Fandom Survey - the Ziam/Larry divide

The 1D fandom is blessed to be full of dedicated, tireless fans that use critical thought and available evidence to come to well-supported conclusions. For some reason, a major rift exists within this group between Larry and Ziam shippers. If you could, please take a few minutes to help us get to the bottom of why that might be. This fandom is very big on bottoms.

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That feel when she’s telling you how big it is but you know for a fact its not considerably bigger than the world average (you’ve went over the numbers thoroughly) but you appreciate the sentiment

We are ONE FANDOM, this poll isn’t even about ships win anymore, it’s not about what ship is better or what ship is canon or even what ship is endgame. What this is about is this:

  • Which show has captured the fans attention?
  • Which show has the full backing of their whole fandom?

  • Which show do fans want to see get renewed over and over again until the writers finish that amazing storyline?

Winning this isn’t about just Clarke/Lexa. If we do this then we can finally show Jason and the writers (and actors/crew) just how much we appreciate what they’re doing and how much we want to see the show come back time and time again.

 Right here. Right now. We are one fandom. Let’s stick together and win this.


I did this set of four images as promotion material for the exhibition Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction at the EMP Museum in Seattle. From the museum’s website:

Packed with more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction invites you to experience the incredible range of storytelling found in science fiction: from Star Trek to H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, from big-budget Men in Black to the Philip K. Dick-inspired Blade Runner to the recent Battlestar Galactica series.
As you step aboard this enigmatic spacecraft, discover how science fiction allows us to break away from the confines of the tangible world with unlimited imagination, boldness, and creativity. Experience the power it has to transform, motivate, and educate. And glimpse at the spectacular places born from intellect, wonder, and an unbound appreciation for the human species encountering change.
Within a dynamic and immersive space, this interactive spacecraft will encourage visitors to embark on their own space adventure, discover new alien civilizations, scout for new worlds to explore from the ship’s cockpit, and investigate numerous alternate universes. What secrets will you unearth?

I was asked to make the images look a bit more painterly that my usual comic book-esque style, which was a real challenge. I’m a big fan of classic sci-fi illustration, from Chesley Bonestell to Syd Mead (just to name a couple of names I had in mind while drawing these), so you can bet I had a lot of fan with this project.

Thanks to AD Melissa Robinson.

  • cashier:have a good day!
  • me:I hate capitalism and do not support this system but appreciate your work ethic and commitment to keeping yourself financially afloat.

anonymous asked:

So proud of you and the effort and strength you put in daily on the lifelong road of self acceptance and appreciation!!!

Thank you for taking the time to send this support, honest.

May the darkness only make us appreciate the light,
May the loss only make us more thankful of what we had but did not appreciate.


I appreciate that people are taking interest in the shows I’ve talked about on here or wherever. Whether it be Korra, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Parks and Recreations, etc…I’m really happy that I managed to help you learn about a show and wanna be a fan of it. I love these things and want more people to enjoy them too. 

But I’m getting a little tired of people asking me for links to pirate a show, or for streaming sites hosting the episodes. I watch all the shows I do legally when they air, on the network’s website (usually free), on Netflix, or on Amazon/iTunes. I do not have links for you AND even if I did, giving them out would be illegal and not a good idea for me to do on such a public platform that I’ve worked hard to build up and don’t want to put at risk. 

Thanks for your time! I added this to my FAQ as well because I’ve been getting it A LOT (though I’m sure a ton of people don’t read that). 

JeanMarco Neck Kisses fic

by nianator

(inspired by angry neck kisses anon) “Marco come onnn, I’m sorryyyy.” Marco has been ignoring Jean for the past few hours since they came back from their dinner out with Eren and Mikasa. “I wont do it again ok?”Apparently Marco didn’t appreciate Jean’s overprotectiveness when Eren poked fun at how going to the gym made Marco’s shirt fit him really well. That caused a bit of a scene. Now Marco’s sitting criss crossed applesauce on their bed, his back to Jean and arms folded, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. Silence. Jean groans and rests his forehead on Marco’s back. “Why do you have to be so stubborn.” Marco makes a “hmph”sound in return. “What can I do to make you not hate me?” That made Marco waiver for a second, but he resumed kissing the back of Marco’s neck. Marco’s breath hitches and his eyes go wide. The kisses start trailing up his nape, hot and smooth. Marco starts breathing heavily, clenching the comforter underneath him in frustration. “J-Jean. Sto-hhofuuu..” Jean smiles “You say something?” Ok. Marco’s had enough. “For fucks sake Jean.” He turns around swiftly, surprising the tan haired man, and effortlessly pins him against the bed. Jean takes a few seconds before he asks,”Does this mean you’re not ignoring me?” Marco rolls his eyes and leans down to give him a long sweet kiss, but abruptly comes back up. “Never punch Eren in the restaurant again.” Jean shrugs, “No promises sweetheart.” “You’re such an ass,” mumbles Marco as he goes down and kisses him.

Killer Karaoke | A Steroline Fic

A/N: This is the first of a set of drabbles representing my current headcanon for upcoming episodes. Can be read alone or as a series. Canon until 6x17 and compliant with current spoilers.

The song she chooses is atrocious. Even in his current state of non-humanity, he still has taste, and the assault on his ears is only made bearable by the half-empty bottle of bourbon in his hand.

“Jesus, Caroline,” he says after she compels the first person to sing it. “Pat Benatar?” he demands, slamming the bottle down on the tabletop, not quite hard enough to spill. “I had enough trouble avoiding this garbage in the 80s.”

She turns slowly, and the withering glare she shoots his way is enough to melt skin from the bone. “‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot,’” she snarls, “is a contemporary classic, Stefan. If you can’t appreciate a spectacular piece of music like this, then maybe we shouldn’t be doing this at all.” She pauses to let the threat sink in, as though this whole thing hadn’t been her idea in the first place. “But we could always do ‘Love is a Battlefield’ if you prefer,” she adds with a sarcastic smile.

Stefan shrugs with a smile and raises the bottle toward her. Honestly, ever since she embraced his whole ‘letting go’ philosophy, she’s been a fairly unyielding force of nature. So he just swigs from his bourbon, leaning lazily back in his seat so he can kick his feet up onto the table.

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