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The Ladies Have Landed: an endless list of beautifully complex women
↳ Eve Rothlo from How to Get Away with Murder

“Because part of me is still in love with you. It’s pathetic, I know. We were forever ago, but… I guess I’m just stuck. Yes, I’ve been with plenty of other women, buried myself in work, but you show up again in my life, Annalise, and I’m just done. You still have me, and I hate it. I don’t hate you, but I… I hate how you make me feel because I can’t have you.”


Mind Blowing|| Stiles Stilinski + Theo Raeken SMUT (REQUESTED)

Anonymous: Please could I have an imagine with Stiles and Theo keeps flirting with me, and then it kinda turns into a threesome, if that makes sense, thanks my names Kelsey


I apologise if this is bad and awkward.

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WARNINGS: sex, threesome, oral sex.

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Stiles quickly made his way over to were you were standing. “Hi gorgeous” Stiles cooed, his hands touching your waist lightly. You turned around, smiling at Stiles. “Hey you” you said, Stiles hands running up and down your waist, “are we still on for tonight?” Stiles asked, “off course we are, studying with you is always fun” you said, turning back around, your hand grabbing your books, “at your house” Stiles whispered in your ear, making you jump a bit, “okay” you said, turning around to him again. “You’re so beautiful” Stiles groaned, “and you’re a cutie” you teased, closing your locker. You and stiles walking to your next class, “don’t you have maths?” you said, “yeah, I just want you to walk safely to your class” Stiles said, “the same class im in with theo” you said, “I just don’t want you to walk with him to that class” Stiles grumbled, “you do know, I sit next to him” you said, stopping at the front of the door, Stiles face dropped, “yeah,but that’s because of seating plans,anyways I’ll see you at your house baby girl” Stiles said, kissing your cheek and walking off…

“Baby girl” Theo teased, as you sat next to him, you raised your eyebrows at him, Theo just winked at you. “My baby girl” Theo said, winking at you, “Mr Raeken, is there something you want to say share with the rest of the class?” the teacher asked, everyone turn around to look at Theo, “no” Theo said. “Good” the teacher said, going back to teaching…


“We should do some of this project today” Theo said, walking with you to your locker, “actually I have plans with-” you started saying, but Theo cut you off, “see you at your house ” Theo said, walking off. You let out a grunt. Stiles walked up to you, as you made your way home. “Let’s go to your house now, study early” Stiles said, his hands touching yours, but not holding them. “Okay” you laughed…


“Why are you so on edge?” Stiles asked, dropping his pen onto his notebook. “Im not on edge” you argued, “you look really tense” Stiles said, he sat up a bit, “it’s just Theo is coming and well you’re here and I know you hate him” you blurted out, Stiles face turned into a frown, “oh” Stiles said, “I know I tried to tell him no but he didn’t listen” you said, Stiles lips pressed against yours, making your hands grip his hair awkwardly, Stiles hands running down your waist. Pushing you on the bed, as he got on top of you his lips still pressed against yours. His hands gripped the edge of your shirt, pulling it over your head, his lips pressed against your neck, making you grip onto his shirt, tugging it off,“Hey (y/n), im here, oh” Theo said, “Theo” you gasped, letting slightly moving away from Stiles, which made him groan, “Theo” Stiles grimaced, giving him a dirty look, “make out session, never knew you two were a thing” Theo said, looking at Stiles then winking at you, “were not dating we just umh” you tried to say, “it’s okay baby girl” Theo smirked, looking at Stiles, “I know you want the both of us, and although me and Stiles have come to a certain agreement, and that agreement is to please you,” Theo exclaimed, sitting down next to you, “but only if you want to” Stiles said, touching your arm slightly, “like a threesome?” you asked, “yeah” Stiles and Theo both said, “okay” you said, Stiles lips went onto yours again, his hands on your cheeks, as he pushed you down on your bed. “Seriously Stiles? Can’t you share” Theo whined, Stiles pulled away from your lips, “we may of agreed on doing her together but you have to put in more effort” Stiles grumbled, his lips kissing in-between the valley of your breast, Theo let out a growl, before shifting to sit in-between your legs, opening them, his fingers looping around the edge of your jeans tugging them off, you let out a small whine, Stiles hands started to cup your breast, making you let out a moan, you squeezed your eyes closed, as you felt Theo’s tongue touch your woman, his hands holding your hips down, as he pressed his whole mouth to your core, making you moan his name, Stiles go angry, sucking harshly on your neck, finding your sweet spot, Theo started to suck, making one of your hands go to his hair, gripping it. Theo moaned, making you gasp, Stiles got jealous again, taking his clothes of as both your hands gripped Theo’s hair, Stiles hands pulled you away from Theo. Making you ride him, as you slide down on him. Stiles let out a moan, his hands gripping onto your waist as the guide you. You and Stiles didn’t notice that Theo was behind you, he pushed you down on Stiles, making you’s both gasp in pleasure, Theo entered from your behind, taking you by surprise, you let out a loud moan, which made Theo smirk, but Stiles groaned in annoyance. Stiles hands gripped onto your waist tighter as you thrusted upwards. “Come on stiles, make her feel good” Theo groaned, thrusting harder, making you gasp, Theo’s hands holding on tightly to your ass. “Shut up Theo” Stiles groaned, “I know (y/n) doesn’t want me to shut up” Theo said, as he thrusted out and Stiles thrusted in, “oh my god” you moaned, your lips pressing against Stiles neck. “That right baby girl moan” Theo said, smacking your ass. Your lips moved away from Stiles neck. Stiles hands cupped your cheeks, pulling you lips onto his, as his thrust got sloppier, you let out a moan, as Theo thrusted harder into you, from behind. “yes” you moaned, feeling the familiar sensation, burn through your body, without thinking you bite on Stiles lip making him groan, “Theo, Stiles” you moaned out, as your orgasm took over you, Stiles climaxing after you, as well as Theo..

All three of you’s layed exhausted on your bed. The silence taking over the room, until you broke it.“That was-”you tried to say “awesome” Theo finished of your sentence, “yeah” Stiles said, all of you’s trying to catch your breath…


Charlotte Wessels on meeting people (x)