ive been thinking a lot about keith kinda head over heels for lance at first instead of the other way around which I don’t see as much???? like hear me out…..poor little keith having to leave the room and take deep breaths to stop his face from being bright red after accidentally running face first into him and Holy Fuck does he like the view from being pressed up against his chest,,, and keith getting flustered whenever he’s praised over the lion intercoms by lance and obviously none of the five can see keith’s face but everyone (excluding lance) can hear through the “pff…shut up…” the obvious effect it has on him and man is lance CLUELESS. keith blabbing on and on to hunk about how he really wants to say something but he thinks lance doesn’t like him because of the way they bicker and hunk just kinda sits there as Keith, who barely talks usually, goes ON AND ON ABOUT HOW MUCH HE LOVES HIM AND HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. lkterally everyone knows about his Really Obvious Crush and everyone is kinda trying to drop hints around lance but he doesn’t fucking register it until keith finally just fuckigN KISSES him to shut him up about something and holy SHIT OKAY SO HE LIKES MEAPPARENTLY THIS IS GOOD……….
anyways talk to me about head-over-heels-loser-Keith