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Season 5 of Samurai Jack has been amazing. A big thank you to Genndy  Tartakovsky and all of the crew who worked on this show. They worked really hard on this show. Its been one of my favourite shows this year.

I’m so sorry this has taken me ages to do, I have been so busy with college and auditions for university that I just haven’t had the time.

Prompt- ‘Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where Derek comforts the reader for whatever reasons (like a death or something like that)?

Warnings- Death
Pairings- Derek/Reader

You sat on your window ledge staring out into your garden below. The sounds of your empty house were louder than usual, the creaks of the old building giving you comfort as the house was far too silent for your liking.

This is what it would be like from now on, silence. It had been 3 hours since your fathers wake, and you still hadn’t changed out of your funeral attire, too mentally drained to even attempt moving. You were close to your father, he was like a best friend as well as a dad, and now that he had died there was a whole in your heart that no one and nothing could ever fix.

As you clutched onto the golden necklace he had given to you as a child you heard footsteps ascending the stairs, they grew louder and louder as they neared the top. Your heart leaped into your mouth as your pulse began to race, you leaped into action grabbing the nearest thing to you which so happened to be your pink furry lamp, you hid behind the door, waiting for the intruder to enter. The door creeped open and a tall man enter the room, you brought the lamp down in one fluid motion and swung it towards his head.

“What the hell?” He exclaimed, grabbing it with one of his hands before it hit him.
“Derek, I could have killed you.” You said, as you recognised the intruders face.
“With a pink furry lamp, (Y/N)?” (A/N PLL reference).

You put the lamp back on your nightstand and made your way back to the window ledge. Derek stood awkwardly by the door.

“Is there a reason you came, Derek?” You asked, your face not turning away from the window.
“I wanted to come see if you were ok after today, I’m worried about you.”

You turned to face him tears in your eyes. You hadn’t cried all day, you were in denial, but now everything was crashing down on you, you finally understood that you would never see your fathers face again, you would never hear him laugh or hear one of his awful dad jokes. Derek knew what to do straight away, he came over to you and sat down beside you, pulling you into his arms.

“I promise it will be ok, (Y/N). I will help you through this, you’re not alone,” He lightly kissed the top of your head as you fell asleep in his arms.

First off I’d like to apologise for how short this is, I’d also like to apologise for how bad it is. I’m suffering from severe writers block at the minute, probably because I have been writing 3500 word essays for all of my subjects:/

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