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I'm sure JLaw has seen DOR's behavior first hand (Amy Adams on set of American Hustle). Even though she may not have been subjected to his abuse herself, I just don't understand how she continues to work with him. Most director would jump at the chance to work with her, and she still choices to work with this asshole? What does that say about her?

What does that say about her to you?

I guess that’s what it boils down to. How does this make you feel about her? Everyone is going to have a different opinion. I can’t justify the way this makes me feel to you just like I probably won’t accept the way this makes you feel about her.

I just don’t think it’s that simple, to just not work with him, he’s very powerful in Hollywood and he has very powerful friends. 

Talks about this movie happened a year ago, you know how many things change in a year? She was put under contract in what, June? Things change in 8 months, people grow personally, professionally and emotionally in a year. And who hasn’t made a choice (especially in our early 20s) that we groan about but have to follow through on.

And as much as I HATE that she allowed her name to be used to defend that asshole, I think it was her only choice. There is so much going on here from her personal life to a movie that is predicted to be an Oscar contender (don’t get me started on that) that this kind of negative press was not going to be allowed. it just wasn’t. 

So, yes, I hate it, I feel sick about it. It’s not okay that it happened and excuses we’re made for him and it makes me so angry that this is allowed. But here we are.

And I’ll throw in this little prediction for you. expect some pap pics of DOR and her going out to dinner with other members of the crew this weekend.

wait honestly why isn’t Parks and Rec more recognized for what it’s doing? it has a really diverse cast and I don’t remember them ever mocking/stereotyping? Leslie is like hardcore feminist and generally amazing and such a great example for young girls and people in general? April demonstrates that you don’t need to fit into society’s standards? Donna is a fucking strong, independent, and successful black woman?

there’s just so much about that show that’s so unappreciated in terms of the progress it’s making for change in society.


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so missrambler​ just brought this to my attention and now I’m kind of pissed off about it. has anyone noticed that since “news” broke that david o. russell yelled at jennifer lawrence on the set of his new movie that everyone has lost their minds over it? like it’s all over her tag. this was reported by TMZ, which is not a reliable source in my mind.

over a month ago during the sony hack, multiple emails were sent saying that DOR had verbally abused and bullied amy adams during the filming of american hustle and no one gave a shit. I think I read 5-10 posts about it and that was it - maybe a few more???


Even when the naked photos were leaked, she was the ONLY victim anyone talked about and there were over twenty other girls that it happened to.

This is such bullshit.  

Following the rumor that ‘Joy’ director David O. Russell blew up at star Jennifer Lawrence, the actress has now spoken out on her official Facebook page to clear things up.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the “method acting” comment.



Thank you ‘Parks and Recreation’ for 7 seasons, 125 episodes and many weird characters who brought light in our life!

It really was. It was something that nobody took for granted, and nobody thought this was going to last forever. The fact that we never knew we were coming back all the time made us feel very present in the moment. Schur and I kind of stuck to a “no assholes” policy, and it helped a lot, and that was the tone when you got on set: “Ah, these people all like each other, and everybody does their job, and nobody complains, and everybody has fun.” I was really proud that everybody would come to our set and have such a good time and feel good about it. So it was real. And those things, some of us more than others, knew that those things don’t always last forever, so we were really just enjoying the moment while you could - Amy Poehler