People who ask "Wresting is fake, why do people like it?" Are those kinds of people who are so stupid I don't have the time to correct them and tell them how stupid they are...

They got me like…

… So are movies

SECONDLY -  Actors have stunt doubles and aren’t risking their, or anyone elses’, life.

THIRDLY - Wrestling isn’t about winning and losing, unless building a character. People go to wrestling shows to see wrestlers put on a show. Toshow displays of athleticism. Of which they’ve been perfecting for years.

FOURTHLY - So many athletes from different fields, such as footballers or even MMA/UFC fighters have said Wrestling is tougher and they’ve gone back to their previous sport.

FIFTHLY - Unlike any other sport, they have to think about so much at once. They need to put be careful not to kill themselves or the person/pople they’re wrestling; they need to be charismatic, they need t tell a story during a match, keep track of time, engage the crowd and on top of that, put on a good match.

So… what’s fake about that?