😱"He cheated, you stayed, he cheated again, now what?“😱

Poor you. Yes you, who has reported my last illustration one more time… You have nothing else to do?

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anonymous asked:

Hi could you do some blog rec?

Hello there! Of course I can do some blog recommendations! 

Since my blog has become 90% Robron over the past few months, I have a feeling you’re looking for some Robron blogs to follow, so here we go.

Some of these are only Emmerdale/Robron related, but some also post about other fandoms :)

@gargoyles42, @robertsvictorias, @stendun, @memorieswarm, @isabellaofparma, @lizzzzoo, @dingleautomotives, @amandaseyfried, @robertjacob, @the-one-that-turned-you-gay, @sugdensquad, @fangirlqueen87, @darlingrick, @captain-original-sin, @robertsuggers, @diaryofatvaddict (& also her main blog @fairytalesdonthaveendings)

Also, for Robron art you should totally check out @scrapyardboyfriends, cause her art is simply amazing!

So yeah, I guess that’s it for now. I’m probably forgetting a few blogs that I really like, but this is what I can think of right now :)