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In last week's episode at the hotel, when Even was talking to the Danish woman, he mentioned Antichrist and the Carouselles, some others as well. Are those bands?

Antichrist, Brothers and Stjerner uden hjerner are danish films (Karrusel is a series though), and being a film nerd ofc he mentioned them :)

Everyone should definitely watch the first two!

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1. I’m a Metalhead

2. I love metal

3. Engaged to be married

4. I used to collect knives when I was a child

5. I have pendulaphobia

6. I stutter when excited

7. I sing and play guitar

8. I’m in a band

9. I love horror movies

10. I draw and write songs

11. I collect band photos

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Shit, she’s pregnant with the antichrist. Duuude I was gonna mention The Omen in my last post but I didn’t think they were actually gonna go with it 😂

So the king of hell, a witch, and an angel intervene with a woman who’s been impregnated with a literal demon seed.. Lucifer wants to have a baby, and now he’s being sent back to hell with the help of aforementioned king of hell, witch, and angel, AND the golden egg from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

And now this bitch is worried about “Jeff” when Lucy Jr. is about to fly out of her goddamn vagina BITCCHHH. Where the fuck are your priorities? They said he was gonna be alright, holy shit. I’m just..

Is Chuck seriously just chillin in god knows where while all this shit goes down? Oh my god.

sometimes i really do hate the 1975 like how soon is soon why can’t they be like other respectful artists with reasonable release dates like why the suspense why the countdowns why the stress and why the sudden releases??? they make it seem like they’re going to perform this big ass magic trick and bring back someone from the dead and we gotta guess who it is like is it going to be prince??? mj???? bowie?? dobby??? mufasa?? are they fucking bringing out the antichrist??? haha nOPE! it’s just more dates or a music video or no nO!! even beTTER! A SINGLE ! SET TO BE RELEASED IN 2020 !! // T H R E E Y E A R S // L O V E  

References to serial killers in Marilyn Manson songs
  • “Sam, Son of Man”, early Spooky Kids song references David Berkowitz.
  • Band slogan and lyric from “Cake and Sodomy”, “I am the God of Fuck”, is a direct quote from Charles Manson.
  • Lyrics of the song “Little Horn” are adapted from Revelation 9 of the Bible, the section Charles Manson was obsessed with that eventually led to his murders.
  • “This is beyond your experience” from song “The Reflecting God” is a paraphrase of Richard Ramirez’s last words before his sentencing.
  • Sample of Richard Ramirez, “Killing is killing, whether done for duty, profit or fun”, used at the start of “Snake Eyes And Sissies”.
  • Lyrics from “My Monkey”, are either taken from or adapted from the Charles Manson song of the same name.
  • Covered a Charles Manson song, “Sick City”.
  • Past and current band members have taken their names from Charles Manson, Richard Ramirez, David Berkowitz, Ed Gein, Henry Lee Lucas, Albert Fish, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Richard Speck.
  • Spooky Kids songs “Dune Buggy” and “Let Your Ego Die” is a reference to Charles Manson.
  • “Portrait Of An American Family” was originally going to be called “The Manson Family Album”.
  • “Portrait Of An American Family” is a reference to “Portrait Of An American Serial Killer”, a documentary about Henry Lee Lucas.
  • “No, don’t, this is gonna hurt someone” sample taken from the public suicide of Budd Dwyer and used in song “Get Your Gunn”.
  • “Why are the children doing what they’re doing? Why does a child reach up and kill his mom and dad and murder his two little sisters and then cut his throat?“ sample from Charles Manson used in “My Monkey”. Several other Charles Manson samples were used in this song, along with a sample from The Beatles’ song “Helter Skelter”.
  • Sample of Charles “Tex” Watson, Manson Family member, saying “We would swoop down on the town, and kill everyone that wasn’t beautiful.” backmasked and used in the song “The Beautiful People”.
  • “A loved one laid his head in her lap, red roses fell to the floor, and the world stood still” in song “Coma Black”, is a reference to the assassination of JFK by Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • “Last night… I think he should have suffered… longer,” sample from “The Love Song” is Lee Harvey Oswald’s mother talking about his death.
  • Song “Revelation 9″ (b-side of “Get Your Gunn”) is a reference to the Bible section Charles Manson was obsessed with. If you play this song backwards you can hear many more disturbing references to Charles Manson, and twisted interpretations of the Bible.The Beatles had a song called “Revolution 9″ also, which was one of Charles Manson’s favourites.
  • Sample of Charles Manson singing “I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill you” used in the song “Dope Hat”.
  • Unreleased song “Smells Like Children” uses sample of Albert Fish saying “I like children, they are tasty”.
  • Many references to the Columbine school shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, throughout the album “Holy Wood”, most notably on “Disposable Teens” and “The Nobodies” .
  • The album “Holy Wood” is named after a message painted on the side of a school bus used by the Manson Family in their early years.
  • The song “Evidence” from album “Eat Me, Drink Me” is partly about German cannibal Armen Meiwes, who devoured a man who answered an internet request he sent on the now closed site, cannibalsanonymous.com.
  • The songs “President Dead” and “King Kill 33″ reference the Kennedy assassinations and a document attempting to expose Freemasonry in the US government.
  • “Today I am dirty, but tomorrow I’ll be just dirt”, lyric from the song “The Nobodies”, is a direct quote from Carl Panzram, who confessed to raping over 1,000 boys.

If I missed anything tell me, and I’ll edit it.