DIY Cardboard Harry Potter Erised Mirror Tutorial and Template from Delicious Reads.

The mirror appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and is inscribed, “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi” or “I show not your face but your heart’s desire”.

This cheap DIY requires cardboard, paint, a cheap mirror, lots of glue sticks and patience. But look at the result! 

Why so many Harry Potter DIYs on the blog recently? Rae Gun Ramblings is having her annual Harry Potter party where lots of bloggers contribute Harry Potter themed crafts and there is a giant Harry Potter Giveaway.  For everything DIY Harry Potter on truebluemeandyou go here including an amazing DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game and DIY Harry Potter Chess Set.

These are some reference photos of the mirror:


Imagine that someone asks Steve what he actually carries in any of those 50+ belt pouches and zippered pockets he has all over his uniform. Bonus points if at least one of them contains candy.

“We will now take audience questions,” the moderator says. “Please form two lines at the microphones.”

The Avengers somehow found themselves at San Diego Comic Con, and had been sitting on panel after panel. They believe people changed the rules so they could make as many appearances as possible.

“Hi,” comes a timid voice from one of the mics. They squint to see who’s talking. “My question is for Cap—Steve…? Um…I noticed you have lots of pockets in your uniform, and I was, uh, wondering what you keep in there?”

Steve smiles. “Well,” he begins, “I keep lots of things in my pockets. Some have weapons, one has some extra Widow Bites, I have extra magnets for my shield gauntlet, extra batteries for my comms, and…” Steve pauses to blush, “uh, I also keep candy in one.”

“Tell ‘em which kind!” Tony says, grinning.

“It’s, uh, Werther’s? The caramel?”

“See?” Tony says, happily. “He’s an actual grandpa!”

The audience bursts out laughing and the next question gets asked.

Sedna: the Mysterious Red Planetoid

Sedna is the furthest known object in our Solar System, located around 13 billion kilometres away from our planet. After Mars, it is also the reddest known object due to the composition of its crust. Like Pluto, Sedna’s crust is thought to be made up of water and methane, along with organic ‘tholin’ chemicals responsible for its reddish colour. It is around three quarters the size of Pluto and lies in the coldest reaches of our Solar System, in the inner Oort Cloud. In this faraway region, the Sun appears to be the size of a pinhead and the temperature is never higher than -240°C.

The discovery of Sedna provided the first detection of the inner Oort Cloud. The Oort cloud is a hypothetical region of space surrounding our Solar System in a spherical halo. It is thought to contain billions of icy objects which, if provided with a gravitational push in the right direction, supply the comets which fly passed Earth. While the Oort Cloud extends out between 5,000 and 100,000 times the distance between the Sun and the Earth, Sedna was found in a region of space about 10 times closer than this. The fact that a formation like Sedna orbits within this gap between the Oort Cloud and the Kuiper Belt indicates that it may have been relocated by the gravitational effects of a rogue star or perhaps another planet near the Sun very early in the Solar System’s history.

Sedna was discovered in 2003 by NASA-funded researchers using the Samuel Oschin Telescope at Caltech’s Palomar Observatory. The team, led by astronomer Mike Brown, were conducting a larger survey of objects in our Solar System by focusing on one tiny area in the sky at a time. Using the Palomar’s QUEST camera, Brown’s team photographed a tiny space every hour for three hours to see whether they could spot anything that moved. While stars and galaxies remained fixed in the frame, other objects, such as comets, asteroids and planets, appeared to move. Due to their vast distance, any objects in the inner Oort Cloud would be moving at an extremely slow pace through the frame. This observation led to the detection of Sedna, and within days of its discovery it was observed by several other telescopes around the world.

Sedna’s orbit is extremely elliptical compared with the relatively circular orbits of the planets. It takes around 10,500 years to complete a single orbit of the Sun, and at the time of its discovery Sedna was near perihelion - its closest point to the Sun. As a result of its comparatively small size and great distance, we know very little of Sedna’s surface features. However, using the Frederick C. Gillett Gemini Telescope, one of the largest optical/infrared telescopes in the world, scientists are pursuing further information on this mysterious planetoid before it retreats once again to the outer reaches of our Solar System.

~ eKAT


NASA/JPL-Caltech (An artist’s impression of the “planetoid” dubbed Sedna)

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pros of drinking water: skin is clear as fuck, lips not chapped as often, appearance of bags lessen, you’re hydrated, you’re on top of the world.
cons: peeing like every two minutes.

Large As Life: Rise of the Everyman (Onnit.Com)

At Wrestlemania 31,  Seth Rollins became the WWE Heavyweight champion of the world. That same night, many of the sport’s most legendary superstars also appeared on stage. Nostalgia aside, after seeing The Undertaker, Triple H, Sting, The Rock, and Bret Hart enthrall the 76,000 plus on hand, the stark differences between the new champion and his predecessors made it official, this is the age of The Everyman.

Look around the wrestling world today and you will see a roster of action heroes that look nothing like the heroes of old. When you watched a Pay-Per View event in the ’80s, you saw tall, jacked, flamboyantly over the top square-jawed white guys with super-oily pecs. Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, Macho Man, the Ultimate Warrior…the list goes on. They all had the same schtick, they were all heroic babyfaces following the traditional good-guy routine. The prototypical superstar in those days rose up in the ranks using a combination of bodybuilding, raw eggs, and B-movie swag to seize their moment, basking in the glow of background explosions.

Professional Wrestling  has always been a kind of pop-culture mirror, reflecting the sentiment of the era, and showing us the ideal version of the hero we crave. In the early ’80s, larger than life action heroes like Arnold  Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren set the standard for the generation. The over the top, excessive nature of the ‘80s was reflected with equally over the top WWE Superstars. But, by the end of the decade, as unions were broken, blue-collar skills were replaced by machines, and Wall Street pulled away from the mainstream, America championed the underdog.

The ‘90s and ‘00s brought on the the rise of the everyman. Big hair and spandex were replaced with ripped jeans and flannel. The big muscle action movie stars were replaced with more of these everyman types. Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Van Damm were replaced by the unlikely action heroes such as Gibson, Cruise, and Willis who thwarted their enemies more with their attitude than their brute strength.

The world of professional wrestling followed suit. The new “Attitude Era” of wrestling saw Stone Cold Steve Austin giving his boss the bird, DX, as always being offensive and cutting-edge, The Rock was telling people that it didn’t matter what their name was, and Sting was channeling the inner darkness of the anti-hero. Even, Hulk Hogan, the former All-American hero, reinvented himself as a bad boy and adopted the moniker, “Hollywood Hogan.”

Flash forward to 2015, and the tides have turned yet again. The squeaky clean heroes of the ‘80s and the F-U antiheroes of the ‘90s are gone. Today’s WWE heroes aren’t celebrated for their larger than life personalities and equally as exaggerated biceps. Today we like our heroes relatable.

Once upon a time, if you asked someone to name a Pro Wrestler, you’d likely hear a catchphrase shouted back…Something along the lines of ”Oh Yeah!” “What you Going to Do Brother!” or “It Doesn’t Matter What Your Name Is!” Today, the biggest superstar of the WWE has no catchphrase and no over-the-top persona. Wrestling’s greatest champion, the sports biggest hero, it’s he-man show-man answers simply to, Seth.

Professional wrestling, as (most) everyone agrees, is a well-choreographed play that doesn’t always go exactly as planned. Its finishes are predetermined, its storylines are scripted, and its characters are a product of a team of creative writers. So, it makes sense that kids are drawn to this storyline at a young age. Seth Rollins was no exception.

“I discovered professional wrestling when I was 3-4. I fell in love with the pageantry, the stories, the characters. Hulk Hogan, was my guy. He was like a something straight out of a comic book. He was a real life superhero beating up the bad guy. From that day forward I knew this was something I wanted to do for a career.”

Before Hollywood gave fanboys the comic book characters we see so often today, Hulk Hogan was our living, breathing superhero, a four-color character dropped into a saturday morning black-and-white cartoon. Hulk Hogan helped elevate the WWE into a sports entertainment franchise that steamrolled through sold out arenas generating hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue in its wake. Seth Rollins was engrossed by this phenomenon, and set out to follow in the footsteps of his hero.

Hulk Hogan was our living, breathing superhero – a four-color character dropped into a saturday morning black-and-white cartoon.

Unable to make a career in mainstream professional sports, many of the old generation’s wrestling superstars got into wrestling as a backup plan. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage picked it up when baseball didn’t work out, and The Rock didn’t start wrestling until he blew out his knee playing football at the University of Miami.

Being ex-athletes, Hulk Hogan and Dwayne Johnson already had the action hero build required by wrestling superstars of the day. Seth Rollins however, aspired only to be a pro wrestler. For a skinny kid from Iowa, this presented no small challenge.

“I knew that if I wanted to achieve my dreams, I had to start putting on muscle. I started an intensive training program. I worked out for hours a day and ate boiled chicken breasts every two hours or so, (roughly 56 per week), in an attempt to to pack on as much muscle as I could.”

While the previous generation’s superstars were recruited to join wrestling schools due to their already large, athletic builds, Seth Rollins spent his days training and his nights petitioning to get into the same schools. Many other of the top stars of today’s WWE including Daniel Bryan, Adrian Neville, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens –also grew up training specifically with the goal to become WWE Superstars. From their training, to their diet, to their in-ring personas, this new generation is wildly different than their predecessors. This new breed are functionally fit athletes that train specifically for the grueling demands of professional wrestling.

This new breed are functionally fit athletes that train specifically for the grueling demands of professional wrestling.

He called his product “sports entertainment.” And while the entertainment part of that tagline is obvious to most, the “sports” part rarely gets the credit it deserves.  Wrestling demands serious cardio, strength, and timing, and there’s a growing number of wrestlers who shape their lifestyles and their bodies accordingly. There aren’t many athletes left training like the Hulkster circa 1987.

5 years ago, Seth Rollins traded bodybuilding for Crossfit. The creator of Crossfit, Greg Glassman, describes Crossfit as:

“A core strength and conditioning program, that is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of ten recognized fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory, Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.”

This is a superior training methodology for wrestlers, as athletes are required to successfully perform a multitude of physical challenges. This change in training style is evident in the WWE today as the number of mountainous men are giving way to a faster, more mobile wrestler.

Today’s WWE Superstar is more reminiscent of Olympic gymnasts than bodybuilders. Evident by the fact that 4 out of the 5 top WWE Superstars today are 6’1’’ or under.

The excess of the ‘80s lifestyle were also apparent athlete’s diets. Little concern was shown to what was being put into the body with more of a “mass-at-all-costs” approach. The mantra was lift heavy and eat calories no matter where they came from (beef, beer, ice cream) Who cares? Eat Big, Get Big, Body Slam, repeat.

For today’s wrestler the calories are still there, but macro, micro, and nutritional timing are more important than ever. In an interview with Seth Rollins, he revealed how he eats:

“I listen to my body. My schedule doesn’t allow me to eat as much as possible. I try and eat real food as often as I can. Good quality meat and vegetables. Post workout, I try and get as much good food as I can. 30 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs or so. Refueling after a workout is very helpful when the days and the tours get long.”

Supplementation has come along way as well. Hulk Hogan used to famously tell his disciples:

“To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.”

Taking your vitamins, and praying that they cover your nutritional needs is a very ‘80s mentality and fits in line with the vague nature of training and nutriton associated with professionally wresting of the time. Today’s wrestler has a mentality towards supplementation that is just as well-thought out as any other mainstream professional athlete.

The goal of these new methods are not to be as big as possible, but to be as physically capable as possible. America is more health-conscious than ever, and our heroes are reflecting that.

As with most evolutions, the progression of today’s wrestler has been a positive one. From training, to diet, to supplementation, today’s Everyman hero is simply more functional. It is no longer just about looking the part. They strive to be as fit and healthy as any other professional athlete.

What will the next version of our champion look like? How will society and pop culture shape the face (and the physique) of the sport in the years to come? Perhaps as the limit of human capability and technology being to intersect, we’ll see some sort of half-man/half machine rockem sockem wrestling robot. If the newest video game trailer for WWE 2K16 is any indicator, that just might be where we are headed. At least he’ll already have a catch phrase.

Onnit Academy Extra

Recently Seth Rollins stopped by the Onnit Academy, where we spoke about what measures he uses through his diet, supplementation and training to compete in the only sport with no offseason. Below you will find out how Seth stays Onnit while spending 300 days of the year on the road.

“I love the MCT Oil – I feel like it gives me a lot of energy throughout the day, without any crash.”

“I think Onnit’s TPC is great. It gets me up in the morning and puts me down at night.”

Shroom Tech Sport is a tremendous product. It is a very natural pre-workout. It doesn’t give you the jitters like other pre-workouts.”

Seth Rollins gave up bodybuilding years ago in order to train like an athlete. This is the actual workout Seth Rollins uses when training for the WWE. Try it out for a week and see if you can keep up with the champ.

Lake Pukaki

The blue color in New Zealand’s Lake Pukaki captured here is actually how this lake often appears. Lake Pukaki sits just east of the Southern Alps on New Zealand’s South Island and is supplied by water coming from the country’s longest and largest glaciers.

Those glaciers grind up rocks from the mountains into tiny particles we call “rock flour”. That flour is carried downstream into Lake Pukaki, where it remains suspended and gives the lake a pale blue hue

In the distance behind the lake you can see the source of some of that rock flour, Aoraki, the highest peak in New Zealand.


Image credit:


A similarly colored lake from Canada:

JULY 31, 2015

Friday, 31 Jul 2015

At this time you are able to be very clear and aboveboard with other people, bringing out your desires and differences between yourself and others in a way that is unlikely to offend or stir up hostility. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to follow your lead now.

Wolverine Claws

Transform yourself into your favorite X-Man without dealing with the hassle of experimental surgeries when you acquire these Wolverine style claws. These incredibly sharp claws fit snuggly in between your fingers to create a lifelike appearance, Bub.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


I finally got around to doing my lyric post about David’s song lyrics. I’m so sorry that it took so long.  Just a friendly disclaimer…I in no way am saying that this interpretation is correct. Everyone interprets songs differently and like any art, it’s all subjective. The only person who knows for sure what or who these songs are about is David, so, please keep that in mind. This is just a fun post for some discussion.

I’m not going to discuss all of the songs.  I’m picking out the ones that I think are interesting and possibly have some Gillovny ties…cause’ let’s be honest…that’s the whole reason you wanted me to do this post anyway ;)

There are three things I know for sure about this album:

It’s about love. 

David must like the rain. Seriously. 

David likes pet names. Babe, baby, my love, my darlin, all appear on the album and babe and baby are repeated several times.

Hell or Highwater 

This song seems to be about a man who loves a woman unconditionally. No matter what.  But, the woman seems hesitate. Maybe she doesn’t trust him? Or maybe things have just been so complicated over the years that she’s afraid? He wants to prove it to her that he’ll always be there, but she’s not letting him. She’s not giving him that chance. He can’t erase the past, but he can make himself better for the present and will stand by her and their love no matter what happens and he’s going to prove it to her, and wait for her, until she gives him a chance.

Done some good and done some bad like any man I bet
A man of words is a man of lies but words is all I get
I can’t make you feel safe and sound but they got guns and crosses for that
I can only hang around until you realize where it’s at

I won’t wipe away the tears you cry with any tissue of lies
You can build your life on empty promises or with man who promises to try
See cause I can stand out in the rain, and I can work under the sun, and I can out wait your disdain til all this nonsense is done.

This song could be about Gillian. Especially if you think that they’ve had something going on for a year or two (which I do, as you all know). On the surface it could be assumed that it’s his marriage that he’s talking about, but that doesn’t make much sense for me. Since they are no longer together and haven’t been together for a long time. He said that he wrote these songs during/after his divorce because he had tons of time and had a creative streak. Maybe he wanted things to get a bit more serious with Gillian, but she didn’t trust him….or was afraid to trust him…or feared that their history was just too much. What if he has been proving it to her for awhile that he can be serious and can be in something?

Let it Rain 

“We don’t get black and white, ours is only shadowed light.” Right off the bat I’m hooked on this song. It’s actually one of my favorites. This song is also about love. But a complicated love that isn’t always good. Things aren’t black and white for them. It exists in some grey area. They should both walk away at times. They should both stay at times. It’s up. It’s down. He isn’t sure if it’s he’s just seeing things. Making it more than it is. “My glass ceiling could be your ground floor.” “It could be that I am wrong, mistaking breaking dusk for dawn.” “Like the earth that splits and moves” Their love is beautiful and great but also can be destructive and intense. He doesn’t see it as bad, he just sees the positive parts. “I don’t see cracks and seals, only see how the light gets in.” He will stand by her no matter what. Even if she hurts him, or says mean things, or does bad things. He’s ‘imagined worse anyway.’ Pretty intense song which I think could also be about Gillian. We have no idea what their past is. Bottom line. But, we all know some shit went down and at some point, they both got hurt. At times things were destructive and not positive and they both knew they should walk away, but couldn’t. Or maybe, wouldn’t. This and Hell or Highwater are actually the two songs that I think are about Gillian for sure. 

The Rain Song 

This song emphasis one of David’s new life motto’s ‘love is all you need.’ In a recent twitter chat he mentioned that he reminds himself of that when he gets down. Well, along those lines. Seems like this song is about a relationship, again, and more rain (lol)

Most people want to find a place in the sun, to get out of the rain but the girl (or whoever) in this song wants to see clouds. They want the rain to come. Rain has a very therapeutic ‘wash everything away’ quality about it that some people are naturally drawn to, plus it makes for a great metaphor. The person in this song wants that because that’s how they are and that’s how they love and he gets that and is going to give it to them. So he’s gonna write a song about rain, so that they can always have that and be
reminded of it.

Years from now when you’re old and brave
Stories of your beauties just empty here and say
The way I look at you will make you young again
This humble cross will gather clouds above
My words will see these clouds with love
Our memories will ring sweetness round again
A fist full of love
And a box of rain

If you’re feeling down
Nothing of this storm can ever belong
It’s always raining in this song

I honestly have no clue who this song is about. Or if it’s about anyone in perticular. It could be about Gillian and their complicated thing or it could just be a general life story. Either way, I like it and it’s really interesting to think about. It’s also interesting to note that the three songs that I think could be about Gillian are the three  songs where he uses pet names. That didn't sway me, I just find it interesting because they seem more personal than the others. More like talking ‘to someone’ instead of just telling a story if that makes sense. 


This is a good song too. Seems like the man has regrets. Big ones. And on the open road, when you are by yourself, it’s easy to get lost in those regrets, but his heart accept them, even if his mind can’t. David said this song is about driving with someone who isn’t there but is always with you(or something along those lines). He hasn’t seen the person in five years but doesn’t grieve them because they are always there with him in his heart. ‘My ever present right hand girl.’

This song actually reminds me of Mulder and Scully more than David and Gillian. Especially with all of the car references. But, I’m not sure who it’s about. And the whole car and open road could even be a metaphor for something else, like ‘the road of life.’ But who knows. Could be Gillian. Or just love in general. Or even his Dog, but I assume if it was for his dog he would have mentioned that, because he said the one song that isn’t on the album is for his daughter. So seems like he has no issue saying what song are about when he can. Obviously if any are about Gillian he couldn’t come out and say it.

-Okay. So that’s all I’m doing for now. It’s very clear that these songs are very personal to him and they are meant to tell a story and mean something to other people, as well. I do think that his life and the people in it played a part in them, as almost all art does. He’s a writer by nature and writers write what they know, even if they don’t think they do. You can really see through his lyrics that he made mistakes and has regrets and that shit is complicated at times, but that he tries to make it better and tries not to live in that past and tries to be a better man and remind himself that it’s all about love, in the end. Which…is rather sweet and a bit melancholy. This whole album is that way. You want to hug him and cry at the same time.

-Oh! Side note.  I really wanted to think about Lately it’s Always December, because I do think that has some Gillian possibilities as well, but sadly, the lyrics on Genius.com are horrendous and I can’t make his words out clearly on the album because he mumbles. So if anyone has the lyrics to that song, feel free to message me and I’ll think on it that one too. 

someonecomequickly asked:

Is nostalgia something that should be celebrated or is it useless wanting of things that will never happen again?

Nostalgia is the combined sentimental longing for the past as it was, and how it appears in your memory. Which, if you weren’t aware, are two very different things. 


In nearly identical views of the garden notice the difference in the appearance of the phlox in these images.  The late afternoon view after a hot day and the one below in the cool of morning.  Some Phlox are changelings, appearing very different colors at different times of day and under different weather conditions.  Here far left and center right  unnamed Phlox (perhaps the old Russian Violet and Nickie  are both a strong fuchsia in the heat of the day but by morning have turned a rich violet purple.  The same is true for Blue Paradise (center and background)  mid-purple during the bright warm hours and very blue in the morning.  It’s like having two Phlox in one.

Who’s ready for some Social Security cuts?

By 2033, Social Security will only be 77% funded.

…At first glance, the statement did not appear menacing. I was told I could expect to receive a benefit of “about $2,136 a month” upon reaching age 70 — which certainly seems like good news. But immediately I thought of a parallel of President Obama’s infamous Obamacare promise: “If you like your Social Security, you can keep your Social Security.”

Then, as if on cue, I saw an asterisk with the following message:

The law governing benefit amounts may change because, by 2033, the payroll taxes collected will be enough to pay only about 77 percent of scheduled benefits.

… I could not believe I was seeing the equivalent of what I was just thinking, but with a new twist, “If I like my Social Security, I can keep 77 percent of it.”

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The only entity that can “legally” impose a contract on someone, not honor the terms of that contract, and not be punished in any way when they don’t hold up their end of the contract is the government.

Remember that the next time you hear the promise of a politician.

i need the picture of the table that has “i don’t love him but he’s here and you’re not” carved into the side of it to appear on my dash so i can reblog it cause i relate to that picture on a whole other level.

btob reveal whether trending-dol sungjae shares his individual profits ★
BTOB appeared on SBS PowerFm’s ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School’ on July 30 and revealed that their maknae Sungjae, who is currently trending, was unable to attend because he had to film an individual CF.

As a result, Kim Chang Ryul asked if they separated the profits made as a group from the profits made individually.

Changsub stated, “Even now, he shares what he earns individually with us,” then added to everyone’s amusement, “When Sungjae returns, we need to massage his shoulders.”

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