*angry blogging*

me: *starts watching a show with no real orientation headcanons about any of the characters*

some asshat in the aro/ace tags: ughhh I cannot BELIEVE that people think (character in said show) is asexual or aromantic! they’re so obviously not, and it’s gross.

me: …wow it’s incredible I never saw before how amazingly aroace (character) obviously is. The most aro of aros, the acest of aces.

In which I am tired of white folks cryin’ about being ‘left out’ of #Formation

This is a collation of a twitter rant I went on; starting with this tweet

Brought on by seeing people whining about being ‘left out’ of Beyonce’s Formation video and SB50 half-time performance. I am done y’all with a capital damned D.

Also collated on Medium.com

Ok look, I’m cranky about all this what about me, you are leaving me out shit I keeps seeing by fragile white motherfuckers. Let’s talk, shall we?

Before anyone gets all surprised at me losing my cool? Remember I’m black, through and through. Light skin but still fucking black, got it? Good.

So, white folks who wanna cry about but what about meeee? Shut the entire fuck up. You already got everything else, quit cryin’. You got majority representation and power in every-damned-thing. So a song by a BLACK woman ain’t for you? Good, remember how it feels, cause that’s what we get 24/7 with no damn break. It’s just now we’re seeing slivers of more black folks in media.

We get crumbs y’all, but y’all stay whining about omg Bey left me out! There were no white dancers with her at the half-time show, why. Get some similac & STFU. It wasn’t for you, ain’t gonna be for you and that feels really, really fucking good. Cause we don’t get much as it is. Let us live damn.

It’s doubly shameful that a black woman comes out with a black as fuck song during #BlackHistoryMonth and y’all wanna trip. Not today satan, not today. If you decide you wanna try me for these tweets? I’m Chicago south side born & raised. You will regret it, I guarantee.

So fragile ass white people? Accept something’s not for you and deal, quietly in a damned corner. Forever. /fin

P.S: I can guarantee someone gonna try to call me racist over those tweets. You can catch these block hands too.

anonymous asked:

Is your boyfriend cis?

JFC I get this fucking question like FOUR TIMES A DAY




Have you satisfied your prying curiosity - whoever the fuck you are?

NEWSFLASH a cis person can find a trans person attractive/dateable



I - as a trans person - am dateable




my medical and social history and status be damned

It’s kind of funny. I was just thinking about how my friend always laughs at me because she notices how I respond to people who aren’t black and are complimenting me on my hair (I’m usually having long box braids or various styles of twists). After thinking about it for some time, I’ve just recently come to realize that I don’t think I necessarily like it when someone who isn’t black compliments me on my hair. It’s like a bittersweet. I can take the compliment, smile and say thank you, but then afterwards, this person wants to proceed to have a conversation to discuss with me what little knowledge they think they have about Black hair. First, they toss up a question like, “How long did it take to get it done”? I answer. Then they proceed to say something like, “Oh yeah, cause my friend also says hers take the whole day to do too.” Mind you, this friend they like to cite as their reliable source is most likely the single black friend they have… Okay girl. 🐸☕️  Now, even though this isn’t the most ignorant of conversations I’ve ever had with a non-black person regarding my hair, this is probably the most frequently taken route. Either way, the one thing they all have in common is that they end with my lack of patience.

all-other-blog-names-were-taken asked:

I know you asked for prompts the other day and that you also have a bit of writers block but I would love some fluffy beadick fic (is it AU if ben says screw the rules and sneaks bea into the flat after curfew to spend the night? Because I could really use some not canon, secret rule-breaking, beadick fic. getting caught is optional). I know it's vague so do what you like with it! By the way, I love how you write ben and bea! thank you!!

Aww, thank YOU! I’m so glad you like my Team B fics, and it was my pleasure to write this one just for you. Thank you so so much for this prompt, I honestly had a ball with it. Sneaking-around!Beadick is the Beadick we deserved, honestly, even if logistics kind of prohibit it in canon. But we always have AU fanfiction to fill in the blanks! The following is AU, though almost entirely canon-compliant in all ways except for the shenanigans ;) Well, that, and early-in-LLL Beadick being a little more self-aware and open about their issues. If only, right? It does have lots of kissing, the most intense such scene that I’ve actually ever written, so please be nice to me about it if you read, I’m a little nervous. Nothing more than kissing, though, in case you were worried. Anyway, have some fluff and rule-breaking courtesy of Team Blessed! The post on AO3 is linked and can be opened by clicking the title. Enjoy!


           One afternoon, they’re sitting in the kitchen of the flat, chairs pushed close together at the small table. Beatrice is playing an app game on her phone while Ben works through his homework, occasionally stopping to read interesting passages of Marlowe out loud to her. Every once in a while, they accidentally (on purpose) brush hands.

It’s nice to just spend time together, doing their own respective things in silence without any rule-related pressure or suspicion on their shoulders. They have the flat to themselves, so they have their privacy.

That is, until Freddie gets home.

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