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This gorgeous monstrosity took over my life for two weeks and now it’s finished! I’m so happy that I finally get to share it with all of you wonderful “Parks and Rec” fans. :)

Special thanks to confessionsofapawneecitizen for helping me find all of the wildflower mural scenes. You’re the best, Em!

bkusina7180 asked: “We all ready seen Shadow’s reaction when Aurora said she’s gonna move in with him, so when Sonic and Amy were dating, what would HIS reaction be if Amy want to move in with him or him with her?”

Honestly, I think no matter how it goes down it would be Sonic moving in with Amy. For starters, Sonic is nomadic in nature and is hardly ever depicted with a living space of his own. He’s always out running around or crashing other people’s places. Even in just Sonic Boom, not only does he only have a shack (without a door) but he often just stays with Tails instead of his “own” place. Meanwhile, in every iteration whether it’s in the games, in Sonic Boom, or even in Sonic X, Amy is always really adamant about having her own place. Even when she is on Earth she talks about getting her own apartment. She would already have an established home that is already properly furnished and decorated and has everything she needs, unlike Sonic.

I also think Amy would be the one to ask Sonic, not him to ask her. He likes to play it cool and isn’t really great with his words, so I think he’d playfully tease about moving in until she finally asks him.

What my PERSONAL headcanon is, is that overtime as Sonic and Amy’s relationship grows, he slowly starts spending more and more time at her place. He even starts leaving some of his things at her house too, just because of how much time he spends there and how often he probably stays the night. They say home is where the heart is, and so to him staying anywhere Amy isn’t just starts to feel… off. He probably even toys with the idea of living with her in his head, but he’d never say it because it would be too soft and embarassing. 

Meanwhile Amy really wants to ask him, but she’s nervous because she’s learned that she has to take things slow with him otherwise he runs away. Granted by now their relationship is strong enough and they’re both mature enough that he doesn’t pull away from her affection anymore, but she’s still worried about a possible knee-jerk reaction from him. But when he’s not running around he’s at her place anyway, so maybe it’s worth asking?

So one day while they’re just cuddling in bed together, maybe after a nice nap, he’s resting against her and she’s stroking his chest while he’s tangling his hand in her quills and just quietly saying how nice it all is, and Amy timidly asks “Well, in that case, maybe you should move in?” And I think internally Sonic would be really excited and get all flustered, but he’d just remain cool and nonchalant and be like “Y’know, Ames, I like the sound of that. Sure, let’s do it.”

Anyway, that’s my headcanon for how it’d go :)

Which actress would play you in the movie of your life?
  • Aries:Cameron Diaz
  • Taurus:Jennifer Aniston
  • Gemini:Jennifer Lawrence
  • Cancer:Amy Adams
  • Leo:Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Virgo:Shailene Woodley
  • Libra:Michelle Williams
  • Scorpio:Angelina Jolie
  • Sagittarius:Sofia Vergara
  • Capricorn:Lupita Nyong'o
  • Aquarius:Dakota Johnson
  • Pisces:Anne Hathaway

Oh god.

Help. I’m addicted to watching Parks and Recreation. I’m already on the third episode of the third season hELP

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JUST…I feel like Leslie Knope with the flu, someone stop me from watching all of these episodes, I have four seasons to go after this still.

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