. I am a dysfunctional and easily distracted rabbit over here. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! If I didn’t list you I’m sorry. I know we’ve chatted or plotted and I’m rarely in one place. Just know I do appreciate all of you and don’t be hesitant to ask me for a thread or tag me in a thing! 


Once Reagan left, Archer burst out of the bathroom.

Archer: “I just heard that entire thing…what the heck just happened in here?”

Leslie: “You’re not off the hook either, Archer! You were obviously flirting with her right in front of me!”

Archer: “So? I’m not exclusive to either of you! You can’t just lock me away from other girls! I’m trying to weigh my options here!”

Leslie: “Seriously Archer? SERSIOUSLY?!”

I attended my first DnD session today hoated by James’ mates as the in house artist and omg

What a wild ride of art today was

I cant wait to finish the 6 pages of sketches wow 6 pages of people drowning, argueing and swearing at a dragon… and watching another person getting arrested for murder wtf is with me and entering murder fandoms i am cursed