Fla. mom guilty of firing ‘warning shot’ at husband is freed
Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a single shot toward her husband, was freed as part of a plea deal.

In the meantime, I wonder how many abuse victims/survivors had to pick “not going to jail;” over protecting themselves and their family.

I am excited that she is at least home, despite my disgust that it even had to go this far…

list of people who’s bisexuality isn’t talked about enough

because let’s reclaim them. feel free to add your own, or message me to add them. i mean there’s no limits because no one’s bisexuality is ever talked about enough.

  • alexander the great
  • hans christian andersen
  • brett anderson
  • billie joe armstrong
  • babur
  • joan baez
  • james baldwin
  • azealia banks
  • drew barrymore
  • jean-michel basquiat
  • aphra behn
  • leonard bernstein
  • david bowie
  • marlon brando
  • rupert brooke
  • william s. burroughs
  • lord byron
  • caligula
  • neal cassady
  • cassanova
  • helene cixous
  • montgomery clift
  • joan crawford
  • aleister crowley
  • alan cumming
  • stephen daldry
  • clive davis
  • sammy davis jr.
  • james dean
  • simone de beauvoir
  • oscar de la renta
  • marquis de sade
  • marlene dietrich
  • daphne du maurier
  • carol ann duffy
  • isadora duncan
  • bret easton ellis
  • edward ii of england
  • ralph waldo emerson
  • raul esparza
  • marianne faithfull
  • fergie
  • gustave flaubert
  • michel foucault
  • megan fox
  • lady gaga
  • greta garbo
  • goldfrapp
  • cary grant
  • peggy guggenheim
  • alec guinness
  • nathaniel hawthorne
  • amber heard
  • katharine hepburn
  • christopher hitchens
  • craig revel horwood
  • duncan james
  • angelina jolie
  • grace jones
  • janis joplin
  • jack kerouac
  • frida khalo
  • alfred kinsey
  • calvin klein
  • ronnie kray
  • d.h. lawrence
  • lindsay lohan
  • katherine mansfield
  • margaret mead
  • herman melville
  • freddie mercury
  • george michael
  • edna st.vincent millay
  • brian molko
  • marilyn monroe
  • iris murdoch
  • paul newman
  • anais nin
  • cynthia nixon
  • richard o’brien
  • frank ocean
  • sinead o’connor
  • laurence olivier
  • amanda palmer
  • anna paquin
  • anthony perkins
  • edith piaf
  • cole porter
  • dee dee ramone
  • anthony rapp
  • lou reed
  • arthur rimbaud
  • lee ryan
  • sappho (funny, how we get sapphic from her name and lesbian from where she lived).
  • william shakespeare
  • pete shelley
  • sia
  • bryan singer
  • anna nicole smith
  • snooki
  • susan sontag
  • dusty springfield
  • michael stipe
  • steve strange
  • pete townshend
  • gore vidal
  • alice walker
  • evelyn waugh
  • pete wentz
  • patrick wolf
  • evan rachel wood
  • virginia woolf
  • malcolm x

Seafaring spiders depend on their ‘sails’ and 'anchors’

Spiders travel across water like ships, using their legs as sails and their silk as an anchor, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. The study helps explain how spiders are able to migrate across vast distances and why they are quick to colonise new areas.

Morito Hayashi, Mohammed Bakkali, Alexander Hyde, Sara L. Goodacre. Sail or sink: novel behavioural adaptations on water in aerially dispersing species. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2015; 15 (1) DOI: 10.1186/s12862-015-0402-5

Tetragnathid spider is using silk as anchor. Credit: Alex Hyde

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