@officialajmendez ;Two years ago we found little Larry at a local animal shelter. He was a long term resident who had been adopted and returned several times over. Having been abused and neglected in his first home and unable to find stability after, Larry was a bit of a nervous handful who just needed to find patient parents in a safe, loving home. Now Larry adds so much light, love, and happiness to every moment of every day of my life. When you adopt an animal, you will be proud to save a life, but ultimately you are the one who gets rescued. Please support your local shelters. Adopt. Don’t Shop. -AJ

Will/Nico Baby AU

Sorry this took me so long. I didn’t realize that you added onto my post. But here it is!

n-ajlee: tries to get an egg donor because they are having children

  • Will and Nico have decided that they were ready to have a kid. They decided to find an egg donor and to try both their sperms at once, that way they didn’t have to fight about who’s baby it was, their sperm will do it for them.
  • They were looking through some possible egg donors so they can get the process started. They asked, more like begged Rachel to carry their baby for them. She said yes as long as she can be the god mother, which they instantly said yes to.
  • “What about this one?” Will asked. “She’s smart, blonde hair and green eyes, played music, she’s five six, and has a pretty clean family medical history.” 
  • “I don’t know. A lot of people have written that.” Nico sighed. “Everyone lies on these things.”
  • “We got to take a chance.” Will told him. “And this girl wrote she’s willing to have an interview if we want.”
  • “And if we do, don’t you think she would want to be part of the baby’s life?” 
  • Will sighed. “I think she’s a strong candidate.” 
  • Nico looked at the picture of the woman. He stared at it thinking for a few minutes. “Okay.” 
  • “Okay for what?” Will asked.
  • “I say she’s the one.”
  • Will grinned and kissed him. “We’ll go tomorrow. And I’ll call Rachel.” 
  • Nico nodded.
  • A couple of weeks passed and Rachel moved in with the two of them since they wanted to help take care of her. The pregnancy test she took came up positive and the three of them celebrated with pizza and ice cream with sparkling cider.
  • Rachel felt like a queen since the boys were trying to pamper her with everything. 
  • “You two need to give me a bit of breathing room. I’m only two months and I feel like you guys think I’m like nine months.” Rachel said. “If I need anything I’ll tell you.”
  • “Fine.” Will agreed. 
  • Months passed and Rachel was nine months pregnant. 
  • Will and Nico made their place was baby proof and had everything set. Both of them were so excited.
  • “GUYS! EITHER I PEED MY PANTS OR THERE’S A BABY COMING!” Rachel shouted from her room.
  • The two of them jumped up from the couch and rushed to Rachel. She basically took over their room and they slept on the sofa bed. 
  • Rachel was on her feet. She looked at the two boys. “You two look scared.”
  • “We’re excited.” Will smiled. “And you’re going to have our kid.”
  • She nodded. “So, lets have a baby!” She grinned.
  • Hours later, Rachel was regretting the decision of having their baby. She was screaming and cursing at them as she was pushing. 
  • “THIS BABY BETTER BE FREAKING CUTE!” She shouted at them.
  • They were scared but held onto her hands and tried not to show the pain of her crushing their hands.
  • Once they heard crying, Rachel was relieved. The two boys looked at the baby, to see if they could guess who the father was.
  • “It’s a boy.” The doctor told them as they cleaned up their son. 
  • Will hugged Nico and kissed him. “We have a son.”
  • Nico nodded, smiling.
  • A nurse handed them the baby. The baby had dark hair and olive skin, which had to be Nico. 
  • Both of them smiled.
  • “So, do I get to see my god son or not?” Rachel asked.
  • They brought him over and Rachel smiled. 
  • “He’s so cute. He has your hair Nico.” 
  • Nico nodded. “Yeah, I wish we could see his eyes.”
  • Rachel looked at the baby. “Think of a name?”
  • The boys looked at each other.
  • “Bryan.” Nico said. “Bryan Solace-Di Angelo.”
  • “Sounds so long.” Rachel kidded.

Top Ten Couples in the WWE


No. 10- AJ Lee and CM Punk

Ah yes, the red headed step children of the WWE. While Punk left the company on very bad terms, AJ stayed for well over a year after. It became publicized that the two were a couple once reporters started following Punk’s personal life more closely. While AJ never suffered directly for the grudge the company had with Punk, she did have her record breaking championship reign broken by Nikki Bella. Nikki Bella people. However, if anything, this only made the relationship stronger, and the two have been happily married for about three years now.