I think you could count me as "excited".

Yes, I have prepared for Christmas! Even decorated my workshop with the help of the other Guardians and children of Santoff Claussen. 
         And I am looking forward to the whole holiday, kind Greyface.

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Would it be possible to gift the Elisabeth Vienna Video March 22, 2013 and the Wicked Video May 12, 2013 with Willemijn Verkaik? Thank you so much!

Sorry about the wait, but here you go:

Elisabeth / 2013-03-22, Austria (Vienna):

Annemieke van Dam (Elisabeth); Mark Seibert (Der Tod); Daniela Ziegler (Sophie); Kurosch Abbasi (Lucheni); Carin Filipcic (Ludovika); Franziskus Hartenstein (Franz Joseph); Anton Zetterholm (Rudolf); ​Christian Peter Hauser (Max)


Wicked / 2013-05-12, Broadway:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); John Schiappa (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)

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Priyanka Chopra!

   ARWEN HALF-ELVEN, QUEEN OF THE REUNITED KINGDOM : arwen, feeling a stranger at gondorian court herself, was eager to call on the northern wife of her faithful steward who had been a friend to her husband — though it seemed that they two had little and less to call common between them. to both the customs of gondor were strange : to éowyn too high and to arwen too low. and yet both women were united in their strangeness and éowyn was as bewitched by her ageless queen as seemed all in her presence. she knew little of elves and near nothing of the ‘high elves’ that her husband so revered —– she was, in time, relieved to find that, where her husband was all poetry in his description of elven-kind, arwen’s reality was much earthier and solid. they learned to navigate the southerners odd ways together and éowyn found her full of quiet laughter and rich wisdom and stories upon stories upon stories and possessing a knowledge of herblore surpassing even aragorn’s. she had something of the smell of night about her ; the thick perfume of jasmine blooming in a purple dusk, wet summer earth and clear, cool water. 

   it was arwen from whom éowyn learned a vast majority of the healing arts and, too, from arwen that she learned some little of the old tongue of the noldor that her husband loved so well. after the passing of the majority of her kin from imladris, arwen brought cuttings and bulbs from her father’s garden to ithilien to be planted there in the wide, varied, and beautiful beds that had been planned and planted by éowyn and legolas and were tended lovingly by the lady of ithilien until her death —- and, thereafter, by her husband and her son.


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are you still sharing audios? if so may I ask for November 06, 2012 (Broadway), June 21, 2012 (Scheveningen), February 12, 2013 (Broadway), December 06, 2014 (Westend). thank you, x

I apologize for such a long delay, but here you go:

Wicked / Audio / 2012-06-21, Scheveningen:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Chantal Janzen (Glinda); Ferry Doedens (Fiyero alt)

*Willemijn’s 1000th Wicked performance


Wicked / Audio / 2012-11-06, Broadway:

Jennifer DiNoia (Elphaba s/b); Alli Mauzey (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Jenny Fellner (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)


Wicked / Audio / 2013-02-12, Broadway:

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba); Alli Mauzey (Glinda); Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero); Adam Grupper (The Wizard); Tom Flynn (Doctor Dillamond); Randy Danson (Madame Morrible); Catherine Charlebois (Nessarose); F. Michael Haynie (Boq)

*Willemijn’s first-ever show on Broadway


Wicked / Audio / 2014-12-06, West End:

Jennifer DiNoia (Elphaba); Savannah Stevenson (Glinda); Jeremy Taylor (Fiyero); Martyn Ellis (The Wizard); Philip Childs (Doctor Dillamond); Liza Sadovy (Madame Morrible); Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose); Sam Lupton (Boq)

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54. Pulling mine into a dance

   He has observed the courtly dances of his own people — old, the sound of stiff bones, ornate and beautiful and kingly but all schooling in tradition. The way that Legolas dances is different. A silver river seems to unfold at his feet. The light of a yellow moon that in tamer places might hang over a harvest is turned to something more feral : the great illuminated eye of a wolf weaving its way through the mist. Purple shadows amidst the heavy trunks of black trees. Once, Aragorn had watched him dance beside the river that ran beneath the doors of the Aradhrynd ; a net of raw white pearls dripping from his WILD hair. There is no music now and only their small fire and all of the Mirkwood’s dense, damp air is gone, replaced by the STING of winter on the hill country below the Misty Moutains. The only audience is two : the Ringbearer and the Ranger himself, ever electing himself for the night watch.

   Though his back is to the fire he watches across the breadth of one shoulder, a smile dancing on the edge of his mouth. No white silks tonight and the paint is near worn from shapely feet. Road-dirt and weary limbs, all —– and yet the Thinda moves as gracefully as though he had slept through the summer and the autumn to be woken by a cold breeze, REFRESHED. He recalls the ringing of small golden bells as clearly as though it were now in his ears. The insufferable young princeling. Beautiful as the moon and just as sploit. Consuming the entire sky. Turning his head away and back towards the deep night, Aragorn chuckles warmly to himself — and perhaps Legolas hears or perhaps he has only felt the WEIGHT of the Ranger’s eyes upon him but when he grasps his shoulders and draws him to his feet ( with that secret, sinewed strength ), Aragorn is unprepared.

    Flying as they are from danger to danger, laughter is not so RARE between their company as might be expected. Now, Frodo laughs just as Legolas laughs, just as the Ranger does. His feet are not overpracticed in dancing but he is a songsmith at heart and, soon, the Ringbearer is clapping out a rhythm to match the soundless, remembered drumbeats that drive Legolas’ feet and Aragorn equals him as best he can, seeing the movements in his SLY and smiling eyes. He reaches for the other’s hand but, swift as a songbird, Legolas slips away — all the time laughing, all the time turning his hips as though they are draped in silks instead of only saddle leathers. And though he follows, follows, follows, Aragorn is always a step behind. Somewhere, far south and east beyond the near horizon, the world is busy ending —– and they are going there but now, if only now, there is a beautiful someone robed in light just beyond his reach and he is GRASPING and the evil living all between them is well and truly lost.

PLATONIC TOUCH MEME. ( accepting )

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Hi There, Would You mind gifting Hamilton Broadway September 27, 2015 The performance attended by the First Lady Michelle Obama please? I would really want to hear that audio! Thank You So Much!

Hamilton / 2015-09-27, Broadway:

Javier Muñoz (Alexander Hamilton alt); Leslie Odom Jr. (Aaron Burr); Renee Elise Goldsberry (Angelica); Phillipa Soo (Elizabeth); Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson); Christopher Jackson (Washington); Okieriete Onaodowan (Mulligan/Madison); Anthony Ramos (Laurens/Philip); Jasmine Cephas Jones (Peggy/Maria); Jonathan Groff (King George III)


“That usually happens when you a wear a sweater in this weather. Where are you even going with that get up on?” She shook her head. “It’s almost bikini season you better get it together girl.”

She wiped away the sweat from her forehead and sighed, “When I went out this morning it was cold, now it’s hot. I’m about to sweat out this damn sweater. If it wasn’t inappropriate, I’d just walk around in my bra.”

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// I would like to see Eowyn's relationship with Theoden.

   ahhh as would i, nonnie ! ofc there are no théoden blogs currently active — nor have their been for some time. i have loads and loads and loads of headcanons about him and his influence. her love for him in canon is /clearly/ very great and i hold to that —– there are few others ( namely only her brother and her cousin ) for whom éowyn would play so lowly a part. she cares for théoden as a nursemaid. it is my headcanon that, suspecting he is being poisoned, she even takes to preparing his meals like a kitchen wench. she suffers great indignity in service and she does it not only because it is her duty but because she loves him. imagine this man, his wife and sister dead and with only a son, taking in his nephew and his niece. imagine how he must have doted on the only girlchild in his house and allowed her to be raised amongst her ( male ) kin. éowyn has a commanding presence and a great authority to her, she is skilled and educated as a leader. she did not become this way by chance. she was /raised/ to be so by her uncle —- even though he clearly holds more traditional ideas of who should rule in practice, théoden clearly saw her promise and wanted her happiness when she was a girl. he even is rather easily encouraged to give her a non-traditional role in military leadership ( including the gift of a marshal’s armour ) after he sees the love and respect their people have for her.


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can i have the broadway October 12, 2003 and October 9 2007 video? THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE A TREASURE

YOU ARE A TREASURE, TOO. Sorry for the long wait, but here are those two videos:

Wicked / 2003-10-12, Broadway:

Idina Menzel (Elphaba); Kristin Chenoweth (Glinda); Norbert Leo Butz (Fiyero); Joel Grey (The Wizard); William Youmans (Doctor Dillamond); Carole Shelley (Madame Morrible); Michelle Federer (Nessarose); Christopher Fitzgerald (Boq)


Wicked / 2007-10-09, Broadway:

Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba); Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda); Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero); Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard); Steven Skybell (Doctor Dillamond); Kathy Santen (Madame Morrible u/s); Cristy Candler (Nessarose); Logan Lipton (Boq)

*Stephanie and Annaleigh’s first show

Enjoy! :)

If either download doesn’t work for whatever reason, please let me know.