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Non-tan has been mentioned! (well of course she has before this but thats not the point) So, something great about Nozomi is that, ship wise, writing her character so that she's more tender, maybe more sensitive, more of a trickster (washi washi) is not only fun but it lets you write a character who is down to earth. NozoEli can be dramatic and romantic, NozoNico is playful and sexy, NozoHono is laidback and Fluffy, NozoRin is full of meme's and giggles. It really made me like nozomi more.

Yeah I think I mentioned it in an answerpost somewhere that nontan is my fav μ’s girl to write (along with yzw, gawd I goddam love yanshit <333333) She’s a fun character to explore and indeed, she has different dynamic in each ship. While the dynamic type you mentioned is typical of the respective ship, it’s also exchangeable with others, hence very fun.

NozoUmi is tender and WAFF, NozoMaki is romantic and dramatic too friggin’ BiBi

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I've been following since the "thatbitchcom" era when you spoke of "Blue" often. Is she still around in any capacity anymore? or was she left behind with past memories...just wondering?

well thank you for following me for so long, that’s awesome. yes, blue is still around; her website is bluecentric.com. pay her a visit! ;)