When we get older, we stop trying to figure out what shapes the clouds form and stop counting how many stars are in the sky. We forget about the smell of fresh grass, and how it feels when the storm finally stops and there’s this subtle tranquility when we open the front door. We stop wishing on airplanes and we stop howling at the moon, until you realize how far along you’ve gotten in your life without ever stopping to just breathe. If you stopped and talk to the darkness on some nights, you will see the flickers of lights. Things will seem so miniscule. All your doubts and troubles, and, all your successes and dreams don’t mean as much as they did when you were trying to focus too much on the end of the road When you look up, you see more than what’s in ahead of you. Sometimes, you need that.
—  Stories I’ll tell one day #87 – Ming D. Liu 

Ian went to LA with Mandy, leaving Mickey home in Chicago with their cat. Ian loves to send Mickey snap chats of himself in the sights, and Mickey likes to snap chat anything other than his face, but sometimes he does because he knows Ian likes to see his face. They just can’t wait to see each other in person again, but snap chat does the trick when they aren’t together.

Drunk Meryl

Happy Friday! Here’s a new drabble from anon Sofia! Enjoy;)

It’s Val’s big 30th birthday and he wants to go all out. So what better place to go all out than Vegas right?

The airplane was packed everyone was going. We’re talking Maks, Val, Henry, Serge, Alex, Teddy, Artem, Sharna, Emma, Rumer, Jenna, Nicole, and Meryl.

The flight attendant handed them vodka shots for the plane ride.

“Cheers everyone to a safe flight and awsome birthday weekend in Vegas.” Maks toast.

They all sat down and buckled up.

The flight attendant kept passing them drinks. After drinks. And more drinks.

The big group made their way to the hotel to change and get ready for the fun night ahead of them. They headed to the casino for a while then they hit the clubs.

They were hanging by the bar for a while taking shots after shots.

“Woah Meryl try not to drink so much you already seem tipsy.” Jenna suggested.

“Tipsy? She’s totally drunk.“Rumer corrected.

"Well then she needs to stop.” Argued Jenna.

“Jenna let her live. When does Meryl have the opportunity to just do what she wants when she wants?"She stated.

"Ok ok fine but know I’m watching you.” Jenna said.

“Let’s go and dance.” Said Emma.

The girls made their way to the center of the dance floor. His eyes never leaving her. Watching her every move. Falling more and more in love with her again.

He really needed this break. He wouldn’t admit it to no one because this is Val’s night but him being newly single in Vegas plus having her around seemed great. Now if only he can have her to himself for a few minutes.

“Alright so we’re excepting song request from anyone? If you have one make your way up here!” Announced the DJ.

“Oh I do!” Shouted Meryl making we way to the stage.

“No lyrem what are you doing? Asked Jenna.

"Leave her alone.” Said Rumer.

“No she wouldn’t want to do this?”

“She needs freedom so what if she’s drunk. Your true self comes out when you’re drunk.” Sharna added.

They looked at the stage and saw Meryl take the mic.

“HELLO VEGAS!!! I’m having so much fun here. I don’t want to leave. I just want to dance! Are there any hot single guys on the dance floor who would like to dance with me.”

She heard male voices cheer. She smirked.

“I mean you would think look at her why would she ever be single? Well let me tell you. I was once in love with a guy until he broke up with me and broke my heart. He decided to leave me because that’s what he thought was best. Well he was wrong. So now here I am just waiting to be swept off my feet. So let’s dance boys!” She dropped the mic and made her way to the dance floor.

“Ok let’s get her out of here.” Said Sharna.


“I’ll take her.” Maks said.

She wanted to get swept off her feet it’s about to happen. He bent down and picked her up.

“Woah where are we going? She giggled.

"I’m taking you back to the hotel.”

“Noooo!!! Maks I want to dance and have fun.”

“And we can have fun at the hotel.”

“Ohh really?”

They got into the cab and drove off to their hotel.

“Did you mean what you said back there?”

“What do you mean?”

“About me breaking your heart?”

“Oh sorry about that.”

“No don’t be sorry I know I broke your heart.”

“It’s whatever now.”

“No it’s not Meryl.”


“Meryl I still love you.”



“I’m not ready to head back to the hotel” she said.

“Where do you want to go?”

They went bar hopping. Who knew Meryl Davis would go bar hopping with Maks.

They finally made it to her hotel room.

“Goodnight Meryl.”

“Goodnight teddy bear.” She kissed his cheek.

Maks’ smile quickly faded. He loves that she’s showing him all this affection but she’s drunk, she could possibly take it all back tomorrow morning.

~The next morning~

“Meryl wake up.” She heard Jenna’s voice.

She groaned.

“Come on babe we have to get up there’s things to do. We brought you Advil and water.” Sharna added.

“Yup and there’s breakfast waiting for you downstairs.” Emma finished.

“Mmmmm….” She mumbled.

The door opened and the girls looked up and saw Maks.

“Raise and Shine beautiful.”

He brought her food and a cold towel for her head.

“Hangovers suck so I brought everything to you.” He said.

“Uh thanks Maks.” Meryl said.

“Hey girls I’ll take care of her just go get ready we’re leaving in twenty minutes.”

The girls left.

“Do you remember anything about last night?” He asked.

“Nope nothing at all.” She said.

He frowned.

“I’m kidding I do, and I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say what I said about you last night.”

“Don’t I’m glad you did I finally got to know how you felt.”

“Well I don’t feel like that anymore.” She smiled.

“Well good because I’m not gonna break your heart ever again.”

He kissed her.

“Now get ready, eat, and meet me downstairs in twenty.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think girl meets world is willing to go meta enough to do their own version of the Eric Hollywood episode? Because that's one of my fav bmw episodes and I'd love to see the writer's interpretation of the (fake version of) the gm with actors

‘Eric Hollywood’ is one of my faves too, along with ‘And Then There Was Shawn…’ and the one with Topanga’s sweet sixteen—I love those damn meta episodes!

I hope GMW does their own version, the paper airplane bit in Commonism killed me. 😂