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20-21. lois lane & chloe sullivan (smallville)

“Lois, you don’t need to Tom Sawyer me. We’re family. Just tell me when to be there.”


Chlollie Appreciation Week

Day 1 -  Chlollie + the moment or scene you started to ship them 

. 6.04 - Arrow:  “He’s a modern day Robin Hood.”
. 6.05 - Reunion: Chlollie first meeting. 


Imagine Stiles feeling really guilty about Allison’s death.

>p<“It’s all my fault, I killed Allison” cried Stiles. “No, Stiles, you didn’t kill her, it was void Stiles who did and he’s not you. You had no control over that. No one couldn’t have done anything to save her.” you replied sweetly, wiping tears off of Stiles’ cheeks. “Then why do I feel terrible and alone?” muttered Stiles. “You are not alone, you will never be alone, you’ll always have me and Scott. You can always talk to us about these things. Just please stop feeling bad about yourself. Please Stiles.” you said wrapping your arms around Stiles’ neck. Seeing Stiles cry makes you also cry, it’s hard seeing one of your best friends feeling terrible without feeling the same pain as them. You couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Stiles and all you wanted to do was help, you just had no idea how. 

>p<“What can I do to help Stiles?” you offered as he cried on your shoulder. “C-can we go to A-Allison’s grave? I wanna say goodbye t-to her, Say I-I’m sorry.” Stiles requested. “Of course Stiles, we can go now if you want?” Stiles nodded as he carried on sniffling and wiping the salty tears from under his eyes. 

>p<You arrived at the grave, you’ve only seen the grave once but you could never really look at it properly because you couldn’t handle the pain of losing your first best friend in beacon Hills. Allison was the one who helped you around the town and school and she was the one who introduced you to the pack. you wouldn’t have met the pack without Allison and now she’s gone. You were never seeing her ever again and that hurt you so much, even just thinking about it hurt.

>p<”Do you want me to stay with you? Or do you want to be alone with Allison?” you asked Stiles. “Can you please stay? I don’t want to do this alone” sniffled Stiles. You walked over to Stiles until you were side by side. Stiles reached for your hand and you tightly held it. He looked at you and you softly nodded your head. “So, Allison, we miss you and w-we’re really sorry about your death. Beacon Hills will never be the same without you. I-I’m so sorry, I should’ve d-done something to help you. It’a a-all my fault. We love you, Allison.” Stiles turns to you and begins crying again, he looks at you while you quietly sob, he wraps his arms around your waist and you both cry your eyes out. You never knew loss would be this hard. 

>p<”W-we should go back, i-it’s getting pretty late now.” you said. Stiles nodded at you and you sat through the whole car journey in silence, complete silence. Even though Allison wasn’t physically there, she will always be there supporting us in everything we do. She will never be gone, never.

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A/N: This made me cry and I'm the one writing it. This turned out so sad but it’s probably one of my favorite imagines I’ve ever written. Ahhhhhhh anyway, I hope you guys are still enjoying my imagines, if you are, send me a quick message to let me know. Other than that, I love you guys and until next imagine xx

literally already planning my next like 4 tattoos


Smallville: 10x14 - Masquerade (02.18.2011)


ok this came to me when i was rereading the part where Neil draws fox pawx on his notes and also because im a self indulgent loser who actally studies architecture so hear me out

Neil always draws stuff randomly and he just does it for the heck of it

but then Nicky sees his notebook full of sketches of the foxes


  • dan and matt laughing
  • renee and allison sitting by the bleachers
  • then nicky sees a sketch of himself with a bunch of magazines around him
  • he wasn’t crying shut up
  • kevin in gear 
  • kevin in his bed reading history books
  • and a lot more kevin
  • but then andrew
  • andrew’s were just so detailed and there were doens of them and 
  • fuck
  • nicky has to share this

so word got around that Neil is actually amazing and Nicky has pictures as proof

afterwards Renee and Allison came p to him to talk about the palmetto Architecture and Design Program

Neil was hesitant at first but decided to try and make a portfolio 

his portfolio consisted of sketches of people when wymack fond out that Neil submitted a portrait of him he did not smile at all and some artworks of Wymacks apartment, abby’s office, the court you fucking junkie then some floor plans that he came up himself

due to being on the run for most of his life, he’s been to dozens of houses and apartments and condos and practically anything a person can live in so his designs were spot on

  • there were enough windows and they were all properly placed
  • the doors were as well
  • the dimensions of the rooms were the standard sizes
  • he just tried to remember all the houses he’s been to without trying to remember his mom
  • safety precautions were all considered because thats what his mom always checks first before moving in
  • and basically he’s just got it all down 

and when the university staff heard of it they were ecstatic because there havent been any athletes who took up Architecture (its very time consuming and so fucking exhausting trust me) so Neil would be like a trial

but he wasn’t failing

he was actually at the top of his class ??

Kevin helps him with History of architecture and quizes him during night practices (one mistake = an hour extended practice)

Nicky helps him with the finance side of things, the cost of the materials and whats trending and whats not

Matt is basically just someone he can rant to whenever he’s feellng too stressed and matt lets him vent out bec he’s such a nice guy and an awesome friend

Renee gives him tps on how to talk with his professors in order to understand what needs to be done and just helps him with taking to people tbh bec Neil doesnt talk to anyone who wasnt a fox 

Allison was the voice of honest opinions and he’d show her his work for her to critic on (why the fuck did you think that putting a leather couch in a walk in closet was a fucking good idea?)

and andrew just helps him remember all the laws and provisions in designing structures and also stays up wth neil when he needs to finish a plate or project thats due the next day

and the exy world heard of this they were all impressed


how could he manage?!

some exy players could barely handle simple courses..

and he took up Architecture?!?!

and basically everyone just stares at Neil in awe when Neil graduated with honors while at the same time being the captain of the Foxes

in the crowd you can hear Nicky’s shameless cheers and Dan and Matt’s proud tears for their son

wymack wasnt crying there was a fly in his eye


“i hate goodbyes”

I’ll Never Be Her. (Isaac Lahey/Teen Wolf Imagine)

Request: Hey! I have request. Could u write about Isaac Lahey where he meets y/n in Paris after Allison’s death. And y/n looks like Allison (like Natalie Portman and Kira Knightley) when y/n finds a photo of Allison it hurts her. P.s. I’m in love with your writing! ❤️ P.p.s. Sorry for my English

For those who don’t know, I’ll be taking a two week hiatus after Wednesday July 20th since I am getting teeth extractions then I’ll be getting braces. I hope you guys don’t mind that I won’t be writing imagines for that time. 

Your English is totally fine! Thank you for enjoying my imagines! I also decided to make the reader, (Y/N), a doppelganger of Allison’s. I hope you don’t mind… 

I hope you enjoy!

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You met Isaac while you were searching for a book about werewolves to research and find explanations about the attacks in Beacon Hills. “Anything but Twilight.” You told the storekeeper who kept shoving the saga into your hands. You even said the phrase in French but the woman still didn’t budge. You decided to find a book for yourself and disappeared into the bookshelves. Isaac entered the store after he saw your dark hair dissolve into the abyss of the books. Your body movements told him that you were Allison, a girl he loved deeply but she was taken away from him by the blade of the Oni. 

He followed you inside and found you attempting to reach for a novel that laid on the highest shelf. “Let me get that for you.” He told her as he reached up to achieve the book. You turned and gave him a grateful look. And sure enough, you looked exactly like Allison. He handed the book to you, still in shock, as he introduced himself as, “Isaac… Lahey.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L).” 

It didn’t take long for Isaac to fall in love with you. He didn’t share with you that you looked exactly like the girl he lost. Maybe your looks definitely added to his interest, but it was your personality that sealed the deal for the young werewolf. He kept you a secret from Chris, as he knew that it would hurt Chris to see another girl that looked just like his daughter. 

The two of you found the forest to be place to just hide and get away from the world. “Do you know how to use this?” He asked you, showing her the bow and arrow that used to belong to Allison. 

You gave him a questioning look before answering, “Actually yeah. I don’t think I’m any good, though.” You picked up the weaponry and readied the arrow. “Where would you like me to shoot?” 

“At me.” Isaac replied. 

You put the bow down and gave him a strange look. “Isaac, I don’t want to kill you. My skills are intermediate, I don’t necessarily think it’s a good idea to have me, a novice, shoot at you.”

“Trust me, you won’t hit me.” Isaac thought it was time to tell you he was a werewolf. Your relationship was built on acceptance and love; the first two weeks of you dating, you actually found out about his deceased girlfriend and you told him that you didn’t want to push him into a relationship but he told you he wanted to be with you still. 

You sighed as you readied the bow and arrow once more. “Are you sure?” You questioned and he nodded. You let the arrow go and closed your eyes. Maybe he had some death wish and you just granted him it? How would you explain that to his foster father, whom you have not even met? You didn’t hear a body drop, however. You opened your eyes and saw Isaac holding the arrow firmly with his eyes flashing yellow. 

“Told you.” 

He explained to you that his foster father had left back to their hometown and he invited you over to the apartment they lived at. It was a sweet, homey apartment that was a little messy but then again what home wasn’t messy especially with two men living in it? 

Isaac excused himself to get the both of you refreshments and you found yourself admiring the photographed that were framed and hung. But a picture caught your eye. A girl, who looked exactly like you, was laughing along next to Isaac while they were all surrounded by a group of people, all about the same age as one another. They must’ve been friends back in his hometown but there was no explanation for that girl who bore similar looks to you. 

You kept looking and there she was again, this time next to an older man, who you presumed was her father. Then you looked onto the coffee table and sure enough there was that girl again, but this time it said her name. Allison Argent. 

You picked up the photograph to see that on the back of it was a service. “Hey, I didn’t know-” Isaac’s sentence fell short. “(Y/N)-” 

“Was she your girlfriend that died?” You asked, your voice quivering as the tears threatened to fall. Did he love you because you looked like her? Was it all because you just reminded him of her? “Isaac, why does she look like me?” 

“I don’t know.” He admitted. “But yeah, Allison was my girlfriend that passed away.” 

“Did you kill her?” You questioned. He gave you a hurt look. “You’re a werewolf. Did you kill her?”

“I love her, of course I didn’t kill her!” Isaac exclaimed. 

A sob escaped your mouth. Love. He still had feelings for her. Isaac’s brow furrowed as he realized what just came out of his mouth. Yes. He still loves Allison… He never had a proper farewell to her. She was his first love and no one truly stops loving their first love. 

“Is she why you wanted to know if I used a bow and arrow? Are you trying to turn me into her? Isaac, I’ll Never Be Her.” You sobbed and fell into the couch with your head in your hands. 

Without a second thought, Isaac sits by you and puts his arms around you. He tried to soothe you and whispered sweet nothings to you but you just continued to sob. 

“She was my first love.” He explained. “She died saving her best friend. I never got a goodbye. And then I saw you at the bookstore in Paris, I thought you looked just like her. I thought it was fate telling me that I could have a second chance with Allison again and then it turned out you weren’t Allison.” 

“Disappointed?” You questioned, your cries becoming quieter. 

Isaac shook his head. “I didn’t care that you looked like her or you weren’t like her. Yeah, I still love her. Losing someone the way I lost her, you’d still love that person no matter what. But I know she’d want me to move on and find happiness in someone else. And I’ve found happiness again. I found love again. I found myself again because of you.” You peered up at him and his sparkling blue eyes. “I love you, maybe even more than I love Allison.” 

You gave him a small smile. “I love you too, Isaac.”