The reason I love All Time Low so much is because they don’t romanticise things like self harm and relapsing like in ‘Missing You’ they say ‘the day will come when you can’t cover up what you’ve done’ like they’re genuinely worried about their fans and are letting them know that if they carry on things will only get worse. And the lines ‘don’t lose your fight kid’ and ‘it only takes a little push to pull on through’ are so supportive they just feel like a big hug. All Time Low are genuinely the band that has gotten me and so many others through so many tough times and they will always be my favourite band for this reason. 

All Time Low: We’re doing an Arena Tour…

All Time Low: It’s going to be a co-headliner with You Me At Six…

All Time Low: One of the dates is at Wembley arena… oh and p.s we’re filming a new DVD there

All Time Low: We’re going to star in a little movie called ‘fangirl’ about a teenager who is obsessed with a band’s music. ironic or what?

All Time Low: The movie stars Kiernan Shipka, and Meg Ryan, are we cool now or wut?

All Time Low: Oh and P.S.S. we have a new album coming out.

All Time Low: It comes out in April… and oh look… it’s called Future Hearts and the cover art and track-list for it have already been leaked…

All Time Low: We’re doing an American spring tour

All Time Low: This tour we’re taking Tonight Alive, State Champs and Issues along to support us

All Time Low: But also, Jack and Alex are hosting the APMA’s, lets get drunk and fuck shit up

All Time Low: Oh we also starred in a burger commercial

All Time Low: And hey look, remember that album we mentioned, we’ve already released the first single from it, enjoy that shit and pre-order it and there may be another single released soon

All Time Low: P.S.S.S We already released the video for that track, check it out. Oh and also we’re filming some stuff in Manchester.

All Time Low: P.S.S.S.S If that’s not enough, we’re off to Australia now…

Alex Gaskarth: BUT… P.S.S.S.S.S. Before we goo… I’m engaged!, I just needed to drop another little bomb on y’all before we left. Cya.

All Time Low: Oh but also here’s another track, from ‘Future Hearts’ this ones called Kids in the Dark, have the video for that shit too why don’t ya

All Time Low: but that’s not all we’re doing some shows and signings for future hearts, c’yall there. And p.s.s we released a live video shot in Manchester for ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

All Time Low: That Wembley show came around… and Josh Franceschi and Cassadee Pope came out to support.

All Time Low: but hey there’s more, here’s another track from Future Hearts for your sincere pleasure, this ones called ‘Runaways’

Fandom: …….. cannot ahndle this.

All Time Low: … Bound to release more shit and it’s only March.