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Who's more likely to be a vampire? Who a werewolf?

This makes these asks a lot easier, haha. Now you guys know!
Admin Note for Italy: (Vampire rules are anti-Italian rules..no garlic..no mirrors..no sunlight..Feli is the werewolf that chases his tail. If anyone remembers the MoonMoon Meme…this is MoonMoon


2P! America
2P! Canada
2P! Prussia 
2P! Germany


2P!Romano (he’d hate it)
2P! Italy


((Hey guys! We recently reached the two year (wow!) mark with this blog and I wanted to both thank you all and apologise for the lack of updates of late. I’ve been really busy with Uni, and I don’t normally like uploading work unless it’s finished… that said, I figured I should probably do something for the landmark, so I compiled all of the blog-related bits and pieces from the past month or so that I’d started into this little post for y’all to flip through.

I might finish some of these eventually, but other than that I’ll be back sometime in mid/late December with something for Christmas and a lot more asks being answered! And if there’s anything y’all wanna know about these then toss me an ask and I’ll be happy to answer!))

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I’m reposting this even if I disagree, because this is awesome. Why I disagree? Well, it’s my theory on why Germany doesn’t focus on his past. Reason number one, he isn’t all that old, so there’s not all that much of a past he actually can focus on. The Germany of today was founded in the late 19th century, after all.

Reason number two ties in with this, and is found in the first half of the 20th century. Yes, that’s right, the world wars. Not a happy memory, disregarding what Hetalia made out of them. Even Germans of today often still dislike thinking about that time, either because they feel they’re being accused of something they didn’t have anything to do with (if the topic was brought up by a non-german) or because they’re still horrified about what the country they know, love and live in was capable of. Thus, there is a definite tendency of ‘not thinking about the past’, because of bad memories just as theorized in the post above, even if it’s not the same memories we’re talking about. All of what I wrote still doesn’t mean Germany can’t be HRE reincarnated, a theory I’m halfway leaning to anyway, but I wanted to give a different idea and perspective to Germany’s focus on present and future. Feel free to let me know what you think about this :)

I disagree with your disagreement xD. I think it’s important to clarify that although Germany was technically born in 1871, his early foundations/ origins extend before 1871. To understand how you are “made as a German”, your starting point is not 1871. The sovereign state was an artificial invention; the German people already existed and had a well-developed history before their unity was formalized.

Therefore, when I’m talking about Germany’s past, it’s the years leading up to 1871, and his present is 1871 onwards. Hence, March, Forward! To think of German history as starting from its inception as a nation is not an adequate account of history.

In other words, Germany doesn’t look past into the origins of his birth, but rather he presses forward and deals with the present. For example, if I was looking into the foundations of my own family history, I wouldn’t start with my birth date – I’d look back into other generations.

We know he’s aware of the Roman Empire, so he knows history (duh, he’s a massive nerd), but it’s odd how he never asks Prussia about their own history, which would include, yes, the Holy Roman Empire. So again, you see this lack/and or refusal of knowledge of what he’s been born from.

As for your discussion of WW2, definitely! I think this ties into your point. Right from birth, he was thrust into wars, and had little chance to form a strong self-concept/identity, let alone stable relationships with other nations. Because of the shame and horror the history he created made, it also makes sense that he wouldn’t want to look back on it.

Still, my post was more aimed at this evident aversion in the strips of discussing Germany’s past lineage before his inception. It’s common for people who don’t have a good grasp of their history and self to feel lonely and isolated, which is exactly what you see reflected in his songs.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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What do you think of Turkey?

|| Gonna assume that’s @ask-deus-turkey , since nation-nations don’t really exist in this AU

They’re lowkey frenemies. Eliz definitely does not think well of him, but who knows what he thinks of her—.
She does not tolerate that ego, especially when people keep associating Sun-imagery with Victory, and that’s like crediting this smug ass for her hard work. ||

January 4, 1987

My ice hockey team is the ice hockey´s world junior champions! But only because the Soviet team and Canada started to fight with each other.

The brawl continued at least 20 minutes, nobody was able make them stop, not even Norway.

So, they both were disqualified and I was declared as the winner because my team had won the bronze medal already earlier! I´m not sure do I like to win like this.


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Could you do the preferred body type for 2p Axis and 2p Allies?

Of course! We’ll do it by preferred height range and body type (EX: 5′5-5′7 and curvy).
Note: These are also their PREFERENCES. If someone wants an s/o who is, say thick, that doesn’t mean they’ll only date people like that!!! They’ll still date other body types and love them just as much!!

2P! America: 5′4-5′7, thick is a must be, but still fit. 

2P! England: 4′10-5′5, petite and a little chubby.

2P! France: 5′5-5′9, hourglass figure. (the only must is a pulse, really)

2P! Canada: 5′5-5′8, chubby but still healthy.

2P! Russia: 5′8-6′, thick and strong body.

2P! China: 5′2-5′6, petite with some curves.

2P! Germany: 5′4-5′8, curvy and fit.

2P! Italy: 5′2-5′4, petite and curvy.

2P! Japan: 5′-5′5, on the thin side, (also, he really just needs a pulse)

2P! Prussia: 5′-5′7, petite and easy to carry.

2P! Romano: 5′2-5′5, hourglass.