Biology Side of Tumblr Tackles Chapter 85

(( As some of you may know, I’m currently an Environmental Public Health major with a Biology minor. Genetics is my jam, so let me just dissect this most recent chapter and all the technological mumbo jumbo in it for a bit.

This long-ass post has been brought to you by trying to avoid writing a paper and studying for finals.

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Blue Exorcist AU in which Rin got caught by the Illuminati when he was smol like 6 years old. And they try at first to awaken his flames (bc they are still sealed) and then make him into the perfect vessel for Satan. Which sort of doesn’t work because Rin knows his dad, and his Dad is super cool and awesome and will get him out someday and it’s not that cruel monster who screams in his head when they try to force it into him. And Rin stays strong. Even when his body hurts really bad and he wants a hug and the multicolored bandaids with dinosaurs and he just wants home and Dad and Yukio. But all he has is a cold white room and the way too complicated books meant to replace teachers and school.
(He meets his “brother” once and he hates him, hates him so much he wants him to burn.)
The years go by and when Rin is around 9 he gets put into another research center, one that focuses more on possession.
He meets Izumo Kamiki. She’s just like him and therefore he has to make friends because it’s only them in this world of cruel adults.
She doesn’t want to be friends at first, personally Rin wouldn’t want to be friends with himself either, but she warms up to him.
They bond over the mutual want for freedom and home. Izumo goes to school (“it’s all okay” is what she has to show to the outside) and Rin gets teachers. A stupid useless spawn of Satan isn’t worth much, especially if Satan can’t get a grip on him. Izumo comes back to the faculty with leaves and flowers in her hair, with dirt all over he shoes and sometimes, sometimes a bit of the outside comes to Rin. (He puts the flowers between the pages of the heavy books and stares in wonder at them, forgetting how the outside looks like. He hates being a caged animal.)
Rin picks her up when Izumo is done with the tests the same way she waits in front of his door and hears his screams.
At 15 she has to go and she promises to look for Yukio, promises to make sure Rin’s little baby brother his fine. (She has a hard time thinking that her teacher is the kid Rin always had to protect, it’s even harder to avoid crying because it’s not fair, not fair at all.)
She returns, Rin’s still the same mess he was before and she tells him everything. All about Yukio and the Paladin, all about exorcists and the outside. (“We’ll make it,” she promises. “We’ll make it” he believes.)
And they come for her and it’s blood and fighting and there are flames, bright, blue, burning and they made it. They go home.

Basically the ultimate bitter kids bonding over shitty place wanting to go home Izumo and Rin bromance AU.
Shout out to @incorrect-ao-no-exorcist since this kinda happened bc one of the posts there



Satan calling Rin an “experiment” near the beginning of the manga has taken on a whole new meaning. Satan either caught wind of the Asylum and the fact that it had a whole bunch of kids resistant to possession there and decided to possess one and impregnate another and see what happens, or he was allowed to do so by the Illuminati, who I’m assuming was collaborating with Section 13 at some point.

If this is true, the twins must be an absolute jumble of genetic information from not only Satan, but at least two Demon Kings and at least two hosts. Which means they might be a little inbred, which explains why Rin seems to have every learning disability known to man. ))

  • Me: I just finished a really good drawing and it's late on a school night, I should sleep.
  • Also me: Draw a detailed Amaimon and Shiemi picking a bunch of flowers together cause they're the flower kids.
  • Also me: Draw a shitty doodle of Amaimon with flowers growing out of his head and his pointy shit looks like a mountain.
  • Also me: Draw a dumb looking broccoli and title it Amaimon

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The women you post on your blog are always so confusing because they look like black women with their tanned skin and big lips + posture and posing and style. I always have to do a double take like, ":) Oh wait..ah I see"

I post a lot of girls here and a lot of them are black or hispanics so just keep scrolling if that’s what you wanna see. No need to point out someone’s features because to be honest, everyone’s free and can do whatever they want to their body;if they tan,use make up or have surgery that ain’t my (your) business. All women are beautiful regardless of size or race.