Ellen DeGeneres & her beautiful wife Portia de Rossi enjoyed time away from work with a dinner in West Hollywood.
#Ellen made one thing clear and another thing unclear … #RyanSeacrest is a workaholic who may or may not become the host of the “ #AmericanIdol ” reboot.
Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi were leaving Crossroads Kitchen in WeHo Friday when TMZ photog connected the dots, knowing that Seacrest was inside the restaurant at the same time. Ellen and Seacrest are tight, so it’s not a big leap to conclude the 2 broke vegan bread together.
So the questions … Is she open to an “Idol” gig? Did Seacrest say he was open? Ellen is open to answer only one of those questions.
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Dear American Idol Casting Directors,  

I have received many phone calls and emails begging me to try out in front of the executive producers of the show in the past couple months. I’m not interested.

LAST YEAR I was interested, and I tried out but you DIDN’T WANT ME, I wasn’t “contemporary enough” and being transgender wasn’t such a hot issue in the media like it is now. This year, I see what American Idol is all about, another pre-casted show, that’s looking for “singers” to boost their ratings, and now they just need that TOKEN TRANS person for America to gossip about, to hype up the show.

I realized that YOU ONLY WANT ME BECAUSE I’M A TRANSGENDER PERSON who happens to be a singer, not because I’M A SINGER WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE TRANSGENDER, and because of that I’m not interested.

This year you picked me because you WANT SOMEONE THAT’S TRANSGENDER and you don’t want someone “that people might make fun of, or [someone] who looks too much like they are men who transitioned to women, or [that] look FAKE or GIMMICKY.” You said you don’t want a transgender person “WHO STICKS OUT LIKE A SORE THUMB.” You also referred to trans people as “MEN IN DRESSES” and “TRANSGENDERS.” That is very ignorant, and transphobic.

You told me that American Idol wants “sexual BLONDE GIRLS who are DUMB” and “BLACK GIRLS who are DRAMATIC.” That is sexist and racist.

I questioned you wether the show was a singing show or not and you said that “IT’S A TV SHOW.”

You said “people don’t really make it in music anymore cause there’s nothing to sell, cause now you are a commodity.” To quote my hero Macklemore, “If I’d have done it for the money I’d have been a [bleep] lawyer.” I told you that making music that’s TRUE is what’s the most important thing to me. I don’t want my music controlled by American Idol or any other show, I WANT TO STAY TRUE in my art FOR MY FANS.

I feel that American Idol would EXPLOIT me and maybe exploit the TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY for the purposes of TV ratings and profit. That’s not the right reason to go on television, and that’s not the right thing to do for my community. If it was purely an educational program, and not some overly sensationalized show than I would totally do it.

American Idol isn’t punk rock, punk rock is about being honest, and American Idol isn’t honest. It’s mostly pre-casted, and deep down, it probably isn’t even about singing anymore.

I reject your invitation to SELL OUT. After all, I’m a SINGER, who just happens to be transgender.

Thank you.

Love, Ryan Cassata

howtophotograph: @daltonrapattoni is a friend of mine, known him since he was in a band at the age of 13. When he finished @americanidol ’s final season we wanted to capture who Dalton really was, not what the network pushed for ratings. Because of that I took him to a hilltop in East LA (away from the typical LA spots) and we shot. We didn’t make rules up, didn’t plan ahead, didn’t invite a stylist of any kind and let this be 100% Dalton by Dalton for Dalton fans. He wore one of his favorite shirts, grabbed his jacket and we photographed until the sunset and into the night. For this particular shot… I grabbed a @paulcbuffinc #alienbees head, put a grid (20 degrees) on it and used one of their battery packs. I used the lowest setting, because we didn’t want to overpower the setting sun. The 🌞illuminated the dry weeds, and the strobe made sure his face wasn’t a silhouette. Simple set ups are the best… Because I’ve known him for many years, I am familiar with his angles and when he tunes out on me. That’s a plus and a minus! For this particular image I remember telling him that I was still “adjusting my settings”. That allowed Dalton to relax and have a moment where he looked off to the side, pondering (probably thinking of where we should eat after the shoot). That’s my favorite way to capture a known personality - to show a side of them never before seen, when they’re not ON for the camera. That’s the Dalton I know! He’s the guy who watches one YouTube video after another, on all subjects pertaining to the world, music, politics, life, etc…he thinks and thinks, always wondering. That’s the story behind this image. My message: get to know your subjects. You’ll get so much more that way. 📸 @walid.azami

[30012017] Elliot Yamin’s IG Update with Youngjae:

It’s been 10 years since I’ve been to the Pasadena civic auditorium…10 years since the green mile on @americanidol season 5…thanks so much for inviting @sanjoyd @russellali12 & I out the #got7 show tonight!…great to finally meet you!..and thanks to ALL your fans for the incredible amount of love and support this past week!..welcome to ALL you new followers! #WaitForYou #Obvi #YoungJae #Sanjoy #ElliottYamin