Anyone want to do a chat tonight?

Thinking about doing one, but I would like to get a few people’s thoughts and see if they can come first before saying I am going to do one. Let me know! Send a message or whatever you would like to do to let me know. If not, no pressure. We can always do it another night. 

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americanslothamericanpsycho asked:

Hi there! First thing I want to say is that this blog is wonderful. A++ job! Next I was wondering if you could help me out. I'm a kid who is just getting into comics, and I really feel as though I don't have the ability to get news on what's going to happen or on new comic lines or any thing. Is there any place you know of that I can get news or somthing? Sorry I I'm bugging you with this.

Hello! and thank you :D

The sites I use are:

In tumblr I follow  towritecomicsonherarms not a comics news per se but i recommend it.