I was very surprised if not shocked by this article. About 15 years ago the Lord revealed that when the Antichrist introduces the mark of the beast chip he will communicate with the whole world telepathically through the chip; quite similarly how we send SMS & MMS as text & photo messages. Through the chip the antichrist will make his thoughts known and emotionally bind the people. The last days - end-times, are here. Prepare to be spiritually ready for the coming of the Lord that you may escape the wrath to come. Maranatha!
—  Actual quote from a Facebook page liked by by super kooky Fundie relatives who believe that the Antichrist will use RFID chips to control humanity and the Pope coming together with the world’s religious leaders to condemn slavery is one step closer to godless “One World Religion”
Challenge #131 Team Battle; Hanamiya/Team Kirisaki Daiichi

Title: Congratulations!

Characters/Pairing/Team: Hanamiya Makoto, Imayoshi Shouichi / Team Kirisaki

Challenge: #131 Team Battle

Summary: Congrats, Kirisaki Daiichi defeated Seirin in the qualifiers, made it to finals against Rakuzan, and are now the protagonists of this manga, renamed to Hanamiya no Basuke. Also Imayoshi is the antichrist. I spent how many hours of my life on this. I’m so sorry. 

Warnings: Goodbye fourth wall good bye order this is just ooc crack i’m sorry.

Additional Tag(s): Kirisaki Daiichi, Imayoshi Shouichi, Furuhashi Koujirou, Hara Kazuya, Seto Kentarou, 

Submitted by: hanamiyass

“This… Wasn’t supposed to happen.”

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The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Whoever commits to memory the first ten Ayat of the Surat Al-Kahf, will be protected from (the trial of) Ad-Dajjal (Antichrist).”
وعن أبي الدرداء رضي الله عنه أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم قال‏:‏ ‏"‏من حفظ عشر آيات من أول سورة الكهف، عصم من الدجال‏"‏ وفي رواية‏:‏ ‏"‏من آخر سورة الكهف‏"‏ ‏(‏‏(‏رواهما مسلم‏)‏‏)‏‏.‏

The Good Stuff on Netflix Right Now June 2015

ok ok here’s the post, gotta split it up into categories because “good” is subjective and can mean a lotta things but here we go. here’s a list subject to the opinions of Mari

director collections available to stream:

  • paul thomas anderson stuff: the master & punch-drunk love & there will be blood (boogie nights, magnolia, hard eight, and there will blood are also essential viewing but NOT available to stream)
  • quentin tarantino stuff: kill bill volumes 1 & 2, reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, jackie brown, inglourious basterds 
  • coen brothers: the big lebowski, fargo (inside llewyn davis is also essential viewing but is NOT available to stream)
  • lars von trier: nymphomaniac volumes 1 & 2 (both cut and uncut), melancholia, antichrist (dancer in the dark is the most essential von trier but is NOT available to stream)
  • nicolas winding refn: bronson, valhalla rising (drive is also essential viewing but is NOT available to stream)

silent & or black and white films: 

  • a trip to the moon (available in black and white & colour) 
  • the general
  • the cabinet of dr. caligari (scary!)
  • the birth of a nation 
  • metropolis (maybe scary!)
  • sherlock jr 
  • nosferatu (scary!!!!!)
  • black sunday (SCARY!!!!!)

delightful classic movies ur mom likes and you will like too that are maybe musicals and maybe not but still kinda feel like musicals: 

  • the producers (the original with gene wilder)
  • all about eve 
  • cinema paradiso 
  • roman holiday 
  • his girl friday
  • houseboat
  • white christmas
  • the young girls of rochefort 
  • the bicycle thief 
  • sunset boulevard
  • the great gatsby (the original)

pretty much classics but maybe edgy: 

  • the graduate (unhappy)
  • harold and maude (dark)
  • the fly (scary!) 
  • stand by me (maybe scary kinda!)
  • the exorcist (scary!)
  • war of the worlds (uhhh!?! maybe scary)
  • rosemary’s baby (SCARY!) 
  • chinatown (violent)
  • taxi driver (violent) 
  • the blues brothers (comic violence)
  • mommie dearest (creepy)
  • night of the living dead (scary!)
  • jerry maguire (essential viewing alongside magnolia, which is NOT available to stream) 
  • basquiat (dark)

cult standbys:

  • american psycho (violent) 
  • let the right one in (scary)
  • oldboy (scary/violent)
  • battle royale (scary/violent)
  • trainspotting (drug movie)
  • léon the professional (sometimes violent)
  • fear & loathing in las vegas (weird)
  • the lost boys (dark)
  • re-animator (maybe scary!)
  • big trouble in little china 
  • the crow (dark)
  • big top pee wee
  • blue velvet (creepy)
  • following (moderately creepy)
  • hot fuzz (violent) 
  • who framed roger rabbit?

the really good harmless teen movies: 

  • ferris bueller’s day off
  • clueless
  • heathers (comic violence)
  • bill & ted’s excellent adventure 
  • wet hot american summer (a little edgier, parody genre)
  • election
  • legally blonde (college movie, but in the realm)

the artistically experimental

  • enter the void (drug movie– good viewing after a clockwork orange and only god forgives– both are NOT available to stream)
  • apocalypse now redux (if you’ve seen apocalypse now, which IS also available to stream) 

recent artsy (after 2000) and good: 

  • snowpiercer (violent)
  • frank (minor violence)
  • frances ha 
  • the double (dystopic)
  • me and you and everyone we know 
  • ida
  • amélie
  • the one i love (upsetting)
  • the kids are all right 
  • eagle vs. shark 
  • nightcrawler (violent)
  • a most wanted man
  • upstream color (cerebral) 
  • fish tank (upsetting)
  • beginners 
  • force majeur 
  • y tu mama tambien


  • room 237 (on O-K documentary with food for thought if you’ve seen the shining which is NOT available to stream)
  • jesus camp 
  • my life directed by nicolas winding refn (if you’ve also watched only god forgives, which is NOT available to stream)
  • beyond clueless (unexpected graphic sex)

animated and kid-friendly goodies: 

  • the emperor’s new groove, mulan, lilo & stitch, the aristocats, hercules, the hunchback of notre dame, an extremely goofy movie, brother bear, atlantis, fantasia
  • 101 dalmatians (live action) 
  • jimmy neutron boy genius 
  • labyrinth 
  • the dark crystal 
  • the nightmare before christmas, chicken run, james & the giant peach 
  • hook
  • escape to witch mountain
  • spy kids
  • jumanji 
  • the road to el dorado 
  • anastasia 
  • holes
  • the muppets take manhattan 
  • the prince of egypt 
  • mr. bean’s holiday
  • ella enchanted
  • the rescuers down under

TV series (not necessarily to watch ALL of all the way through to be the Best At Netflix and Parties but like….. enjoyable viewing at ur own pace): 

  • orange is the new black
  • louie 
  • the x-files
  • portlandia 
  • twin peaks (actually maybe watch all of twin peaks)

im running out of steam that’s a pretty good list i’m sure i forgot stuff but there we go