ATTACK OF THE CLONES: While in hiding at Varykino, Padmé is determined to deny her feelings for Anakin and remain loyal to her job and duty. Yet when they are alone and Padmé can finally dress as an individual, she unconsciously choses a dress that reveals her true feelings for the Jedi.  The beautiful - yet revealing - gown features a removable cape of rare feathers and a long beaded choker.

DESIGN: Iain McCaig looked to the styles of the 1930s for inspiration for this leather gown with mermaid-style skirt. The gown is meant to be representative of Padmé’s change from TPM to AotC; she is no longer a 14 year-old Queen, but rather a 24 year-old woman and this figure-hugging dress effectively demonstrates her mature, more personal sense of style in AotC. Story has it that George Lucas himself originally came up with the design for this dress, much to the amusement of Natalie Portman and the cast and crew.

We are not going through this
exercise again, Anakin. You will
pay attention to my lead.



I’ve always found this small exchange in Attack of the Clones very insightful. It’s such a tiny piece of the film but it shows us so much of the relationship that Obi-Wan and Anakin had. From what I discern when Anakin asks “Why?” Obi-Wan seems to immediately think he’s challenging or questioning the reason that he should follow his Masters “lead”.

Why else do you think we were
assigned to her, if not to find
the killer? Protection is a job
for local security… not Jedi.
It’s overkill, Master.
Investigation is implied in our

He didn’t even consider for a second that instead of Anakin’s “Why?” being directed at him, that it could be directed at their reason for being there. As Anakin then continued to explain as quoted above.

On the hand, if Anakin’s “Why?” was directed at Obi-Wans authority and he merely corrected himself, then that too says a lot.

Of course I could just be looking into these things too far.



I don’t care what you all say. This is a finely edited video!

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So, Do you think one of the reasons Obi-Wan was so resistant to Anakin on solo missions is because he didn't really want Anakin to be promoted and assigned away from him. He's very attached to this kid. Like, 19 year old boys are THE WORST (second only to Sith Lords) but he doesn't want to lose him. Which makes Ahsoka having two daddies actually a really easy roll for him to fill.

I think a lot of it is that he misconstrued how Anakin learns, actually. I mean, he is attached, for sure, but I think the bulk of that (particularly that which was inappropriate for Jedi, both in intensity and type) happened after Anakin was knighted.

Because Anakin was starting from behind in so many ways, and yet a little prodigy, there were no good bench marks for Anakin’s progress. I feel like Obi-Wan decided that what was most important was maturity, which Anakin distinctly lacks in AotC. But the Council and I think most other Jedi Masters were using the benchmark they had – abilities. Most Jedi can’t achieve the abilities Anakin has without maturity and deep spiritual contact with the Force. So Obi-Wan is frustrated by the fact that he can plainly see that just because Anakin is a gifted swordsman, mechanic, and basically you name it, that doesn’t mean he’s mature enough yet or emotionally equipped for solo missions. The Council is like “Obi-Wan, cut the apron strings, I’ve seen what that kid can do.”

And as usual they are both simultaneously wrong and right. Anakin has the abilities without the proper mental and emotional states, but he does far far better when you trust him and give him a chance. When it’s down to just him to be responsible (barring horrible murderdreams and a certain Senator), he comes through every time. TCW actually shows him holding himself together better than I would have ever predicted and I’m ridiculously soft on him.

Ahsoka is healthy for Anakin because not only is she a great person and a good friend for him, she’s also someone he can learn responsibility through and become a better Jedi for. And for a time, he gets to live the dream, because I think the Council consciously told Obi-Wan stick around as training wheelers for Jedi Masterhood. They think that they’ve put Anakin in the middle, learning what he needs to from Obi-Wan while teaching to Ahsoka (and in turn learning), but Anakin actually got a Jedi family out of it. Everyone is happy and everyone thinks they’ve got the other side duped.

Songs 4 U
  • Anakin Skywalker to the Jedi Council:Gives You Hell ♬ (The All-American Rejects).
  • Master Yoda to Anakin Skywalker when he came to him about his premonition:Let It Go ♬ (Frozen Soundtrack).
  • Every Master Windu and Anakin Skywalker moment in the movies:Not One Of Us ♬ (The Lion King 2 Soundtrack).
  • Always, Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker:Carry On Wayward Son ♬ (Kansas).
  • Anakin Skywalker to Padmé Amidala every moment in AOTC:It's Not Unusual ♬ (Tom Jones).

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there's that episode of tcw where anakin explains the war to ahsoka and he basically just says 'the seperatists are the bad guys and we're the good guys and that's why we have to win' and that's an event he was directly involved in so yeah i don't reckon he'd get on well with studying history

I LOVE that moment– its such a great mirror of that time Obi-Wan and Satine were agonizing over the ethics of killing an “unarmed” man and Anakin just rolled up and stabbed him in the back. It’s hilarious but its also deeply disturbing. 

I mean, for the duration of the Clone Wars Anakin’s higher-order thinking is just turned off. We go from a kid in AOTC who has thoughtful, if not necessarily polished ideas about Jedi doctrine and who is ready to grapple with Padme over political issues to “put the thing in front of me that needs killing and I will do the killing”. Either he never understood the war to begin with or he wasn’t ready to engage with the ethical quagmire his life had become and just shut down any brainpower devoted to being uncomfortable. Either scenario is horrifying. 

And the Jedi are OK with this. They seem perfectly aware that Anakin isn’t grappling with the war in any way that doesn’t involve tactics or explosions. They just shrug and move on and tell him not to defy the Council too bad. I don’t know that the Jedi Order actually even cares to articulate what the war is about?? Do they know? Or do they just fill out their duty by serving the Republic? My interstellar plutocracy, right or wrong???

What a nightmare. I’m sitting here tearing my hair out over it. WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE, A BUNCH OF CRAZY KIDS? There’s not even a jingoist aspect to it, they just wade into the war because that’s what they’re supposed to. They’re happy Anakin doesn’t bother them with questions, never realizing who he’s taking those questions to instead. 

Tidbits I Like/Dislike about the Star Wars Prequels


TPM Likes:

  • Liam Neeson
  • Qui-Gon and Watto betting on Anakin’s freedom
  • the pod race
  • I really like Shmi
  • Darth Maul!
  • three person lightsaber duel
  • John Williams score

TPM Dislikes: oh god…where do I begin?

  • I don’t HATE Jar Jar Binks…but I don’t like him much either…
  • the trade federation dudes, nemodians, whatever they’re called
  • I don’t like young-Anakin (but I think Jake Lloyd is adorable)
  • the queens weird voice
  • the first hour or so…
  • the Gungan Boss Nass
  • how about the Gungan’s in general?


AOTC Likes:

  • Padme’s costumes
  • speeder chase
  • “you don’t want to sell me death sticks”
  • Jango/Obi-Wan asteroid chase
  • Shmi’s death
  • John Williams Score

AOTC Dislikes: Considering this is my least favorite of the entire series…

  • I have a lot of problems with this movie in general…
  • I don’t like the layout
  • the dialogue is cringe-worthy
  • love story could have been better
  • my mother’s nickname for Anakin in this movie is “Anakin the Pediphile”
  • I could go on but I won’t
  • I’d like to remind you that I am, in fact, a Star Wars fan…


ROTS Likes:

  • entire opening sequence (space battle - “another happy landing”)
  • General Grevious
  • “Ani, I’m pregnant.”
  • Ewan McGregor
  • evil Hayden Christensen
  • Padme’s Rumination Scene!
  • Grevious four lightsabers shot
  • Anakin yellow eyes shot
  • Anakin/Padme choke-hold
  • Ani/Obi fight
  • Anakin being put in the suit
  • Luke & Leia ending shots
  • John Williams score

ROTS Dislikes: My personal favorite of the prequels but…

  • the dialogue is still iffy (in Lucas’s defense, dialogue is hard to write)
  • I really don’t like Anakin’s motivation for turning
  • that’s pretty much it for this movie…
  • OH! …and I thought the birth scene could have been done better

*as you may have noticed, John Williams makes every single Like List :)*

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The whole paragraph of helicopter-parent!Obi-Wan wanting to lecture Ahsoka (and having lectured the Council in the past) about Anakin being a delicate child to be protected and not allowed near dangerous missions or sharp objects was golden. Also, baby preteen Anakin is adorable.


You can blame rosbridge for convincing me that Obi-Wan isn’t just a jerk who has lived in close quarters with Anakin too long by AotC – he’s a very grumpy motherhen about to deal with an empty nest and fighting tooth and nail against it. But he is delicate! Obi-Wan doesn’t care that he “blew up a control ship” or “can fly that speeder in my sleep”. Obviously he’s still essentially a youngling and needs to be protected.

i dont understand why highmaul and foundry are considered the same raid tier but i got both of my aotc’s in the same night so that was cool

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how old were you when you first saw star wars

I mean I had seen snippets of the originals when I was super little, but I honestly had no idea what the eff was going on. In terms of a Star Wars movie I watched all the way through and understood plot wise, that would Attack of the Clones in theatres in late May 2002 when I was 11, just shy of 12. I instantly fell in love and became a Star Wars fan from then on.