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can you please stop comparing 1d to mcr pls

…anyways here’s a list of things harry styles and frank iero have in common:

  • beautiful green eyes
  • questionable fashion choices
  • star tattoos 
  • nipples (frank’s recent fascination with nipples and harry has 4 of them)
  • members of successful boybands that took a break up rip mcr
  • amazing solo albums after said break
  • both shop at the same jewelry shop
  • extra af
  • may or may have not dated their band member who knows we know
  • have bird tattoos that may or may not represent himself and said band member

also one direction’s last tour before their hiatus was called “On The Road Again”

and what did frank recently get tattooed???

*x-files theme plays in the background* 👀👀👀

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what shifts in Katie's acting do you see when she goes from being else a good or bad character. like not obvious doing evil stuff vs doing nice things, but like maybe a lower nice when being evil, or a certain facial expressions?

The Glare™

The Stare™

The Smirk™

The Sneer™

The Sass™

During and after her shift, you see Morgana’s cold, calm, calculating side. She exuded confidence and a bit of arrogance, as you see in the glare, smirk, and sass. When she had her plans and saw them coming into fruition, in her mind, she had already won. She was Morgana Pendragon. Eventually, the Last High Priestess and everyone was beneath her. 

She was also very intense. Hence the stare, the sneer, and even her voice. Pretty soul penetrating. Unblinking. Unflinching. Along with that confidence she was quite intimidating and that was something that worked in her favor.

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Dude- Anti making pillow forts with a sign reading "No Jacks Allowed!" And Signe walks by and giggles asking if she can come in, he kinda glares but opens the blanket door and they both sit in the fort just chatting. Anti confiding in her and they're swapping Jack stories. Then Jack walks by all confused and tries to come in only to get shoved away by Anti and he chuckles leaving the pair to their fort. I can see Signe doing his nails or making like some papier-mâché type crafts.


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mcr is not a boy band, it's a band and frank has hazel eyes not green

mcr??? not??? a boy band??? well what does it take to be a boy band:

1. boys ✔

2. band ✔

3. signed to major label: warner bros. ✔

4. mainstream/commercial success: tcfsr and bp went platinum and dd went gold in the uk charts ✔

5. TV appearances: jimmy kimmel, snl, conan ✔

6. member archtypes: the leader (gerard) the quiet one (mikey) the hyperactive one (frank) the underapreciated one who deserves the world (ray) side note: also refer to lotms they literally give each other archtypes ✔

7. and last but most importantly, matching outfits: ✔

in conclusion,,,,mcr is a boyband #confirmed

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My idea of how Chase and Bingiplier became friends was when they met in a park and Chase was trying to skateboard and he kept falling off of the skateboard. Bing spots him and offers to help as he is a search engine and looks for tutorials and stuff. Chase tells him there is no way he can learn to do it since he can't do anything right. In the middle of that rambling, he mentions how no one loves him. Bing understands him and he stays with him and they chat and become friends

aw, yes! and at the end of the day, chase manages to finally do a sick kick flip. he’s so overjoyed and bing cheers on with him. 💚

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what if instead of being similar to tattoos, the wings were carved into montparnasse's and enjolras's backs? (in a lot of the drawings they sort of looked that way to me?) and they never really close, theyre always slightly open and pretty vulnerable, like wince-if-you-touch vulnerable? thanks for listening!

Oh my god.

It bleeds the first week after the fall. A lot. They both thought the carving would close att some point, that it was just the burn of the fall and that their human bodies would get used to it. But they don’t.

For the longest time, Enjolras and Montparnasse put on cotton pads over the carvings, drawing cotton wings on each others backs. They didn’t talk, they just winced and groaned.

Neither of them wear white shirts, just in case the fragile balance they managed to achieve collapses. That’s why Enjolras always has his red vest, and Montparnasse his leather jacket.

Enjolras had to excuse himself during an ABC meeting. His back was killing him. Grantaire found him bent over the bathroom sink, trying to catch his breath. In an effort to comfort him, Grantaire gave him a little pat in the back, earning a yelp. A red rose bloomed onto Enjolras’ back, soaking his shirt, much to Grantaire’s horror. He couldn’t say much to justify the existence of the carved open wings on his back.

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More Xmen AU!!!!!!!!!

i’m glad u like it !! ok here’s some more i came up with;

  • michael doesn’t take his mutations all that seriously, but he’s hella powerful if you get on his wrong side. he’d never hurt anyone unless absolutely necessary (electricity is fuckin dangerous man)
  • christine and jake are super big advocates of mutant acceptance and all that jazz. they’re always at protests and anything similar
  • rich is the unfortunate victim of jeremy’s wings hitting him like,,,all the time lmao save him
  • “hey jake, can your tail pick up people?” cue jake picking up rich w his tail
  • christine uses her power a lot in theatre club and enhances all the lighting
  • jenna likes using her power to tap in phone easily and shit, anything that helps her learn info ya know
  • chloe is lowkey protective of brooke and her wings bc they’re pretty delicate 

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I'm scared for Monday cause if the egos come out I'm known holidays........

Let’s hope he doesn’t spring another ego on us. I don’t think the community would be able to handle it this time

We need more than a week or two to recover ;-;

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hey i was just looking through the tiny amount of asks youve gotten for bingaverage and i realized that i ship it REALLY HARD... so if you have any headcanons, could you please provide???? thank you

i could definitely see them being one of those ‘friends to lovers’ sort of deal! here are a few for you, sweetheart! 💛

  • they probably love sharing hats and sunglasses with each other, trying them on to see which ones go well with them.
  • chase doesn’t really know how to skateboard all that well, but he still likes going to the skatepark with bing so that bing can ‘wow’ the crowd with his ‘skills’. it ends up with them laughing like dorks. 
  • bing actually doesn’t like being in public when there’s so much people around. he gets anxious and holds onto chase’s arm until they can find a clear area.
  • chase loves when bing lifts up his hat to ruffle his hair.
  • bing grins like an idiot whenever chase texts him, especially memes. bing keeps him up to date with the latest memes so chase can be one of those cool hip dads.
  • chase gets his kids on the weekends, but every now and then he’ll invite bing over to meet his kids and spend time with them. bing is humbled and loves teaching chase’s son cool skateboard tricks and playing video games with chase’s daughter.
  • bing develops a crush on chase first, but has arguments with tiny bing because he knows he shouldn’t push anything considering chase just got out of a divorce.
  • bing knows it’s stupid of him to think so, but he’s just a bit jealous of the fact that chase has kids. he has tiny bing, but it’s not the same.
  • sometimes when it’s just the two of them hanging out outside, on bing’s back porch, chase admits that he wonders if he’ll ever find love again, but laughs it off like it’s nothing. bing however, remains optimistic for him, reassuring him that “love is blind.”
  • chase: “who told you that?”
  • bing: “the host.”
  • chase: “but isn’t he blind?”
  • bing: “yeah, but still. you’ll find it again. you’ll just never know who it’s gonna be.”
  • after chase leaves, tiny bing yells at bing for being a coward and not admitting his feelings.

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I need More eposette In my liiifee 🎵 Could you maybe bless this poor femslash-starving citizen with some hcs?

  • They don’t go to the hairdresser because they take care of each other’s hair. First because they can save money that way, and also because it’s a great time for bonding. Cosette can make sure that Eponine’s natural hair are healthy and given all the love and care they need. Cosette gets help when she dyes her hair, which she does a lot. She went full-on rainbow at some point. It was really high maintenance be she really loved it
  • (She totally did it for pride)
  • (And the year after that she went with her bangs dyed as the bi flag)
  • Cosette LOVES going to IKEA and other cute home decor stores. She needs to have coordinated dining sets, various owl trinkets etc etc… Eponine has little patience for it, but she still tags along, because Cosette is furnishing their nest, and it’s THEIR nest
  • Halloween couple costumes include: Cosette as a pink lady and Eponine as a T-Bird, The Harold Meme and Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.