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I thought of a Wizard of Oz au with Team 8 and Naruto. Hinata is Dorothy, Akamaru is Toto, Naruto is Scarecrow obviously, Shino is probably Tin man and Kiba is the Lion. Tsunade is most likely Glinda and Kaguya is the Wicked Witch of the West. Kakashi is definitely the 'Wizard'

That reminds me

A long time ago, back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and we thought the Uchiha Bros arc would give t8 the chance to do something other than look pretty and Kakashi replaced Kurenai for a minute, I did a T8/Wizard of Oz fanart that I never finished.


Naruto ending - Dreams come true edition

- Naruto: Becoming hokage (check)

- Sasuke: To resurect his clan (check)

- Sakura: Marrying Sasuke (check)

- Ino: Not loosing to Sakura when it comes to strengh and find love (check… at least the lover’s part)

- Chouji: To find a wife (check)

- Shikamaru: Being Naruto’s advisor (check)

- Hinata: To hold Naruto’s hand / Walk by his side as a wife (check)

- Neji: Freedom (check)

- Kiba: Being with Akamaru ‘til the end (check)

- Rock lee: To protect his ninja way (check)

- TenTen: Becoming a legendary kunoichi (I’m still waiting, Kishimoto ¬¬)

Reika is a smart, talented and beautiful girl. but everything changes when a girl named Itoko comes to school; an even more intelligent, talented and beautiful girl.
To prove to everyone that she is much better person that Itoko, Reika joins to a “temporary housing Brigade” which is responsible for housing the inhabitants of a nearby city that was destroyed natural causes.
What Reika didnt know is that the city was inhabited by monsters and now she have to live with Aoto and Akamaru; a pair of young oni that will put their world upside down.
¿Could Reika take care of their new tenants without losing your mind?

This is another old proyect of mine…. do you remember my Tengu Natsu? well this is where he comefrom. its been a long time since i dont draw this pair, but god! how i love them!  I wanted to present them to al you.

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This makes me feel nostalgic


Minna, isn’t Hinata is the cutest? 😉
Loveee this 🚢 a lot, ttebayo! Naruto has been always her spirit

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