I know there’s a myriad of good reasons why L chose the name ‘Asahi’ for Soichiro and Light’s aliases, most of them having something to do with Light:

1, ‘Asahi’ (朝日), meaning ‘morning sun’, stood as an antonym to ‘Yagami’, meaning ‘Night god’

2, ‘Asahi Light’ is a brand of beer commonly sold in Japan and other select countries, making Light’s alias difficult for search engines while also taking the everloving piss. Clever, considering his unique original name was easy enough for Misa to search up.

3, ‘Asahi-Lite’ is a company that sells lenses, which covers bases for anyone who spells it differently (see also 2).

4, ‘Asahi Light Metal’ is another company, dealing mostly in metal stamping (see also 2).

5, ‘Asahi Light’ can be loosely translated to ‘Light Morningstar’ - reminiscent of Lucifer (the Devil), called the Morning Star. L’s enough of a shit that I wouldn’t put it past him to have this in mind.

But here’s a sixth:

A Japanese neologism is the verb ‘Asahiru’ - 朝日る - spelt the same way as above and derived from the ‘Asahi Shimbun’ (朝日新聞) newspaper, which means ‘to fabricate stories’, as in, to bullshit to fit your own narrative.

L is straight-up calling Light a liar.


What Alias means is: The most attractive quality in a person is compassion, jokes, and being absolutely shredded.

You guys voted on who my most attractive characters are, and the results are in! Gonna be really honest, for some reason I was not expecting Alias to win (and beat out Rinehart by a solid 5 points, at that!) I also wasn’t expecting Leadfoot to be in the top three (she was neck-in-neck with Rinehart up until the last possible second!!), but I’m completely THRILLED that she is ;w;

I’m going to list the honorable mentions (1 and 2 votes) below a cut cuz I want to remember who people voted for ;w; You guys voted for 39 DIFFERENT characters of mine, which is crazy, but also uh, ahem, is really flattering, I’m glad you guys like so many of them, and such a wide variety, too! :’’>

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Here is to my best friend:

You are my rock and my wall,
The keeper of my secrets and fears.

You are tough and kind,
You carry wisdom and patience,
And you’re empathic to the core.

You’re courageous and loving,
And even when I’m fired up
you know just what to say
to bring me back to being me.

Your laugh is one of the most contagious I know,
and just thinking about it makes me smile.
There never goes a time spent with you, that’s lacking of fun.

You’re the first one who made me comfortable to trust and open up like I did with you.
You carry one of the biggest hearts I know
And I’m impressed by all the love you give!

Whatever obstacles life throws at me,
I know I can always count on you!
Thank you for always being my number 2!

—  Alias
I am not like anyone you met before me
And I am not like anyone you’ll meet after me.
I am unique
And you will realize what you miss
when it’s too late.
—  Alias

Every time you stand behind me I wish you would kiss my neck,

Every time you sit beside me I wish you would take my hand,

Every time you look me in the eye I wish you would see how hard it is to hold myself together!

I’ve fallen as hard for you as anyone ever could,

And every thought of you makes my eyes light up,

Every look of you makes me melt,

Every touch of you starts a fire in my heart!

—  Alias