♡  Mercy76 Week ~ Day 3 ~ Family ♡

An alternate universe where Jack Morrison and Angela Ziegler are single parents. They meet on a spring day, as Jack’s adopted daughter Lena gets into a fight with Angela’s son Jamie. 
Though their kids tend to fight a lot, the parents get along and start taking a liking to each other ~ 
In the end they create a weird little family, and Lena and Jamie start getting along (especially to cause some mischief together)!

The Outsiders Characters as GameGrumps Quotes

Ponyboy: “Follow your fucking dreams.”

Darry:  “I am actively looking for ways to get you to shut the fuck up.”

Sodapop:  “I just wanna have sex with space.”

Dallas:  “Come at me scrub lord, I’m ripped.”

Steve:  “That sounds like your problem. Fuck you.”

Two-bit:  “Dude just…just pity laugh at least.”

Johnny:  “I cared for those bananas! I raised them with my own two feet!”

Tim:  “I’m gonna throw you out the window. We don’t even have any windows in this room…I’m gonna carve out a window and throw you through it.”

Curly:  “If I took pole-dancing, I would be worried that it would be too erotic for everybody else.”

Angela:  “Revenge is a best dish served fuck you.”