🌀Wow, American Apparel really is getting in on the #TennisSkirtTwirl after all! 💘
@aakorea posted this fantastic video of @littleoyster twirling in 4 different AA Tennis Skirt colors in a row! She has a super cute dance, and even manages the never before seen Tennis Skirt Twirl-Into-a-Curtsy! 😍
Featuring the American Beauty (red)🔴, best selling classic White⚪️, Patriot Blue (navy)🌌, and the Navy Ombré Print (gradient)◼️🌌🔳🌌 American Apparel Tennis Skirts.
@aakorea’s post says this was located in AA Los Angeles (and it looks like their factory, judging by the floor and background).
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Usually I don’t post sketches, because of reasons :’D I wanted to post these though, because this morning I sent away the portfolio & sketchbook ^^ I think I didn’t get anyone’s likeliness 100% right and some sketches are way messier than others :’D But anyways… I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while. A little tiny thank you for all the wonderful people who have been in my streams regularly lately or even right from the start (you know who you are). I’m not good with this stuff, but I wanted to say thank you, so much! Thanks for being patient with me, for your neverending support and kind words, for being so much fun to be around, for making my Saturday evenings awesome and for sharing your wonderful OCs (not only the ones I’ve drawn, all of them!!) <3

Mah’ri belongs to @iio-in-thedas, Rhys belongs to @mlp-micoo, Freya belongs to @freya-theirondragon, Athessa belongs to @americanbeauty-americansidehoe, Nemo belongs to @ananjoart, Pulse belongs to @mynameisryder, Dwyte belongs to @official-vatermoerder, Tehanon belongs to @anneappelschnut, Da’nehn belongs to @da-nehn, Aura belongs to @hobbithase, and Pixy belongs to @cherrypikkins (sorry that I had to put Pixy below, tumblr only allows 10 pics per photoset :’D).

Again, thank you so much, and I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your sons and daughters for sketching practise ^^

Strengths & Flaws Meme

Character Strengths & Flaws        

↳ Bold what applies to your muse!

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Tamlen Lavellan


moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty | unlucky | over analytical


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

I tag @iio-in-thedas, @nachtvater, @mlp-micoo, @americanbeauty-americansidehoe, @sketchyelvenass, @freya-theirondragon, @cherrypikkins, @sakurabunnie, @dea-stenger, @arlathmasiha, and anyone else who sees this and would like to do this (and because I’m terrible and always forget to tag people who should definitely do this for their ocs :’D).

I was tagged by @moon-and-ash thank you! :D

Post 10 of my favorite characters from different fandoms, in no particular order, and tag 10 people:

  1. Vivec (Morrowind)
  2. Paarthurnax (Skyrim)
  3. Pierce (Saints Row)
  4. Varric (Dragon Age)
  5. Captain Flint (Black Sails)
  6. Queen Ayrenn (ESO)
  7. Guybrush Threepwood (Monkey Island)
  8. Lorenor Zoro (One Piece)
  9. Captain Jack Harkness(Torchwood)
  10. Spike (Buffy/Angel)

I’m tagging @elvenbeard @anneappelschnut @dea-stenger @mlp-micoo @americanbeauty-americansidehoe @freya-theirondragon @iio-in-thedas @ananjoart @netherwraith @crashed-down-in-a-hurricane


I am so excited to be reunited with @americanbeautiful she is a phenomenal cosplayer and a dear friend to me in the short time I’ve known her. She makes a beautiful Mabel to my dorky Gideon and I can’t help but get excited to know I am going to get work with her again, next weekend.

Be sure to check out: @random_fandomz_channel

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