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Being a superhero means routinely saving the world from villains that would plunder, conquer, or destroy it — but is preservation of the world a superhero’s only obligation? Shouldn’t they also work to improve it? Thanks to their experiences in the Avengers and “Civil War II,” three young heroes — Ms Marvel, Nova and Spider-Man (A.

What we get to know from this, so you don’t have to deal with CBR’s new, “You wanna one article? Too bad, here is our entire content one after another!” unreadable format:

* There is a lot of friction between Kamala, Miles and Sam, as the result of Civil War II.

* Amadeus acts like he’s the team leader, even though he probably wouldn’t be, if they put it to vote. Makes sense to me, since by current canonical ages he is the oldest and quite frankly acting as everyone’s guardian (he is 19 and everyone else is around 16). He is also sponsoring their adventures.

* Viv and Amadeus are fun to write together for Waid, because “she’s all id and he’s all superego”.

* Everyone is aware that Cyclops can grow up into his controversial adult version. But since most of them were against predictive justice in Civil War II, they’d feel like hypocrites for holding his future self’s actions against him.

* Champions will be hopping more across the globe and dealing with all kinds of injustice. Not just supervillains, but people who try to make the world worse or stop change for the better in any way. The stories will be less about punching and more character-based.

* They don’t care what other superhero teams think about them. But that doesn’t mean those supers won’t come after them.

anonymous asked:

top five movie, books, fanfictions and song atm

That’s… 20 things! But this is exciting :3


1. La Haine
2. Creation
3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (did u think I was highbrow m8)
4. Le Roi Danse
5, Amadeus (it’s a fun film ok)


1. Mrs Dalloway - Virginia Woolf
2. Women in Love - DH Lawrence
3. King Lear - William Shakespeare
4. Possession - AS Byatt
5. A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett (for childhood memories’ sake)


1. St Elsewhere - Crackberries
2. We Are as Mayflies - not sure about author and it got deleted anyway even though it was about fairies and I love fairies :(

I can’t think of any others tbh - I haven’t read a long fic in over a year so I’m out of ideas


1. Erlkönig - Franz Schubert
2. Der Lindenbaum - Franz Schubert
3. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - Queen
4. The Wilderness - SS Wesley
5. In the Still of the Night - The Five Satins

Thanks for asking, anon! I hope you’re not too horrified by my weird taste in… everything :P