After an hour of whining, Thurston finally decided walking in the winter just isn’t worth it


Year in Review: Some of our favorite 2016 meows. 🔊😸🔊 (Long version on other sites.) #cat #meow #lol #siamese #pets #animals #vine

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This is a Harriet, a pit mix my family fostered for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we cannot adopt a dog at the moment so this extroverted, cuddlebug is in need of a forever home. She’s about 1 yr old, up-to-date on her shots, spayed, crate trained, mostly house trained, and super-friendly (she likes to lean against her humans and will get airborne in her attempts to kiss you). Folks in Virginia can visit her at the Richmond Animal Care and Control


(via 伊豆カピバラ Capybara | 伊豆シャボテン公園のカピバラさんです。(20160403撮影) capybaraj… | CapybaraJP | Flickr)