So this is a screenshot I took from the sneak peek, and there’s nothing new about them, right? like Daisy’s wearing her Quake suit and Elena’s wearing a practical combat outfit like the others. But you know what I just noticed??? that even though Daisy’s suit is opened really far down, there’s no necessary cleavage. her boobs aren’t spilling out of her suit like we’ve seen women in comics and even the cinematic universe mostly have with their outfits. But look how still fierce and strong she looks, my Daisy, without an impractical suit that over sexualizes who she is as a woman and as a female superhero.

And look at Elena, my sweet Elena, who again is wearing a practical suit– fit for someone who is going to be in combat, like she is. Her hair is in that braid that we see her wear and you can see just from this still that she’s walking with confidence. She’s about to talk but you can see she doesn’t take shit. She’s following orders but Elena isn’t following anyone.

Again, this is nothing new. we’ve seen them wear these outfits or one’s similar before. Seeing this sneak peek and them walking side by side makes me feel proud. I’m proud that in this world I can see Daisy Johnson and Elena Rodriguez as superheroes and dressed like them. They aren’t dressed for the male viewer as most of female superheroes are, but for themselves.

I’m just really proud.

📷 Agents of SHIELD S4E07 ‘Deals With our Devils’ Screen Captures

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