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I’ve been receiving an increased number of a certain type of message lately, so i felt i needed to say something about it.

i appreciate the fact that some of you as fans may be feeling frustrated in some of the new marvel designs, and while I’m incredibly flattered you think i could do a worthy enough job instead, please don’t ask me for my opinions on a design that you hate. trust me, i consider myself a superhero fan first before being a professional, so i understand where you are coming from and i may even agree with some of you, but it’s unprofessional for me to speak poorly about another professional or their work. that is a line I’m unwilling to cross.

I, of course, will always try to answer asks and messages when i have the time, but never ones involving trashing on another persons work.

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You know... Sometimes I really don't like how you answer some things, and deal with some things... But I have great respect for you, and your art. You know when to be serious and respectful, but when to lay someone on their ass as well. Keep up the good work! You're pretty cool.

I appreciate this thank u

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I'm a middle school teacher and I was wondering how you feel about teaching the classics versus teaching contemporary authors. I realize this is a book blog but I strive to teach my students to love books and reading in general but I am interested to hear what you think about teaching them to also love the classics.

I think teaching an appreciation of both the classics and contemporary fiction. It’s good for kids to be aware of what the current literary climate is–What are authors writing about right now, in this day and age? How is it relevant to their lives? But on the opposite end of the spectrum, kids who finish school without ever reading Hamlet or the Odyssey are not only going to be at a cultural disadvantage, but they’re also going to miss out on some tremendous works of literature. Have you ever thought about trying to teach the classics and contemporary work at the same time, and finding the connections and overarching themes that are present in both? How is war depicted similarly or differently in the Iliad versus All Quiet on the Western Front? What about infidelity, in Anna Karenina and The English Patient? These aren’t necessarily good examples, but you get the idea. I don’t think the classics and contemporary lit are mutually exclusive. I think it’s ideal that we learn a little of both.

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lol okay sending yourself mail is sad, but so is rebloging your own selfies a gazillion times, up to the point when they take up most of your picture posts. stop being so shady, for real.

sorry that you don’t appreciate art


Can we just appreciate the beauty of this scene and the soundtrack for a second. Underrated.

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Can you do an exo reacts to you coming home drunk from a party? :)) thanks and I appreciate all the reactions you writee

Hi hi! So I got really into this, so I tried to make every one like a different type of drunk? Like a loud drunk, quiet drunk, etc. When I say I got into this, I really got into this. I’m slightly tipsy right now (you know, got to make it authentic), so I’m sorry if there’s any grammar mistakes! Hope you enjoy it! ^.^


Xiumin is probably asleep when you stumble in, laughing loudly at yourself because of how long it took you to open the door. As soon as you stumble in, throwing your keys on the floor, already peeling off your clothes, Xiumin walks in the living room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He calls out your name sleepily, and you giggle, stumbling as you reach out for him, your hands clumsily grabbing at his pajama bottoms. Xiumin looks partially amused as you slur out that you’re surprised he’s home and not busy with a schedule. “Okay,” he says as he brushes your hair away from your face as you try to kiss his neck, “maybe you should come to bed.” Your fingers dip into the waistband of his pj’s as you agree, and Xiumin grabs your hands, pulling them away from him. “No, come to bed to sleep, jagi, nothing else.” You pout, whining out that he’s no fun, but your eyes are already drooping, so Xiumin laughs lightly as he puts his arms underneath your knees and picks you up to carry you to bed.


Maybe you’re a talkative drunk, so as soon as you start getting tipsy, the secrets start flying out. You’re talking to the members and Luhan pays no mind, but his ears perk up when you mention his name. He smiles a little, happy that you’re talking about him. That is until you mention something about how his strong thighs really help his stamina. Luhan turns bright red, practically running to cover your mouth as the member you’re talking to laughs. He laughs awkwardly, practically dragging you away as you try to pry his hand from your mouth. As soon as he gets you alone, he looks at you with a surprised look. “What was that baobei?!” You laugh at the look on his face, your fingers reaching out to poke his cheek as you coo about how cute he is. This is when he realizes you’re drunk, and he lets a small amused smile slip on his face. “Are you drunk?” His eyes are twinkling, his voice full of laughter as you raise your finger, indicting that you’re just a bit drunk. Luhan laughs, but he doesn’t let you out of his sight for the rest of the night. Sometimes he’s too late to stop your mouth, so the secrets spill out, and the members know more about your sex life than Luhan would like. He finally decides to drag you home when you announce to everyone that Luhan likes to have sex against the wall, grumbling at you the whole time, his cheeks red as you slur out that you don’t want to go home yet.


When you come home, Kris doesn’t suspect a thing. You’re talking like you usually do, and your reflexes seem normal, so Kris just lets you go. It’s only when you’re walking towards the room, stumbling slightly until you crash into the wall that Kris realizes that you’re drunk. You bounce off the walls, and Kris lets out a small chuckle at seeing you stumble around, but then he shakes his head, coming to stand behind you. His hands land on your hips as he steers you to the room. He helps you get undressed, and to be honest he’s a bit weirded out that you can hold a regular conversation, not even the slightest hint that you’re drunk coming through. He’s helping you slide on your pj’s when he pauses, looking down at you. “Baobei, are you going to remember this tomorrow?” You frown, slapping him on the chest as you say that of course you will, why wouldn’t you? Kris bits his lip, sliding your pj’s all the way on. “Well, because you’re drunk, that’s why.” You snort, telling him that you’re not and Kris raising an eyebrow. “Really?” he asks and before you get a chance to respond, Kris lightly presses his hand against your lower stomach, and you clumsily fall back onto the bed, yelping at the sudden movement. Still, you insist that you’re not drunk. Kris laughs, crawling into bed with you and grabbing you in his arms. He lightly presses a kiss to the top of your head, laughing as he says, “Okay okay, you’re not drunk.”


As soon as Suho sees you acting out of the ordinary, his hands are instantly on you, trying to make sure that you’re okay. He presses a hand to your forehead, the other one checking your pulse. You laugh at how over-the-top he’s being, so you push his hands off of you, trying to walk away from him but Suho quickly reaches you, wrapping an arm around your waist. When you’re drunk, you’re energetic, and despite the fact that Suho is tired, he’d stay up with you. He’d trail behind you, making sure that you don’t get hurt. You’re more flirty than usual, and Suho almost has a heart attack. Your fingers reach out to trail down his chest, your nails slightly scarping his skin, and Suho’s breath catches every time. Despite this, he would do nothing, just grab your hand in his. You’re up really late, and you aren’t sure when you fall asleep, all you remember is that Suho is mumbling to himself that he’ll never let you drink again when you finally doze off. When you wake up the next morning, you find yourself on the couch, a blanket thrown over you and you spot Suho sleeping on the floor, looking like he just collapsed there.


Lay is asleep when you walk in, probably tired from doing group and solo activates. You stumble in, and upon seeing his coat thrown on the couch, you run to the room to make sure he’s really there. And, sure enough, curled up on the bed is Lay. He’s sleeping peacefully, one arm thrown over your side of the bed, the covers pooling at his waist, his bare chest slowly rising up and down. Blame it on the alcohol, but you find yourself crying. And that’s how Lay wakes up, you crawling in beside him as you cry out his name. Lay is instantly alert, sitting up and grabbing you in his arms, his hand brushing you hair. “What’s wrong baobei? Are you okay?” You stutter out some words, not really making sense, and Lay freezes as soon as he smells the alcohol on your breath. He pulls you back, his hand tight on your shoulder. “Are you drunk?” You’re an emotional mess, tears running down your face as you reply that you are. You cuddle into his chest, but Lay is tense underneath you, and this causes you to cry harder, saying that you just miss him so much that sometimes you want to forget for a while. This causes Lay to start crying as well, and he spends the rest of the night apologizing over and over until you fall asleep. You wake up the next morning with no memory of what happened the night before, so you’re taken aback when you see Lay curled up next to you, a small frown on his face as he sleeps, and what appear to be tear tracks on his cheeks.


Baekhyun would be the type that as soon as he sees you stumble through the door, he would immediately burst out laughing. He’d be kind of a shit about it, enjoying watching you make a fool of yourself. He’d be leaning against the wall, his arms crossed on his chest with a small smile on his face as he watches you try to navigate your way through the house. But, of course, as soon as he sees you about to crash into the wall, his hands instantly hover over you, ready to catch you. You whine, shoving his hands away from you as you yell at him that you don’t need his help. He chuckles lightly, throwing his hands up as he says, “Okay okay, if you don’t want my help…” Despite this, he still trails after you, making sure you don’t hurt yourself too bad. Finally, you lay a hand on the wall, your head spinning as you slide down the wall, mumbling something about how the walls keeping moving. “Will you accept my help now?” he teasingly asks, and you mumble out a yes, leaning your head against the wall as you close your eyes. Baekhyun laughs, reaching down for you, wrapping an arm around your waist as he throws one of your arms around his shoulders. He’d help you get into bed, and he wouldn’t tease you about it until you’re sober again. You’d be hungover the next day, sipping water with squinted eyes and a pounding headache, grabbing onto the kitchen counter to steady yourself, and Baekhyun would call out, “Hey jagi, who am I?” before he starts stumbling around, grabbing onto the counter and mumbling that the walls are moving. You roll your eyes, a slight smile on your lips and Baekhun laughs loudly, his eyes crinkling.


You get home, not expecting Chen to be there since you figured he would still be busy with schedules, since he’s been pretty busy lately. So you’re surprised when you walk into the room and see Chen sleeping on your bed. He’s sleeping peacefully, his face angelic, and you spot a bear sitting on the bedside table along with a note that says your name. This makes you angry; he’s been gone for weeks and he thinks a bear is going to fix it? So you crawl into bed, not bothering to lower your voice as you call for him to wake up. Chen’s eyes open slowly, and a smile starts to take over his lips as he sees you, but it stops when he sees the expression on your face. He sits up, his eyes scanning your face and then his lips quirk into a smile. “Jagi, are you drunk right now?” he asks, reaching out a hand for you, but you shove it away, tears in your eyes. He frowns at this and you start to blubber, mumbling out that he can’t just come home like it’s no big deal. He sighs, sitting up and running a hand through his hair as he asks, “Okay, what’s wrong?” You start blubbering nonsense about how he’s never here and how it’s not fair, and how sometimes you doubt he even misses you, and to your surprise, Chen laughs. You frown, hitting his chest as you call him an asshole, saying that you just miss him. Chen laughs softly, collecting you in his arms. “No, no. Okay, I’m sorry. But I miss you like crazy every day, okay? But you don’t see me getting drunk about it do you?” He presses  a kiss on your forehead, laying down with you in his arms. “Sleep right now jagi, we can talk when you’re sober.”


You’re more clumsy when you’re drunk, so as soon as you walk in and Chanyeol notices that you’re drunk, he’s prepared. He trails behind you everywhere you go, catching you every time you’re about to fall. You stumble around, and each time before you’re about to fall, you yell out, digging your nails into his skin as you try to balance yourself. You almost fall over even as you’re getting into bed. You trip trying to climb up, and Chanyeol is there to grab you, but he falls down instead, slamming his elbows onto the floor. He winces in pain, reaching over to rub his backside, laughing lightly, but all you do is crawl underneath the blankets, muttering about how he’s so clumsy. He laughs loudly at this, not even bothered by the forming bruises on his body as he crawls in next to you, reaching for you to cuddle with. The next morning, as you’re having breakfast, you notice the various nail marks and bruises on Chanyeol’s arms, and with no recollection of what happened, you ask him what happened. Chanyeol just laughs loudly, leaning back on his chair as he exclaims, “Are you kidding me?”


As soon as you come home, Kyungsoo pauses whatever it is that he was watching, looking over at you curiously. You stumble inside, loudly closing the door behind you, and Kyungsoo sighs a bit, calling out your name and saying, “Are you drunk?” You loudly yell back that you aren’t, saying that you just feel hungry as hell so you’re gonna bake and Kyungsoo drops his head because you baking this late can only mean one thing: you’re drunk. He follows you into the kitchen, already resigned to spending the rest of the night helping you. He’s a complete sweetheart, getting you everything you need and preparing everything for you while you sit on the counter, clumsily swinging your legs.  He lets you taste the batter, even lets you lick the spoon and pour the batter in to the pan. He knows every move you’re going to make, because you always do the same thing when you’re drunk. And just as expected, you dip your fingers into the batter and hold them up to his mouth. Kyungsoo smiles, his tongue flicking out to lick the batter on your fingers. As expected, you fall asleep against him while the cake bakes and you wake up the next morning to find a slice of frosted cake waiting for you at the table, Kyungsoo already happily eating a slice as he chirps out a Good morning, I have some painkillers here for you. Come eat.


As soon as Tao sees your stumbling and stuttering figure, he’s hit with disappointment. He grabs your forearm, gently helping you walk through the door as he starts scolding you. His voice is hard, laced with disappointment. “Why would you do that when I’m not there to take care of you?” You groan, complaining that you have a headache and Tao will tsk at you, helping you get undressed. As he helps you take off your clothes, you whine that you don’t need his help and that you’re fine, but Tao just rolls his eyes, already helping you into your pj’s. You’re still mumbling that you’re perfectly capable of doing things for yourself when your eyes start to droop, and Tao slightly pushes you back on the bed. He’s still complaining about how reckless you were being when you finally manage to doze off. Despite the fact that Tao was complaining so much, you’d still wake up the next morning to find a tall glass of water and a bottle of painkillers on the bedside table. Tao would frown at you, putting the pills between your lips as he helps you sip the water, and he’d say, “Don’t do that again, okay baobei?”


Let’s be honest, Kai is irresistible when you’re sober, so just imagine that you’re drunk? Forget about it. As soon as you walk in, you try to jump on him; your hands are on his skin, running up and down his body. Kai laughs awkwardly, his hand grabbing onto your wrist as he tries to remove your hands from his hair. “Hey, you okay?” You say nothing, trying to lower his head so you can kiss his lips. Kai can smell the alcohol on your breath, so he pulls way from you. You whine out, asking him if he doesn’t want you anymore. Kai groans lightly, running a hand through his hair, and he’s resisting the urge to grab out for you. “Of course I want you, always, but not like this.” He lightly grabs your hand, pulling you with him to the bedroom. “Not when you’re like this, okay?” As soon as you reach the room, you start to peel your clothes off, and noticing Kai’s intent gaze, you teasingly ask him to join you. Kai takes a deep breath, his eyes trailing your body and then he stutters out, “I-I’m going to sleep in the living room today.” He practically runs out the door and you drunkenly laugh as you crawl underneath the warm sheets. The next morning, as you sit down for breakfast with a pounding headache, Kai smiles brightly at you. “I hope you don’t have anything planned today, because I’m getting payback for yesterday.”


You expect to go to a party with Sehun and be the only one who gets drunk? Good luck. With Sehun, he’d be a bit tipsy as well. He’s tougher than you are though, and he doesn’t start showing signs of drunkenness until the night is almost over. You’d both stumble home, probably having to be escorted home by some of the other members. You’re tired, your head already hurting, so you lean your head against the member who’s helping you, and then you hear Sehun. His voice is clear, not slurred at all but his words a bit slow so this lets you know he’s drunk. “Hey, that’s my girlfriend, get your hands off of her,” he warns the other member. You can’t see him but you’re sure that he’s glaring, and you smile, rolling your eyes. Both of you stumble through the door, crashing in to each other. You both laugh, untangling your limbs from each other. Sehun smiles at you, his eyes crinkled, his fingers reaching up to rest on your cheek and you love it. You love how carefree and without problems he looks. He looks like how someone his age is supposed to look, not weighed down by the weight of problems that he shouldn’t have. You smile at him, reaching forward to peck his lips, mumbling that you love him. Sehun hiccups slightly, “I love you too.” He kisses you back, harder, and both of you are sober enough to be aware of what happens next, his hands sliding underneath your clothes as he pushes them off. You wake up the next morning wearing one of his shirts, a slight headache making your head pound. You turn to look at Sehun, but he’s fast asleep, the blankets pooled low on his hips. You smile at the small smile on his face, and you reach out to plant a kiss to his cheek before you go look for some painkillers for the both of you.

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you know I really appreciate you for the things you've done and what you're still doing. Good job and keep on going.

Thank you so much!

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Stop posting pics of your animals, this isn't your personal. People come here for ASTROLOGY- IF WE WANTED TO SEE YOUR PETS, WE'D ASK!!!!

And if we wanted you to tell us how to run blog WE WOULD ASK! seriously drag you entitled self out of our blog. We didn’t force you to follow our blog and honestly if we want to interact with our followers and see their pets or anything else WE CAN cause guess what THIS IS OUR BLOG. Just get off our blog and unfollow us. Sorry you can’t appreciate animals.


thank u  for the kind words today i really appreciate all of u guys!!!!!! also today i hit 2k (WOW BTW) so i’d like to announce that im gonna do a 2nd Follow Forever and do something else for u guys! 

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Be very wary of the racial diversity. I come from a very diverse city and went to a mostly white school, thinking I could handle it.

A lot of the time, you will be faced with comments that are racist in nature but the people don’t realize they’re being racist.

At first, try and explain why the comments are not appreciated and if they still don’t care, either don’t fuck with them or pop awf.

Just warning you that it can be very emotionally draining. Do what you gotta do but be careful ❤️✊🏾