Here’s part 1 of the South Park Anime Midwest meetup!!

Michael - geckobinary

Pete - luminarymage

Firkle - joy__anna_may

far left Craig - tinyrickcosplay

far right Craig - me ( @craig-fucking-ttucker and thecloakedsinner)

Stan - @kittyyaoi

middle Tweek - neoncaffeine

Marjorine - @kawaii-blondie-kate 


i didn’t take a lot of pics during anime midwest but I did take a few and here they are~ my arms were shaky and tired so some are blurry and not exactly centered x u x if you’re one of these cosplayers let me know so I can tag you~

im still laughing over Jake from state farm. best cosplay, needs an award.

Commander Cosmo: @fracturedskeleton


One year after my original plan to finish this cosplay, i can finally say that Troll Tier Dave is complete! Ive been wanting to cosplay something that no one else has cosplayed yet, and ive always been inspired by the species swap au’s, but none of those au’s ever had a Dave in god tier( and to hell if i was going to pass up the chance to make wings for him). So i took my desire to cosplay Dave Strider and put a “you are making this way more complicated than it needs to be” twist on it. and after hours of staring at dozens different types of butterfly wings, my concept for Troll tier Dave was forcefully, but successfully pulled into existence.
more pictures of my sister and i ==>

Shout out to all the cool kids i met at Anime Midwest this year! Hopefully i will get a chance to see you around sometime ^^