Anne of the Island is the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series, first published in July 1915. It covers four years of Anne’s life – the four years she spends studying at Redmond College, in fact – and it celebrates its centenary in July! How awesome is that?

So, to celebrate, we at Anne of Green Gables Wiki have decided to hold a celebration, called 100 Years of Anne of the Island. Here’s the deal: You edit any article relating to Anne of the Island during the month of July (denoted by this template at the top), and you can earn a fun set of badges and make your way up the user leaderboard! It’s going to be lots of fun, but we need your help to make this work.

And, for those of you out there who watch Green Gables Fables … Season 2 will be based on Anne of the Island, as well you know. What better way to help out others wanting to know how the season will compare to the book than by adding information “about” the book? (Also, we hope you’ll stick around to edit the GGF articles once Season 2 premiers.)

Another thing: I am aware that the GGF Book Club over at alpine-path have finished the first two books and are in the midst of reading Anne of the Island! What a splendid coincidence! There’s nothing like seeing the little Anne communities bonding over the same subject.

Now, the full list of pages that are part of this project (and will therefore get you badges) can be viewed at Category:100 Years of Anne of the Island. The 100 Years of Anne of the Island badges will only be available during July, so get editing to make sure you don’t miss out! (You can still carry out ordinary edits, of course, but only ones belonging to that category will count towards your badges.) Badges earn points, and the points are tallied on the user leaderboard. But remember, badges aren’t everything – what’s important is that we work together to create a fabulous resource for everything Anne.

So … are you ready to participate in the 100 Years of Anne of the Island project this July? No need to sign up, just jump right in. Are you with us? (Please say yes!)


Fangirl Challenge [1/? Favourite Pairings]
Anne x Gilbert  Anne of Green Gables (1985, 1987, 2000)

“Every day I would pick a different memory I had of you and I would play it over and over and over again in my mind until every detail, every hair, every freckle, every part of you was exactly as I remembered.”

shilohta asked:

how did you get acquainted with Anne of Green Gables? have you read any other Lucy Maud Montgomery books? I ask because L.M. Montgomery seems like a fairly Canadian phenomenon, somehow. I pass by her house in Leaskdale when we drive down to Toronto

  There were two things I watched on on video as a toddler:  The Sound of Music and the Megan Follows AoGG adaption that my parents had taped off TV at some point.  That was basically it, until I graduated into “child”.  And I watched them a lot.  So it’s been a part of my cultural landscape… forever.  I have read the books, but that didn’t happen until I was an adolescent.  I hear what you are saying about it seeming Canadian - when I visited Canada at age 8, it was a very visible thing, which was a neat surprise for me.  My library had the books when I was a kid, though, and it seems like it might have had (more of) a place in the non-canadian cultural consciousness in the 1990s than it does now.  Isn’t it still really popular in Japan, too?  Anyway, it definitely had a place in my home.  My mom’s family is from P.E.I. which may have been a contributing factor in it all.

lost-in-her-own-splendid-world asked:

Hi! I love your blog :) I didn't know that Kate Middleton's favourite book was Anne of Green Gables! I was just wondering, have you watched the 1934 movie version? I am trying to find it and have looked everywhere, but there are only clips on youtube and trying to buy the dvd is sooo expensive!

Yes, indeed! Even better, I’ve got a post on my personal blog that has a link to where you can watch/download it. The post is here: http://susannahwithanh.tumblr.com/post/115844151276/aogg-lmm. Enjoy!


Our tenth Kickstarter perk video is posted!

“Bucket List” was written by Marie Trotter and performed by Abigail Snarr, and generously sponsored by the White Sands group on Kickstarter.