yo guys I wanna try this character design challenge
throw into my inbox two words, an rpg class and a their main theme so a character can be created! Example: “archer, lemon” would result in a citrus themed small archer :) it doesn’t have to be a fruit, obviously haha
One (or more) of the suggestions will be drawn during this weekend’s live stream! Thanks for helping out, yall have the best ideas <3

wiwo-and-zeevo  asked:

What story was recommended to you but you regret reading it?

Regret? More like it punchs my cheek so badly i lie down on the grass ground and die happy joy

You don’t mess with Archer & Armstrong, LIKE EVER!i!

On the serious note, have you wonder what would’ve been good idea if they make story taking place in the future from alternate universe where an old man coming out of retirement to being a crime fight like how successful The Dark Knight Returns that was? 

Reverse that masterpiece

then you have this

Sorry for giving you a bad dream

~ Max

Being pregnant with Jonathan Archer’s kid would involve:

  • Wants to help you with literally everything
  • Making the bed? Just tuck in the corners I can do everything else. Helping out in Engineering? I don’t know Trip do you think the baby will be safe let’s just sit you as far away from the warp core as possible
  • Tries not to be overprotective. But is, indeed, Overprotective™
  • Maybe not so much in the earlier months because you can still move around and do things but the bigger your belly gets, the more anxious Archer is
  • Because like what if he’s busy doing something and you need him? He won’t be there
  • He tries hard to understand what you’re going through and tries his best to help accommodate you
  • You’re uncomfortable? Okay um I’ll get some extra pillows maybe that will help. Hungry? I’ll run down to the Mess Hall Chef won’t mind if I wake him up. Need affection? Sweetheart I need to brief Malcolm on something but Porthos is right here
  • Is kinda awkward sometimes, like when he tries to feel the baby kick or when you both try to get things ready
  • But he genuinely is excited about the baby (and can’t wait for your mood swings to go away)

Requested by Anon~

anonymous asked:

16. “Just shut up and kiss me” with Archer? <3

“Just shut up and kiss me” 

Jonathan didn’t allow himself to get too close. He didn’t want to risk somebody walking in and catching the Captain doing something that is probably frowned upon. But dammit, you almost died and now you were in Sick Bay. If Archer wanted to hold your hand, he was going to.

“I’m glad you’re alright.” He mumbled out, his thumb slowly moving over the soft skin of your hand. “This is the last away mission you’re ever going on.”

It was nice to hear your laugh, knowing it wouldn’t be the last time. “I’m not going to argue with you there, Jon.”

And the way you said his name made Archer’s smile soften. He knew it probably shouldn’t, but it did. It sounded damn good to hear you say his name again. Jonathan didn’t even notice he was leaning forward until he was almost too close to stop. He pulled away slightly, his eyes darting to the side in case someone saw. “That was close…”

But then your hand came up and curled around the back of his neck, your fingers running through the hair at the base of his skull. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

That sounded like an order, so Jonathan obeyed. The only order he’d ever take on his own ship.

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insanimegamer  asked:

Hello! I REALLY love your style swap McHanzo fanart you did! Would it be alright if I cosplayed your archer!McCree or possibly use it as a reference? I might not get to it for a while, but I figured I'd ask your permission before I start on it. (And if/when it gets finished and I post pictures online, I'll be sure to credit your art of course!)

oh my gosh- hell yeah dude, of course you can! Just make sure to link me if you do cosplay it, I’d love to see! :D