32 years ago today...

… the ‘Mash' finale broadcast to an estimated 121.6 million viewers. This astonishing record remained unbroken until the Superbowl of 2010. So phenomenal was this televisual event that water boards reported partial shortages during the commercial breaks due to bathroom breaks, and mass screenings were arranged in public spaces throughout the world. Alan Alda even described the streets of Los Angeles as strangely quiet when the cast headed out for dinner after their special preview screening a brief time before the airtime, as the population had stayed at home to bid 'Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen' to the characters they had come to know and love.

Snape. Those who know me know as well that he is my favourite character of all time. And I finally felt ready to paint him…I feel so happy since this painting is as well a sign of a new start in my life. I’ve got my first job so this month was quite tough for me. I needed some time to make my peace and start to paint again…
So I must say that I’m glad that Snape helped me with it and from now on I’m going to paint a little everyday after work.

I hope you’ll like my work :)
Time: 10h
Media: St Petersburgh White Nights watercolours
Photo of one and only Alan Rickman

(Of course scanner sucks so much but oh well~)


yesterday i went to national museum of contemporary art with my sweetheart and had great fun!! the pics are taken on our cigarette break on the museum’s rooftop, the view was great 11/10 would recomand