Los signos como personajes de American Horror Story

Murder house:

Violet Hamon: Acuario♒

Tate langdon: Sagitario♐


Hermana jude:Tauro♉

Hermana mary eunice:Geminis♊

Lana winters:Libra♎



Madison Montgomery: Aries

Misty Day: Piscis♓

Freak show:

Dandy Mott: Cancer

Jimmy Darling: Capricornio ♑


The Countess: escorpio

Liz Taylor: Leo


acowar countdown challenge | favourite quote(s) | f e y s a n d

“I want you to know
that I am b r o k e n  and  h e a l i n g
but every piece of my heart belongs to you.

And I am
h o n o r e d -
honored to be your mate.”


Why couldn’t you have left well enough alone? You were happy.
2.20 // What Is and What Should Never Be