*almost transparent

“My take on Queenie was I wanted her clothes to be transparent, like you thought you could see through them, but you can’t.”
Colleen Atwood explains of Alison Sudol’s legilimens.
“They’re the kind of clothes that guys are always wondering what’s underneath and she’s sort of a tease in that way, and distracts people with that magic while she’s doing her other magic. Very feminine, very light, and almost transparent, but not quite.”


Tag your future starter I’ll get Wood wood owl (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧  (8


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people 


A list of #RMBooks 📚👓

● Me Before You
● 해변의 카프카
● 상실의 시대
● 우리가 어느 별에서
● 밤 열한 시
● 월든
● Norwegian Wood
● The Stranger
● The Catcher in the rye
● Almost Transparent Blue
● 지금 알고 있는 걸 르때도 알았다라면
● 하늘과 바람과 별과 시
● 사랑하라 한번도 상처받지 않은 것처럼
● 한입코끼리
● 당신을 응원하는 누군가
● Demian by Hermann Hesse
● 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami
● Man Box by Tony Porter

Thats all I could find 😊😊

Photos: credit to owners

  • me: i adore matt holt
  • fandom: *blows matt the fuck up shipping him with virtually EVERY male character on the damn show (besides hunk hmmm i wonder why), draws fetishy noncon prisoner porn of him, essentially makes him out to be a twinky cismale pidge, making him LEAGUES more popular than she is/will ever be despite having three goddamn lines and less than two minutes of total screentime in the entire fucking series so far*
  • me: nvm have i mentioned how much i don';t give a shit about matt holt

The beginning of a long journey


Plant of the Day

Sunday 26 February 2017

Chimonanthus praecox (wintersweet) has been cultivated in China for more than 1,000 years. It was appreciated for its fragrance, with many parts of the plant being rich in essential oils for culinary and medicinal purposes. The outer petals (tepals) are waxy, almost transparent, while the inner tepals are smaller and usually purplish. The flowers defy the cold of winter and mine (a bargain clearance at my local garden centre) has been flowering since January and is still filling the garden with fragrance. There is a cultivar, Chimonanthus praecox ‘Luteus’ (wintersweet) (lower images), which has slightly larger flowers and yellow inner tepals.

Jill Raggett