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Marco polo (season 2) appreciation post 6/10 → S2E06 “Serpent’s Terms”

“We have grown too accustomed to amazing things. We, whose feet lost form from walking the steppe, whose noses grew flat from punishing winds. We now have more food than our stomachs need. More warmth than our skin can bear. And so if you ask, “Why, then? Why do we need more?” I will tell you because that is what comes next.”

It’s time for a sit down. A very specific sort of sit down. One with a couple of mugs of tea, perhaps a cookie or two, and a lot of ranting about how great @shu-of-the-wind is. No, I shan’t put this in a read more bECAUSE I HAVE TO TELL YOU SHE’S GREAT.

I’m calm. I promise. I’m calm. 

I’ve had the pleasure to get to know her as a person and call her my twin (in spirit because age differences and distance BUT WE ARE TWINS), but you – well. You should know her because of her amazing writing.

shu is one of those writers whose work feels effortless. You and I both know there are hours spent behind a laptop screen researching and begging characters to just cooperate already, but that’s not how her work feels. The stories just roll of the page. The characters all feel real and full and the world stretches out around you. There are WORLDS in her stories.

She’s incredibly inventive and clever, and has made me feel things. If you know me, then you know I’m a heartless wench BUT my twin makes me keyboard smash in ways I only used to do for Inuyasha spoilers. Her latest work on tumblr – the beautiful rebelcaptain Rogue One Foster Care AU – is an absolute treasure trove of feelings. Just take this wonderful excerpt from the third part:

“You are more than capable of listening and grading at once.” He takes another fry. “There was an incident with a parent yesterday morning. Apparently a boy in Lumiya’s homeroom accused one of the foster children of theft.”

Cassian nearly puts his pen through the paper. “Don’t call them that, Kei.”

Just – the perfect nonchalance of Kei’s character? And how she doesn’t tell us how Cassian feels, just shows us his reaction – it’s making YOU feel what he feels, right??

Her dialogue has also always been a masterpiece to me. Take this example from the third part of the Rogue One Foster Care AU:

“You saw Finn break open your locker and steal your laptop and you didn’t tell a teacher?” Cassian cocks his head. “Seems counter-intuitive to me.”

Mrs. Hux bristles. Color flushes up her throat, like she’s being filled with boiling water. “I don’t like what you’re implying, whoever you are—”

“Mr. Andor is one of our history teachers,” says Mothma. Jyn could swear the woman is preening, just a little.

The dialogue effortlessly ping-pongs from character to character – and with feeling. Somehow without the use of adverbs, you can hear how each character would say their lines. My twin is the ultimate at saying a lot with very little.

So you’re intrigued, right? At least a little impressed? You should be. I provided tea and cookies, after all. Then you should definitely check out the pantheon of the amazing shuofthewind’s work. Here are some of my favorites:

  • floating, sinking – Star Wars, Rogue One. Rebelcaptain. I feel this tag describes it best: “Yes It Is A Fix-It Where They All Live Calm Down.” Only you can’t calm down because of feelings.
  • Season Tickets – MCU, X-Files. Implied Eventual Darecy. So, I know that she has written the quintessential Matt/Darcy fic (which I’ll get to in a hot potato), but this – this story holds an eternal special place in my heart. I love the pacing in this story, and the characterization, and absolutely everything. Read it. Cry with me. I have tissues and pages of meta on Darcy as Mulder.
  • The Price of War – MCU. Darecy. The quintessential Matt/Darcy story. The quintessential everything that is great about my twin boiled down to a whopping near 300,000 words. I’m not sure what to say about this story that has not already been said. It’s brilliant, it’s heartbreaking, it breaks the Bechdel test a million times over, it features some of my favorite scenes in a fanfic ever… Just. Read it. Read all of it.
  • Le Monde Solaire – The Hobbit. Kili/fem!Bilbo/Tauriel. DON’T RUN AWAY FROM THE OT3 COME JOIN ME IN THIS PIT OF HELL WE HAVE (A) FANART. I love this series so much you don’t even know. I have somewhere the start of an Elementary AU of this pairing simply because this fic made me ship it. Please. Come. Read. There’s room in this trash can for all of us.
  • do it all again (think you’re my best friend) – MCU. Darecy. Fake dating AU. If that scenario alone doesn’t pull you in, then you need to read it for the scene where Matt tells off Darcy’s mother. I have read that scene an embarrassing number of times and it is still not enough.

There’s more – there’s so much more here I could’ve talked about it. Her FMA:B fanfic swallows on the beam, her soulmate-identifying-marks MCU AU The Trick to Binary Stars, the Matt/Darcy/Elektra AU of heartbreak between disaster and atrocity… But this is just a taste of the brilliance of my twin. Marvel at her brilliance and tremble. Then read everything she’s ever written and get back to me about how great she is and we can start an endless feedback loop of “I LOVE SHU ISN’T SHE GREAT SHE’S GREAT.” I’ll bake more cookies.

Reasons To Love Damien

-his beautiful, silky hair

-make-up game is on point

-he reads fanfiction

-flower arrangement hobby

-fascination with goth

-knowledge of Victorian history

-respectful parenting towards Lucien

-This part:

I could talk about how important this is for a parent to do in regards to mental health and simply allowing Lucien to choose for himself if he needs/wants professional help. A+ parenting. Not to mention that Damien was not yelling at Lucien and was basically like, “I care about you and I want to see you improve, but you need to make that choice for yourself. Just know that Im here to help.”

-how polite he is

-very romantic, in his own way

-writing letters, enough said

-that brave face he made during the movie scene, so cute

-speaking of the movie scene, this part too:

He was so scared he instinctively sought out for physical comfort just by mere hand holding!!!!

-he is so smooth

-His views on death and life is actually beautiful. Basically don’t dread on fearing death because you could miss out on enjoying life.

-when he brings mc dad home after the second date, he friggin’ gives mc a handkerchief as a gift!!!!!

-and no one could forget his love for dogs

-Also, he is so cute in this outfit!!!!! I love those large glasses on him, they look good on him.

Lets fast forward a bit, shall we? 

-After the whole Duchess adventure, mc and Damien has a sweet conversation about Damien being perfect the way he is, he is more than a goth prince and mc doesn’t mind at all. Then he freaking ASKS MC’S PERMISSION FOR A KISS!!! That is so charming and sweet!!!!! 

-After this scene is the conclusion of the route, Amanda’s graduation party. We have a chat with all the guests and Amanda until we have our final scene with Damien. I can’t explain how much I love what he says, so I’ll just put it here so we can appreciate it.

“But I think I can make an exception for you.” God, why does he have to be so damn smooth?

I think I made my point. Damien is an amazing character.


Marco polo (season 2) appreciation post 6/10→ S2E06 “Serpent’s Terms”

“We have grown too accustomed to amazing things. We, whose feet lost form from walking the steppe, whose noses grew flat from punishing winds. We now have more food than our stomachs need. More warmth than our skin can bear. And so if you ask, “Why, then? Why do we need more?” I will tell you because that is what comes next.”

hearing “i love you” from a close friend, relatives or parents is the most beautiful thing ever, like you don’t have to find a significant other to be loved, you are loved already by the people around you and it’s a blessing

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