arthurdarvill  asked:

jeff/annie :)


  • yells at the other for leaving wet towels on the bed
    • annie. jeff is such a slob sometimes.
  • whines when the other forgets what they wanted after going grocery shopping
    • jeff. so needy.
  • leaves five half drank bottles of water in their room
    • jeff.
  • initiates a quickie while at somewhere they shouldn’t
    • annie, surprisingly enough (or is it).
  • surprises the other with their favorite fast food for dinner
    • jeff. he’s a huge romantic dork when he wants to.
  • is massively hungover after celebrating their anniversary
    • annie. once caroline decker from corpus christi, always caroline decker from corpus christi.
  • argues for double stuffed Oreos over regular
    • annie. (”but annie! so many calories!”)
  • buys $200 worth of baby things after finding out they’re expecting
    • you’d think it’d be annie but haha jeff is NOT about to screw this up.
  • insists that they each get their own popcorn at the cinema
    • annie. otherwise she’d be left with none.

James got called out…

#FINDYOURNERVE @alisonbrie I see your challenge and I raise you @JamesRoday @dpanabaker @adelsteinPaul 24 hours GO!! pic.twitter.com/Nvrm0x7ZZf

…and accepted the challenge:

A video posted by @jamesroday on Jul 23, 2016 at 1:13am PDT

#FINDYOURNERVE @officialjguill @juliannaguill dared me to sing in public. I dedicate this ballad to @alisonbrie and #davefranco. I now challenge @dulehill @zacharylevi and @omundson. Suck it. Or Sing it.

A video posted by @jamesroday on Jul 23, 2016 at 1:13am PDT