A Perfect Storm 9

Characters:  Dean, Sam, Reader, Cas, Mystery Guest

Summary:  Reader is an actress on Supernatural.  What happens when she’s torn from her own world and thrown into Sam and Dean’s?

Word Count:  593 

A/N:  Super short, but a big reveal in this segment!

Warnings:  None

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A Perfect Storm Part 9

The Impala barrels down the highway, Dean at the wheel, Sam sitting shotgun. You sit in the back with Cas.  

“Cas, what are we up against?” Sam questions the angel.

“Jesse Turner has ignored our warnings and returned, he has become the antichrist,” Cas replies. “I have confirmed that it is indeed him.”

“How do you know he’s gone all antichrist on us?” Dean asks. “He seemed like a good kid.”

“I don’t know what turned him, but he’s fulfilling the prophecies regarding the antichrist,” Cas says.

“Such as?” you inquire.

“The first is that the antichrist appears as the ‘messiah’. Healing people, performing miracles. Jesse has been gaining a small but steady following of zealots. They hail him as the second coming of Jesus,” Cas explains.  

“From what I’ve been reading, the next big event will be that the antichrist ‘dies’ and will be resurrected, just like Jesus,” Sam adds. Cas nods in agreement.  

“What is Jesse’s endgame?” Dean asks.

“The antichrist’s goal is destroy the ‘host of heaven’. He means to destroy the angels,” Cas says.

“Fucking hell,” Dean sighs. “Just another day at the office.”

“What does this have to do with me? Anything?Or is just coincidence?” you wonder out loud.

“That I don’t know, (Y/N).” The angel looks at you compassionately, you can sense that he wishes he could comfort you, put your mind at ease. You catch Dean’s eye in the rearview mirror. He looks worried.


You’re in a room with no ceilings, no doors. A man stands before you. He’s handsome, with dark hair and green eyes  His eyes draw your attention the most, he looks borderline manic. He glows softly around the edges, like Castiel. When he speaks, his voice is soft. “Daughter.”

“Who are you? Where am I?” you ask, frantically searching for an exit.

“Calm, child. You are dreaming, but this conversation is real. You must listen carefully, there isn’t much time.”

“Time for what?” you demand.

“Listen, please.” He almost sounds as if he is begging. “You were sent out of this world for your protection. You must return to the other universe. This world will end soon and you can’t be here.”

“What are you talking about? The antichrist?” you question.

“Yes, Castiel is not aware of the entire prophecy. The antichrist is not only going to destroy the angels, he means to destroy the world. The portal will open tomorrow at midnight. You need to get through, to save yourself. I sent you away to keep you safe, you must return. It’s the only way you’ll survive. Please, you must do this, for me.” He sounds desperate now.

“What will happen to everyone here?”

“They will cease to exist.”

“Is there any way to stop it?” you ask, frantically trying to make sense of what this man is telling you.

He hesitates, refusing to meet your eyes. “No,” he says quietly. He’s lying, you can sense it.

“Who are you?” you ask, almost afraid to find out the answer.


Snapping awake in the back of the car, your heart is racing, your mind in chaos. “Stop! Stop the car!”

Dean pulls to the side immediately, hearing the hysteria in your voice. You throw open the door and rush out onto the shoulder. Bent over, your hands on your knees, you take in great, gasping breaths.

“What is it, what happened?” Dean is out of the car like a shotgun, right behind you. He places a hand on your back, soothing comforting.

“I know who my father is. It’s Michael.”

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Marilyn Manson: Yes, we’re putting out a box set on October 20th, and it has a legendary video that I had to put into a safe for the past 15 years, for reasons that will be revealed when you watch it. I had innocently thought that it was acceptable to use it as sort of a bonus feature on my Dead to the World video for the Antichrist Superstar tour. However, the legal department and my management informed me otherwise. But now it is going to be seen by all. I won’t say anything else to spoil it, just that it captured a moment in time, after I had just moved to Los Angeles. I was living with Twiggy (Ramirez, Manson’s longtime guitarist) and I had just come off a tour where I got death threats every day. It’s an interesting portrayal of what was happening at the time, but strangely, it doesn’t seem any different than the way I behave now, except that I’m wearing a cowboy hat. That’s about it.

-Dazed interview

kids like me grew up watching the x-files, distrusting the government, and being redpilled by dragonball z

kids today grow up worshiping beyonce, justin bieber, enjoy fema camp, and love panssexual cartoon characters who use the powers of the occult to bring about the new word order and rule of the antichrist

So I saw Slipknot last night for the first time. And they played all of Iowa and nothing else… What the fuck!? They even played the fuxking title track as an encore for like 20 minutes it was AWFUL

Like seeing Disasterpiece and Heretic Anthem was great and stuff… but no sane person wants to hear Gently.. We want to hear Spit it Out and The Blister Exists

At least Slayer played The Antichrist, South of Heaven, War Ensemble, Raining Blood/Hell Awaits/Angel of Death.. So sick