I think you could count me as "excited".

Yes, I have prepared for Christmas! Even decorated my workshop with the help of the other Guardians and children of Santoff Claussen. 
         And I am looking forward to the whole holiday, kind Greyface.

anonymous asked:

Would it be possible to gift the Elisabeth Vienna Video March 22, 2013 and the Wicked Video May 12, 2013 with Willemijn Verkaik? Thank you so much!

Sorry about the wait, but here you go:

Elisabeth / 2013-03-22, Austria (Vienna):

Annemieke van Dam (Elisabeth); Mark Seibert (Der Tod); Daniela Ziegler (Sophie); Kurosch Abbasi (Lucheni); Carin Filipcic (Ludovika); Franziskus Hartenstein (Franz Joseph); Anton Zetterholm (Rudolf); ​Christian Peter Hauser (Max)


Wicked / 2013-05-12, Broadway:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); John Schiappa (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)

anonymous asked:

are you still sharing audios? if so may I ask for November 06, 2012 (Broadway), June 21, 2012 (Scheveningen), February 12, 2013 (Broadway), December 06, 2014 (Westend). thank you, x

I apologize for such a long delay, but here you go:

Wicked / Audio / 2012-06-21, Scheveningen:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Chantal Janzen (Glinda); Ferry Doedens (Fiyero alt)

*Willemijn’s 1000th Wicked performance


Wicked / Audio / 2012-11-06, Broadway:

Jennifer DiNoia (Elphaba s/b); Alli Mauzey (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Jenny Fellner (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)


Wicked / Audio / 2013-02-12, Broadway:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Alli Mauzey (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)

*Willemijn’s first-ever show on Broadway


Wicked / Audio / 2014-12-06, West End:

Jennifer DiNoia (Elphaba); Savannah Stevenson (Glinda); Jeremy Taylor (Fiyero); Martyn Ellis (The Wizard); Philip Childs (Doctor Dillamond); Liza Sadovy (Madame Morrible); Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose); Sam Lupton (Boq)

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Hi There, Would You mind gifting Hamilton Broadway September 27, 2015 The performance attended by the First Lady Michelle Obama please? I would really want to hear that audio! Thank You So Much!

Hamilton / 2015-09-27, Broadway:

Javier Muñoz (Alexander Hamilton alt); Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr); Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica); Phillipa Soo (Elizabeth); Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson); Christopher Jackson (Washington); Okieriete Onaodowan (Mulligan/Madison); Anthony Ramos (Laurens/Philip); Jasmine Cephas Jones (Peggy/Maria); Jonathan Groff (King George III)

tpanga  asked:

can i have the broadway October 12, 2003 and October 9 2007 video? THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE A TREASURE

YOU ARE A TREASURE, TOO. Sorry for the long wait, but here are those two videos:

Wicked / 2003-10-12, Broadway:

Idina Menzel (Elphaba); Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda); Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero); Joel Grey (The Wizard); William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond); Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible); Michelle Federer (Nessarose); Christopher Fitzgerald (Boq)


Wicked / 2007-10-09, Broadway:

Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba); Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda); Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero); Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard); Steven Skybell (Doctor Dillamond); Kathy Santen (Madame Morrible u/s); Cristy Candler (Nessarose); Logan Lipton (Boq)

*Stephanie and Annaleigh’s first show

Enjoy! :)

If either download doesn’t work for whatever reason, please let me know.

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well gaia is my favorite anything ever, regardless of which blog we're talking about here. she's my dad forever and a fantastic writer and so intelligent and thoughtful; but also just so kind and generous and someone i'm genuinely grateful to have met.

@curufinwefeanaro / @archontem / @canticleofmercy

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“That usually happens when you a wear a sweater in this weather. Where are you even going with that get up on?” She shook her head. “It’s almost bikini season you better get it together girl.”

She wiped away the sweat from her forehead and sighed, “When I went out this morning it was cold, now it’s hot. I’m about to sweat out this damn sweater. If it wasn’t inappropriate, I’d just walk around in my bra.”

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Could you please gift all the shows where something goes wrong? Including when a Standby has to take on the role during the show.

I actually don’t know when anything goes wrong in what I have, as I haven’t watched or listened to everything. These are the only two audios I have where another cast member takes over partway through.

Wicked / Audio / 2004-06-13, Broadway:

Idina Menzel (Elphaba)/Eden Espinosa (Elphaba s/b); Laura Bell Bundy (Glinda s/b); Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero u/s); Sean McCourt (The Wizard u/s); William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond); Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible); Michelle Federer (Nessarose); Christopher Fitzgerald (Boq)

*Eden takes over for Act 2


Wicked / Audio / 2014-05-18m, 2nd National Tour (Spokane, WA):

Alyssa Fox / Maddy Trumble (Elphaba s/b and u/s); Kara Lindsay (Glinda); Matt Shingledecker (Fiyero); Gene Weygandt (The Wizard); John Hillner (Doctor Dillamond); Kathy Fitzgerald (Madame Morrible); Emily Behny (Nessarose); Lee Slobotkin (Boq)

*Maddy’s first show; she takes over after the train station scene


Wicked / Audio / 2014-07-18, West End:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Savannah Stevenson (Glinda); Jeremy Taylor (Fiyero); Martyn Ellis (The Wizard); Paul Clarkson (Doctor Dillamond); Sue Kelvin (Madame Morrible); Philippa Buxton (Nessarose u/s); Sam Lupton (Boq)

*Willemijn’s second-to-last show; the show has to be stopped for 20 minutes during ‘Dancing Through Life’


However, I did look at other sites to see their notes on certain things that have already been gifted:

  • July 18, 2004 / Broadway; video: Nothing really 'goes wrong,’ but there are lots of ad-libs
  • January 09, 2005 / Broadway; video: The flower doesn’t go into Shoshana Bean’s hair, so Jennifer Laura Thompson puts it into Shoshana’s cleavage; Idina Menzel also comes out for the Finale
  • October 29, 2005 / Broadway; audio: Line flub during 'Defying Gravity’
  • February 22, 2009 / Broadway; video: Nothing really 'goes wrong,’ but Nicole Parker notices the camera and looks at it throughout the show
  • May 09, 2009 / West End; audio: Muck-up matinee; it’s more just intentional mess-ups
  • December 19, 2013 / West End; audio: The Oz head appears to not turn before 'Wonderful,’ but it’s not audible
  • July 17, 2014 / West End; audio: Wand trouble during 'Popular’

anonymous asked:

Gotta say I'm a whole lot confused about the whole agender-topic and you use a feminine name so that's mking it worse for me. Explain why you decided on this name(it for sure is NOT your real one) but claim to be agender?

//Chosing Arya as my alias for mainly the blogs I’m running on here was a half-assed decision, to be honest, I wanted to get away from my real one because I did not feel comfortable using it on here. I was watching Go\T at the time and I have a deep love for Ar\ya Stark, so I thought, pff, fuck it. 

About your other question. I can only speak for myself because I do NOT know how many others feel the same. I don’t identify with the gender I was born with, I will not give it away, and me using a female name does NOT make me female. I could have chosen another name as well, but I explained that before. It’s okay to be confused, I understand, and I hope this helped.