Your fav is problematic

Me: will spend $60 on a watch when she already owns a time-telling smartphone because a middle aged man with a drawn on mustache might be on it



This will be the first time in YEARS I’ve not sold at the Matsuricon artist alley so I’ll just be bumming around.

Saturday me and my friend are going to be Super Pochaco and Super Sonico in our matching Aquabats hoodies. One of us in blue…the other pink. (because budget).
I’ll be in my rashguard the remai0nder of the time.

If you see me say HEY!


Some choice shots from the B-52′s show in Costa Mesa, courtesy of John Gilhooley of the OC Weekly because my own camera didn’t capture anything close to this quality and I feel like Tumblr has been lacking in Aquabats content as of late. That shot of EagleBones and MCBC is fantastic.

The show may have been marred by some poor sound mixing and overshooting their time limit (natch), but it was great seeing such a huge crowd get into their set and even better seeing so many awesome Cadets there!

Hey homies! Vannen and The Aquabats!​ have joined forces to release a new, special edition timepiece. This initial offering of The Aquabats “Power Watch” is limited to 200 pieces and will be available for purchase on Friday, September 2nd at 10AM PDT at TheAquabats.com and VannenWatches.com for $60. The Aquabats will also have a few Power Watches available at Riot Fest Denver. Stop by their merch booth to grab one, and get a free high-five with purchase! More news to come. Follow The Aquabats for updates and info.

It’s so surreal seeing this one mcbc reaction image on random posts like. The aquabats are dead and this is all that’s left of the empty husk of their memory. A ghost, a spectre haunting social media, bereft of its home and loved ones and sentenced to a hell of wandering nameless in tartarus

Star sings in the shower a lot and Marco always laughs because he can hear her from like 4 rooms away but her range of songs she sings goes from commercial tunes to disney princess songs (disneyception?!?) and aquabats to fukin death metal. Hell yea. She can really hit those guttural death screams

antoniotyler  asked:

Fellow artist here trying to expand his style by following folks with different styles than my own. What are your influences?

In no particular order: Pokemon, Gainax (specifically FLCL), Mike Mignola, Nico Marlet, Chris Sanders, Jhonen Vasquez, Jamie Hewlett, Cory Loftis, Avatar, Muppets, Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O’Mally, Scott C, early Tim Burton, Calvin and Hobbes, Tenchi Muyo, Halloween shit, Guillermo Del Toro, garbage anachronistic fantasy movies, the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack, The Aquabats, A Series of Unfortunate Events, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, Sabriel/Abhorsen Trilogy, The Mighty Boosh, dead stuff, my stupid idiot friends who are too talented for their own good, Homestar Runner Dot Com, Venture Bros, Wallace and Gromit, Spongebob, My Chemical Romance, Road to El Dorado, cartoons from the last couple years like Gravity Falls, Flapjack, Over the Garden Wall, Rick and Morty…and animals that act like peopleeee.

This got long.

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Title of the first song describes how you are feeling: Medicate - AFI

Second describes your love life: Freak Show - Ryan Parker ( :^) )

Third will be played at your wedding: Born Villain - Marilyn Manson

Add “in my pants” to the title: Never Enough “in my pants” - The Cure

Will be played at your funeral: Fight Song- Aquabats

Is your theme song: Meltdown - Aquabats (FUCKIGN TRU)

Will be played when you think of someone you love: Just Like Heaven - The Cure (that’s really cute and fitting omf)

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title: Battle for the Sun “with a shovel and a screwdriver” -Placebo

Describes Your Week: I Hate People - The Anti Nowhere League

Describes Your Week: You Think I’m Lonely -The Horrors

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