Wonder Woman and the MAN thing

Wonder Woman is getting her own movie but for the last few days the press has been breathless over her MAN. Rumors are swirling that Chris Pine will be joining the cast as Steve Trevor. On one hand that makes sense - Steve Trevor is part of her mythos and was, for almost 30 plus years, her love interest.

On the other hand, casting Chris Pine seems like this will be big role and I am not interested in Steve Trevor having THAT big a role especially vs. an actress heading up her first film. But then Amy Adams was much more experienced in film than Henry Cavill was for Man of Steel so there’s that.

Still the idea of casting of Pine makes me nervous of the route they’ll go with Trevor and how much screen time he’ll get. But the good news? It’s not Superman. As I’ve said many times Wonder Woman deserves her own love interest - not playing the girlfriend of an existing superhero - as she is in the comics. 

The Superman/Wonder Woman pairing continues in comics this month following the Convergence break and in Superman/Wonder Woman #18 we get to see her in all her girlfriendy glory via the writer’s Twitter feed.

Wonder Woman is wearing a Superman shirt. Score!

Let’s not go into the iconic images of Lois Lane wearing his shirt -  can’t even come up with something original for these two?

But it is good to see that they are acknowledging that Wonder Woman has sex on a comic page after so many years of her chasteness.

Too bad she has to do it with Superman. (And too bad we had to learn it wasn’t her first time via Twitter but that’s another story.)

And apparently a previous attempt to put the couple on page post conjugal was deemed “too hot” for DC Comics according to Tony Daniel who posted this image from his run on Instagram.

I’m not sure what that Superman logo is on his chest is here? A tat? 

I have to wonder how the company that ran these images

Thought Daniel’s image was too hot? 


I’d rather have Daniel’s given that Wonder Woman isn’t wearing Superman’s logo.

I’ll be here waiting for Superman in comics or Steve Trevor in a movie wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt.

How hot would that be?