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Salaam. What is that anon talking about? What does all the arabic mean?

Wa'alaikum as salām in simple words: They are ISIS supporters who hate Salafees for there adherence to Qur’ān and Prophetic tradition (i.e not rebelling against oppressive rulers, not declaring Muslims to be disbelievers and in Hellfire, not spreading corruption upon earth), to them we are all (be it our laymen, students or scholars) ‘apostates’ for opposing them and their bloodthirsty ideology of misguidance.

We ask Allāh to guide them or rid the Ummah of their cancer.

Stop giving religious people a free pass

Religious people are not “enlightened” for saying something that would otherwise constitute basic human decency. 

Religious people are not extra kind and good because they choose not to discriminate against people of other religions, races, gender identities/expressions, sexual orientations, socio-economic class, nationality, or anything else.  

Religious people do not deserve to be praised for paying lip service to progressive values. Especially when they turn around and give money to organizations who work to destroy the rights and freedoms and lives of others. 

Religious people are not immune from criticism of their views just because they believe their views to be sacred. A teaching that entitles it’s practitioners to hurt others is an evil teaching. End of discussion. 

Stop giving religious people a free pass. A smiling face hides a lie better than an angry one. 

GOOD PEOPLE ARE GOOD BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO BE GOOD TO OTHERS, not because their “god” tells them to be. 

Next great Idea: Apostate with a pizza paddle for a staff

They spend the whole of their day just making the Thedas equivalent of Pizza and selling things to people. [If someone hasn’t figured out putting meat, cheeses, and vegetables on bread in on oven I will eat a hat.] They probably have a shop in Antiva, working adjacent to a bakery so they share the back of one of the ovens–not the bread ovens, but one they use for meat buns– the central fire flickering so they can yell through to the baker and tell them to send over some rolls and they’ll send over a fresh pizza.
The pizza maker lighting the ovens early in the morning so they’ll be going before anyone even gets there and making sure all the sauces are all mixed perfectly– even containing juuuust the right herbs so their food’s restorative as well as delicious. 

If Templars get called on them for someone seeing the fires come to life, they just wave their hands, shake their heads and insist it was simply the bellows breathing life into the ovens. 
“Serah, we’ve gotten several reports about the flames being summoned into the ovens.”
“What? No, no– Tell me Ser Templar, are you familiar with a bellows?”
“Well, all that happens is…” And so they press down on the bellows and the flames in the ovens leaped upward and clawed at the ceiling of the ovens. A faint swearing could be heard from next door. “That. You can see how someone could see this and make the mistake, eh?”
“There were already flames there, ser.”
“Ah, but in the morning there’s but a small flame and, ah, it’s a but a small thing. Simple mistake, no? Such things are not worth your time, surely.”
A pause as the two Templars look to one another and back, shifting as they thought about it.

I’m just imagining that literally just being their thing and literally they keep getting out of suspicion while living in a populated city, carrying around the paddle– which even if they left town with it, no one would question because bakers have a THING about utensils. 

I’m just too amused ok.