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2017 MTV Movie & T.V Awards Red Carpet



20-21. lois lane & chloe sullivan (smallville)

“Lois, you don’t need to Tom Sawyer me. We’re family. Just tell me when to be there.”

Zaczynam myśleć, że nie istnieją słowa, które mogłyby sprawić, że mnie zapragniesz.
Niemniej jednak miłością nazywam to, co czuję do Ciebie w głębi serca.
To słowa jakiejś piosenki, ale nie pamiętam, kto ją śpiewał: życie jest zbyt piękne, by żyć samemu.
—  Allison P e a r s o n “Myślę, że Cię kocham”

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this is really vague but for a prompt, the gangsey meeting the foxes.

Does anybody remember this?



I have this hc that even though Adam could get into an Ivy League of his choice, my humble son wouldn’t go that route. So, where better to go than Palmetto State University. (For the purpose of these hc’s y’all hush and just go with it

It’s after a game that Adam and his friends get invited to a party by some Vixens. The team’s there, and that’s how Adam meets the Foxes

He and Neil hit it off. Neil doesn’t like people, and interacting with anyone other than his team doesn’t usually end will, but when he meets Adam, there’s this aura about him that piques Neil’s interest. Adam doesn’t talk much but his words mean more bc theyre so succinct and to the point and Neil appreciates that. They become fast friends and the rest is history.

Fast forward to final championships that year and Adam goes to every Foxes game now, but he invites Blue, Gansey, and Henry bc they hadnt been too far away and Ronan didn’t mind coming down to visit

The Foxes win against the Trojans and theyre on top of the world, every last one of them, bc they know for sure that they are a /good/ team that plays fair and well and wins bc they can and not bc they have a point to prove


a win means celebrations and the foxes/vixen clan along with all of PSU dont disappoint, and well, bc Adam and Neil are so close Neil texts Adam and asks where he is when he doensn’t see him near him, and then Adam brings his squad over 

and at this point everyones kind of adopted Adam bc if he were at all athletically inclined, he’d make a great Fox, but that doesnt mean he isnt welcome amongst them, esp when they’d gotten the chance to get to know him better


he introduces the team to his friends and the gangsey is kind of awestruck as to how Adam managed to become so close to /The Foxes/ and well

Henry’s fangirling over p much everyone but he and Allison hit it off p quickly once the initial introductions are over with 

and I know yall like the idea of Gansey and Kevin bonding over being history buffs but pls consider - Gansey being able to keep up with Kevin, drinkwise and Kevin being horribly impressed when Gansey can hold a conversation with the same amount of alcohol in his system as Kevin who is literally about to pass out then and there 

Ronan and Andrew. Just - I…oh boi, ok. 

They hate each other, not in an Andreil way, but like…they both exude this aura of danger and either of the are fiercely protective of their respective families and they dont trust the other

But Adam and Neil get along so well, and they are so similar that once they get past the initial wariness around each other they bond really well over knives and cars and their boyfriends 

iliknnvlkfjk let me live you idiots

also for your consideration Blue and Dan’s relationship? the absolute badassery they both exude and revel in my feminist daughters not about to put up with anyones shit 

also imagine the wonder  on everyones faces when they meet a girl shorter (as short as??) than the twins  

also consider Blue on Matt’s shoulders bc WHY NOT 


Smallville: 10x14 - Masquerade (02.18.2011)

Pierwsza miłość jest najgłębsza. Człowiek nie zakochuje się tak po prostu; człowiek traci głowę. Zupełnie jakby tonął, ale myśl o tym, że ktoś może cię uratować, jest przerażająca. Później przychodzi czas na kolejne miłości, lecz tylko ta pierwsza oddycha razem z tobą.
—  Allison P e a r s o n “Myślę, że Cię kocham”
Prawdę powiedziawszy, to zadziwiające, jak wiele wiemy o ludziach, których nawet nie znamy.
—  Allison P e a r s o n “Myślę, że Cię kocham”
Paily anchor to another, a suggestion/opinion

I heard what happened yesterday in pretty litt/e liArs.
I just wanted to say- please be prepared for disappointment. Be ready for it to get snatched away and be hurt and used when/if they break up. You know how M/K is. She will probably end up making emisOn endgame out of fanservice, so on. It looks like M/K messed up romantic emisOn with that storyline though. I know how it feels to be given something I thought was so amazing, for then to be suddenly taken away, and you where being used all along.

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Chlollie Appreciation Week

Day 1 -  Chlollie + the moment or scene you started to ship them 

. 6.04 - Arrow:  “He’s a modern day Robin Hood.”
. 6.05 - Reunion: Chlollie first meeting. 

Muzyka sięga tam, gdzie nie sięga język; przenika pancerz, za którym kryje się zraniona dusza.
—  Allison P e a r s o n “Myślę, że Cię kocham”

ok this came to me when i was rereading the part where Neil draws fox pawx on his notes and also because im a self indulgent loser who actally studies architecture so hear me out

Neil always draws stuff randomly and he just does it for the heck of it

but then Nicky sees his notebook full of sketches of the foxes


  • dan and matt laughing
  • renee and allison sitting by the bleachers
  • then nicky sees a sketch of himself with a bunch of magazines around him
  • he wasn’t crying shut up
  • kevin in gear 
  • kevin in his bed reading history books
  • and a lot more kevin
  • but then andrew
  • andrew’s were just so detailed and there were doens of them and 
  • fuck
  • nicky has to share this

so word got around that Neil is actually amazing and Nicky has pictures as proof

afterwards Renee and Allison came p to him to talk about the palmetto Architecture and Design Program

Neil was hesitant at first but decided to try and make a portfolio 

his portfolio consisted of sketches of people when wymack fond out that Neil submitted a portrait of him he did not smile at all and some artworks of Wymacks apartment, abby’s office, the court you fucking junkie then some floor plans that he came up himself

due to being on the run for most of his life, he’s been to dozens of houses and apartments and condos and practically anything a person can live in so his designs were spot on

  • there were enough windows and they were all properly placed
  • the doors were as well
  • the dimensions of the rooms were the standard sizes
  • he just tried to remember all the houses he’s been to without trying to remember his mom
  • safety precautions were all considered because thats what his mom always checks first before moving in
  • and basically he’s just got it all down 

and when the university staff heard of it they were ecstatic because there havent been any athletes who took up Architecture (its very time consuming and so fucking exhausting trust me) so Neil would be like a trial

but he wasn’t failing

he was actually at the top of his class ??

Kevin helps him with History of architecture and quizes him during night practices (one mistake = an hour extended practice)

Nicky helps him with the finance side of things, the cost of the materials and whats trending and whats not

Matt is basically just someone he can rant to whenever he’s feellng too stressed and matt lets him vent out bec he’s such a nice guy and an awesome friend

Renee gives him tps on how to talk with his professors in order to understand what needs to be done and just helps him with taking to people tbh bec Neil doesnt talk to anyone who wasnt a fox 

Allison was the voice of honest opinions and he’d show her his work for her to critic on (why the fuck did you think that putting a leather couch in a walk in closet was a fucking good idea?)

and andrew just helps him remember all the laws and provisions in designing structures and also stays up wth neil when he needs to finish a plate or project thats due the next day

and the exy world heard of this they were all impressed


how could he manage?!

some exy players could barely handle simple courses..

and he took up Architecture?!?!

and basically everyone just stares at Neil in awe when Neil graduated with honors while at the same time being the captain of the Foxes

in the crowd you can hear Nicky’s shameless cheers and Dan and Matt’s proud tears for their son

wymack wasnt crying there was a fly in his eye