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Everyone else here is submitting fanart of Maxie&Archie, so I decided to do the same thing :)


Artwork belongs to myself

*GASP* ORAS has infiltrated the RSE sanctuary!

Haha joke, thank you very much for submitting :DDD all marchies are precious and welcome. Now turn towards each other and kiss U3U

A lot of people bring whatever he or she think is needed for school when the truth is some of them are not necessary to bring and they just bring it because they might need it. Don’t worry you guys, I’m one of those types of students. So today, I decided to make a post to help myself as well as you guys to organize our things for school.

  • The things you will bring depends on how small or big your bag is. It should fit everything you need and one tip that might help some of you guys! Don’t use a bag that is too big because you will be tempted to carry a lot of things even those which are not that important. So make sure that the size of the bag you’ll use will only carry the most important things. 
  • Bring only what is needed. If you need to carry notebooks and books for every subject that you have, only bring those which are needed for every schedule. For example, if your Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule is different with your Tuesday and Thursday schedule and it is Wednesday today, only bring those notebooks and books for your Wednesday schedule. In that way, you’ll save a lot of space in your bag and you won’t feel pain at your back. Wow, that just rhymed!
  • Put your writing materials in a pencil case. That includes your pen, pencils, colored pens, highlighters and correction tape/fluid. You can bring two pens for writing your notes, a pencil because you might need, two different colors of highlighters and few colored pens for rewriting your notes. But if you’ll ask me, I personally prefer to bring two different colors of highlighters which are not that big so they can fit in my pencil case and not bringing so many colored pens because they might get lost and because I rewrite my notes at home.
  • Put your papers on a file case. Only use a thin file case so it’s not that heavy. Put there your blank papers, activity papers, etc. so it will be organized in one file case.
  • Put your essentials in one pouch. If you’re that type of person who wants to be refreshed all the time, bring only a small bottle of your cologne or perfume, a small powder, and if you have chapped lips, you might want to consider bringing a lip balm to moisturize your lips. If you’re a girl, consider also bringing a napkin and an underwear in case of emergency.

These are few tips for you to be organized and have organized things in your bag. I hope these tips will help you be organized for school and not carrying too much in your bag that might cause you back pains. Happy studying! xoxo, Aqua.

Credits to Google for the picture of stacked books.


!!!     SHOP UPDATE     !!!

Hello there my lovely little fairies! I just updated my shop and added TEN new items to it! It would mean the world to me if you took a moment to check them out :)

☽ Litheriel’s Realm  ☾
☽ Litheriel’s Realm  ☾
☽ Litheriel’s Realm  ☾

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VOX!!! i hope im not too late….. happy everyholidaythatwilloccurinthenextyear!!!! please accept my offering…..

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

p.s…. you are one of my favorite artists of all time and,,, i just want to say thank you!! kudos to you and please enjoy the rse marchie!!!

I can’t believe what is happening today!!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Look at them! All ready to do some wild stuff and kick some 10 year old’s ass and failing miserably cause they’re too adorable as people

And aah it’s only 4am, perfect timing for everything really :’D <3 I don’t really know what to say though, the art is the cutest and the words are the sweetest OTL

So much kind all at once ;3; (Thank you)³

I was looking up Japanese boy names for one of my original works. Something I found out is that Shiro means “forth born son”; if that is the case, does that mean that Shiro on Voltron has other biological siblings?

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Hey! remember that omg very very very old post? I did something with this and I hope you’ll like it, even if this is the battle background of the new games. :‘3 (and this is way better than a doodle, like the one I made %D and sorry I suck at drawing hands x’D)

Haaa damn I forgot I made that one (or maybe I tried to)  IF THERE EVER WERE PREQUELS IT WANT THIS TO BE A THING

one can dream…. thanks for the dream!!! YwY

god don’t apologize we all know hands are impossible to draw

Well, changing the topic: 

I finally gened Braith all the way but now I have no idea how to dress him?? I was thinking of taking off his cowboy hat and putting him in Bronze Filigree stuff since he’s gonna be a healbot/golem grinder anyway, but thinking about grinding/paying for those items is making me apprehensive. Idk. Also Aqua birdskull stuff: yea or nay?