the signs + how to get on their bad side
  • Aries:keep them waiting for something; make excuses for everything; try to control them/tell them what to do
  • Taurus:rush them into doing something; unexpectedly change plans you had with them; brag too much
  • Gemini:talk about yourself for too long; criticize/correct them often; set expectations for them
  • Cancer:be ungrateful to them; make fun of everything they do; be too intrusive
  • Leo:forget about them/ignore them; try to one-up them; claim authority over them
  • Virgo:talk really loud; never appear organized or orderly; pressure them
  • Libra:purposely start an argument with them; give them ultimatums; appear closed off
  • Scorpio:lie straight to their face; challenge them; borrow stuff and never give it back
  • Sagittarius:be really clingy and possessive; don't keep a promise; yawn while their talking
  • Capricorn:waste their time; be unpredictable; don't appreciate anything they do
  • Aquarius:complain too much and pity yourself; mock them; be ignorant
  • Pisces:be overly sarcastic; show any acts of unkindness; leave them out of something

It’s a pretty unique time.. there is an amazing breed of people being brought up. Folks who have chosen a life of creativity over one of corporate cubicles. They aren’t afraid to wake up in the dirt just to see the sunrise or spend months living on the road or out of the back of their van in an effort to have a constantly changing horizon .

And these people are creating a culture that is really about being immersed in nature. And as self serving as that may seem.. It’s actually the answer to so many of our issues. Because we are learning to go with less, use less and appreciate more. (at chrisburkard.com)


Glenn Appreciation Week

Day 7 -  Anything goes: Glenn looking too hot, hot damn

With the seemingly never-ending amount of brand new anime flooding the market literally every season, it’s easy to become a little jaded, and begin to forget or ignore the fact that behind every single anime is a team of upwards of dozens, perhaps even hundreds of dedicated, passionate people putting in the staggeringly tremendous amount of time and effort it takes to produce and bring that anime to life.

Beneath its cute, cartoony exterior, Shirobako is a sincerely personal and accurate portrayal of the ups and downs of life working in the anime industry, and not only is it incredibly fascinating and interesting to look behind the closed doors of a (fictional) Japanese animation studio, but it has also really helped to give me a much deeper understanding and an even further appreciation for anime, the hardworking people who produce it, and the industry as a whole. With its large, charming cast of genuine, fleshed out, likable characters, and a compelling, realistically paced storyline, Shirobako really grabs hold of your heart and brings you right down to the characters level, doing an absolutely splendid job of making you truly feel for each of them, and understand the very real struggles that come from working in this difficult, hectic industry.

And it manages all that while avoiding ever becoming too miserable or cynical, remaining heart-warming, positive, humorous, and inspirational through-out even the most dire of situations. It’s a cheerful, endearing, satisfying blend of drama, comedy, warmth, honesty, and the whole gamut of emotions. You’ll lament the failures, feel the frustrations, cheer for the successes, and everything else that comes in between. (One moment in particular near the end of the series made me so happy I legitimately started crying. I even needed a tissue!)

If you love anime, and if you’re at all interested in a closer look behind the scenes of anime production, I really recommend giving Shirobako a go. I would probably go as far as putting it in my personal Top 10. Nice!

i was honestly so pleased and impressed with how much i adored shirobako i decided write this review lol. this anime was the sleeper hit of the season for me. it flew totally under my radar for literally months before I finally picked it up a few weeks ago and from episode one, i was totally on board, and i ended up marathoning the 20 available episodes and catching up to date within the next 2 days. im bummed its already over. if i had only gotten into it back when it first started, i could have been enjoying it every week for the past 6 months lmao. oh well. very good anime. wholly recommended. *thumbs up emoji*


in celebration of exo’s comeback i will be giving away some socks… haha what bull. i reached an nth number of followers and so this is just to show my appreciation.

to join / eligibility:

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anonymous asked:

Never, ever, ever apologize for posting selfies! Even if you posted a hundred every day. You're a lovely human being (inside and out). Hope you're having a great day~

Ahhhh you’re too kind nonny ;a;!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, you are even lovelier and I hope you are having a fantastic day as well! <3


(audio) Live: Kim Jaejoong - Breathing (New Song!)

Kim Jaejoong:

“The new album will be 2nd full-track album, will be released after I join the army. Prepared for a month so you don’t feel my absence.”  (╥_╥)

  Please support his album ❤


For everything you have done for us over the years, danisnotonfire and amazingphil, the phandom would like to collectively thank you. This a thank you message from 200+ phans to show you how much we love and appreciate everything you do.  We would also like to wish you all the success with your book and tour ^__^

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