*and jung i just can't... why does such a perfect person exist

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I know you aren't Junsu bias but judging from your tags you understand lol. seriously Junsu just is the most precious person in the world and I don't understand how but somehow he manages to be that perfect person. Sometimes I feel like ppl don't give Junsu enough credit. He always does his best and he literally finds his way through anything. And though he can be intoxicating sexy, he still is innocent sunshine with a group of kittens following him and it's like sorrow can't even exist near him

i feel like junsu and yunho are like the kind of ppl that everyone loves

like they have to have some piece of ur heart even a little bit ya know

while jaejoong is like u either love him to death or u hate him there is no in between

i really agree with you that ppl dont give junsu enough credit

i think junsu was born for this but because of his easy going personality ppl seem to forgot about how amazing he really is

junsu fought to be a singer since he was 12 years old

dude i didnt even know wtf i was doing at 12 years old but heres junsu fucking audition at sm entertainment against ppl so many years older than him 

heres junsu training hard as fuck for years but then when he’s about to debut puberty decided to fuck with his voice so he couldnt debut

and then he had to wait years and years to debut in dbsk with jung yunho who was so passionate about dancing but couldnt really sing

and this poop jaejoong that got into the company because he won best looks and he couldnt even sing because he was tone deaf

he had to debut with shim changmin that clapped his hands dumb as fuck during audition when they told him to dance because his mother forced him to audition and he didnt even want to be a singer in the first place 

he had to debut with this american kid yoochun that just flew in 6 months ago even tho junsu trained for 6 years this poop trained for only 6 months wtf

and then when they debuted he didnt even get to have lead vocals because this poop jaejoong got lead vocals AND got to be the visual of the group what the heck man

junsu has a heart of gold and he is so incredibly precious we need to protect him at all costs

i think the reason why i cried when i watched that video was because i always felt like junsu is untouchable

because his heart is too good and his vocals are too good and his dancing skills are too good and junsu is just an A++++ human that u can never ever find anywhere in this world

and to see such a beautiful pure person that hurt makes me feel like there isnt any good left in this world tbh