Playmoss mixes for the role reversal Au counterparts

Absolutely riveted [link]

For the Insomniac Mechanic 

  • Don’t lets start/ they might be giants,  
  • Everyday superhero/ smash mouth, 
  • Who needs sleep/ Barenaked ladies, 
  •  Hero/ the verve pipe, 
  •  Owner of a lonely heart/ yes,
  •   Luna/ smashing pumpkin, 
  • Hello goodnight/ the aquabats,
  •  half asleep/ Low roar. 

Glorious Domination [Link]

A playlist for your above and beyond average villain 

  • ghostface killa/ the champ
  • Madworld ost/ Ride!
  • Madworld ost/ Look pimpin
  • Kanye/ Power
  • lady gaga/ applause
  • MEghan trainor/ Me too
  • one Republic/ everybody loves me
  • Queen/ don’t stop me now

((I was gonna do the first expedition log for my standswap character, but I’m falling asleep. It’s like 5 am here. I’ll finish it tomorrow.

In the meantime, here. Have some drawings of Regan Starveling, the standswapped Star Platinum. He’s the navigator for an oceanic expedition vessel (that I have yet to name), and has an expertise in charting stars and constellations. His stand (standswapped Jotaro) is “Aquabat”, an armored maritime stand that can control water pressure and light up in the dark (and punch things really hard, should the need arise).

The mission of the research vessel he sails with is to document undiscovered forms of marine life, so the marine life posts I’m gonna do for this event will be done in the style of a 19th century explorer’s journal. I’m gonna use etchings from the time period instead of photographs, and I’ll try to sneak in mentions of old, weird diving technology used at the time. Probably some period science fiction too. I was obsessed with Jules Verne when I was younger, and I’m gonna try to put that to good use here.

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing for the event. Better late than never, right?))


After Catgoboom’s dating sim I just realized how much I love Bruce x Everyone. Since Bruce is the only one without super powers, the rest of the Justice League plans to help their playboy prince work out. Bruce enjoys the encouragement.

OTP memes used as refs!