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Can I have a continuation of the ask where asura gets followed by baby foxes?? For this one, can Add try to pet and hug the baby foxes but Asura gets overprotective of them please~

In a matter of a few hours after smuggling her new kits into the guild house, Ara has already lost the secret.

“Oh, c'mon, what’s so bad about me petting one?” Add whines, running after her as she sweeps her litter up into her arms and walks away. “I’ve taken care of cats before, how different can foxes be?”

“Very different,” Ara mutters, kicking open her door. “For one, foxes are canids, not felines. They may act like kittens, but fox kits are still very much-”

One of the little tods slips out of her arms, prompting a yelp from her as she struggles to hold onto the others.

Add bends down to the level of the little fox sitting on the ground. “Don’t listen to her,” he cooes, reaching out one hand. “I’m sure you’re not mean, are you?”

Just as his finger is about to reach the tod’s fluffy ears, it rears back and nips the tip of his finger.

Ara has to suppress a little grin as Add shrieks in pain and leaps back. The tod yips in victory.

“And that is why you don’t mess around with fox kits without Mama’s permission,” she chides, setting her litter down on the bed and reaching a hand down to pull him up. “C'mon, let’s go find you a bandage.”

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Chung x Ara ( TT and AS) Both complaining about how the elgang teasing them about looking like animals, being pikachu/fox

“For the last time,” Ara grumbled, slamming her spear into the ground, “I do not look like a fox.”

Chung raised his eyebrows.  Ara glared at him.

“Shut up!  Don’t start!  It’s not like you have any right to complain, you’re in the same boat!”

Chung decided not to point out that all those things conflicted each other.  “True,” he agreed.  “It’s kind of annoying getting compared to an electric phoru from a card game Elsword used to be into…”

“Ugh.”  Ara climbed up her spear and plopped down on the end of it, groaning.  “Why don’t you just, like, cut your hair?”

“Why don’t you just paint over your facial markings and use contacts?” Chung replied calmly.  “I can’t.  They grow back that way.”

“Fine, fine.”

They sat in silence for a few moments.  Then Chung spoke up.

“So… Next time someone tries to make fun of one of us, wanna beat them up?”

Ara winked and gave him clawed fingerguns.  “You betcha.”

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CrA x AS? Hurt and comfort maybe?

Elesis pulled herself up using her sword, bodies of demons surrounding her. She coughed into her hand, pulling back to see crimson red liquid.

She overworked herself again. Ara isn’t going to be happy. There was a loud roar and her head snapped towards the sound. One more demon…

“Dread Weapon!”

The demon fell to the ground, dead. Elesis collapsed to her knees, her vision slowly fading to black as she heard someone call her name.

…Is it her time to die?


The redhead opened her eyes, squinting at the blinding light. She turns her head seeing yellow and red eyes staring at her.


“You…You..You’re so stupid! How could you let yourself almost bleed to death?”

Elesis listened to Ara rant for a while before she mumbles, “I’m sorry.”

“…You could have died…I could have lost you…”

Things about EXOrdium last night

1: it was a sold out, no one thought we would make it
2: their shocked faces when they saw how many people were there, singing and screaming and supporting
3: Suho literally said they didn’t think we could sing all songs, they were really happy to see we did it.
4: there was so much love
5: you know, all those ships (kaisoo, chanbaek, etc) they are real. ALL.
6: of course the dancing… was f*cking everything.
7: how can they be so perfect and yet so nice?
8: Chanyeol in person… probably all the people there have a new bias
9: and if it’s not Chan, it’s Kai. HE IS GOD.
10: Sehun’s jaw is real people. I can’t…
11: they ate tacos before, they were so pleased!
13: when the sound in transformer crashed, they continued dancing and singing as all the crowd sang for them
14: so much support, so much love! Exo-l!
15: those vocals… are even more perfect live.
16: the silver sea… made me cry
17; in general all the concert made me cry
18: Kyungsoo was like a meter away from me people… I don’t know how but I fell even more for him
19: Everyone was screaming “Zhang Yixing to show our support


O amor é paciente, é benigno; o amor não arde em ciúmes, não se ufana, não se ensoberbece, não se conduz inconvenientemente, não procura os seus interesses, não se exaspera, não se ressente do mal; não se alegra com a injustiça, mas regozija-se com a verdade; tudo sofre, tudo crê, tudo espera, tudo suporta.
—  1Coríntios 13:4‭-‬8
If EXO had Tumblr accounts
  • MinnieCoffe: Awesome pics and re-blogs of aesthetic hipster pictures. Coffee all over his dashboard!
  • ByunBBFabolous: Trying to disguise himself to check what the fandom has to say. Probably would be trolling us all and maybe even have a fan account just for the lolz.
  • ImLayUnicornAndYou: Motivational quotes, probably posting something every five months
  • BlowitLikeAFlue: If there's someone who knows the dark side of this site, that's LuLu
  • DancingMAMAMAMAchine: Uploading videos of him dancing and looking at all the dancing trends
  • DoKyungsoo12: This tumblr has no posts. (He's just watching... watching us all...)
  • KrisWu88Galaxy: "This is my fanfan galaxy account. Please follow if you love galaxies and chicken just like I do"
  • Real_PCY: (Yes he would use that in every one of his accounts) Disclaimer: This is an only ChanBaek account, if you don't like it feel free to leave.
  • ChenChenHighnotes: This is the account you go to read at night and just smile because he replies to each and every one of the fandom's asks... always a sweetie.
  • MrOhSehun: Definitely have an aesthetics/grunge/alternative/travelling tumblr. Like... that's what tumblr is for right? xD
  • GucciIsSoTAO: Nothing like a fashion blog from the panda of the group. (More like a Gucci fan account blog)
  • ImtheirleaderSuho: "Dear Diary... today the boys finally listened to me and went to bed... It's so quiet right now it kinda feels they are not home.... oh.. wait... THESE CHILDREN!"
“Both is good”

Siri has recently discovered the magic world of the “Muggle Internet”

A cute Remi appears on the dash:

And then a cute Remus:

After a looong moment of reflection… (?)

((OOC: okay this is actually wine’s fault and this is also literally me when I see those two awesome girls do I suffer so much english charm? Please stop it thank you very much
You also brutally stole the gifs Stef stop yourself too

Remi @sirussly Remus @son-0f-a-snitch))

a guide to elsword job class personalities


LK: i am the best swordsman ever b/c i persevered notice me senpai (sister complex)

RS: aisha’s magic thing is cool i wanna do that too FIRE

IS: i think my sword wants my soul but that’s fine cuz now i’m the goth one


EM: i know way more magic than you so shut up and listen to me dammit

VP: i think this demon bat is talking to me … so yeah imma change into these revealing clothes for power

DK: rainbows and sunshine and unicorns that are out for your blood *creepy smile*


WS: leg day every day thank you mother nature

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Ok guys. I didn’t think this would ever be a problem to where it needs a formal recognition, but here we are.

My relationships are my relationships. My friendships are my friendships. My romantic relationships are my romantic relationships. I am allowing you guys to see into an intimate part of my life and if all I am met with constant scrutiny then I won’t anymore.

I have received numerous messages (as has Andy) about my relationship with Syd and Ara. And although I shouldn’t be having to explain myself as if I did something wrong, I will.

We are strictly platonic.

I don’t get along with people enough or care about certain relationships enough to be friends with them. I have many acquaintances, who I enjoy, but I don’t consider a lot of people I truly talk to friends. So when they come around I keep them close. I tell them I love them, I tell them how much they mean to me, I promise dates and adventures and baths and snuggles because that’s who I am and that’s how I show affection. And I will not stop verbally doting on my friends.

Syd is my friend. Syd is one of my closest friends and maybe in another life we might have been more, but we are not. Full stop. Syd is my friend and I love them dearly. I love them more then titles like ‘platonic’ or ‘romantic’ or 'familial’ and that’s it. If me and Syd (or me and Syd and Andy) were ever to make our relationship romantic that would be our business and not yours to know about unless we decided,. But what many of you ignore, is that Syd is also in a happy romantic relationship.

I have never met a person that I connect with moreso than Ara. We are similar in so many ways and I already love them very dearly and consider them one of my closest friends. They are such a fantastic and snarky person that I feel honored to have them in my life and to be allowed into theirs. I have never bonded with someone so quickly and I hope that I get to stay. But we are strictly platonic. Even if we rp as ships, we are platonic.

I’ve met some amazing people and I have grown close to a lot of them. And love some of them. But I am dating Andy.

Most of you have watched me and Andy meet, fall in love and move in together. Our 1 year is this week. The fact that you have the audacity to suggest I would ever cheat on Andy is so fucking hurtful and rude. How little do you think of me?

Yes I am polyamorous and if there was ever a second romantic person in my life that would be my business that I would allow you to be apart of.

You guys are allowed into my life as much as I let you, if you keep up with this insulting behavior then I won’t be sharing anymore of myself with you. Plain and simple.

My relationships are mine to have and yours to view from a distance. If you are not apart of the relationship you do not get to voice your opinion. I love my friends like Ara and Syd and I love Andy and a lot of that overlaps, but no matter what they mean a lot to me and everyone is very clear on where we stand in our relationships.

So don’t worry, we can handle our lives and me and Andy can handle our relationship.