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In 10,20 years Big Bang's going to retire from the front line of the music scene and gradually go off to do different things. One day they're going to announce their reunion and thousands of people will flood the stadiums with their VIP lightsticks to watch Big Bang with their delayed dance moves and wrinkles but Big Bang's stage presence will still be amazing. Perhaps we'll be in our 30s when we hear the familiar voices singing Haru Haru and nostalgia will stab our hearts unforgivingly.

Yes. Yes.

When Bigbang are over fifty and I’m in my forties I’ll be willing to stand there, flickering, decades-old, half-broken lightstick raised, and watch them sing with raspier voices, with more acoustic versions, with songs they danced to when they were eighteen.

We will laugh when they all use replicas of TOP’s cane as a joke; when Taeyang goes to do his signature backflip and falls into the airplane exit door dance with Seungri instead; when GD jokes that his silver-streaked hair is his next wild hairstyle and when Daesung sings trot with the gravelly, aged voice of those trot singers of old. Their dances will be slower and their movements less fluid, but their energy and ours will still combine as effortlessly and as seamlessly as it did before.

Their bodies will be different, but their fire will not change.

And then at the end of the concert, they’ll bring out their children to wave at us.

And our children will wave back, because we’ll have brought them to see who inspired us in our youth.

EXO reaction to cuddling/hugging you for the first time after a month away from you

Anonymous said: exo hugging you for the first time after having been gone for a month or two?? Thanksss ~~

Thank you for the request! I’m sorry if the reactions have been coming out slowly, I really have no excuse… But I hope you enjoy this one! I’m gonna tweak it slightly and make it cuddling at home too, just to make sure they’re not all the same! :3

Baekhyun: Because he’s tired from the airplane trip, he collapses on you, just wanting to feel your warmth and love. He might start falling asleep as you hold his hand tightly. As he falls asleep he makes his small puppy yelps, being extremely cute.

Chanyeol: He would do all he could to stay awake and positive for you even though he might be dead tired. He would pick you up and spin you around and then go and sit down on the couch with you on his lap. There he would kiss your forehead and hold you tight.

Chen: He would immediately pull you in for a hug and even be close to tears because he’s missed you so much. After a very long and perfect hug he would look into your eyes and smile his amazing smile.

D.O: The day he comes home you’re on your period and very much not in the mood for kissing anyone, but he forces you to kiss him as he has his arms wrapped around your body.

“Aww, come on, just a little kiss!”

Kai: When he sees you coming out of the airport with your luggage he runs to you excitedly and happily, giving you a huge hug as he yells your name over and over again. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!!!” he shouts like a little kid.

Kris: He decides to randomly pick you up and carry you to the couch without your permission because he can see how exhausted you are after the long car ride. *grunts as he picks you up* “There we go, I’ll get you to the couch” he says with a calm voice.

Lay: The second you close the door to his place he attacks you with kisses filled with love. He doesn’t even have time to get his jacket off, he just cannot be apart from you anymore. 

Luhan: He kept holding you even though you still had to get your luggage. He was tired because he came to pick you up at 3 am and you were tired because you had been traveling for 7 hours straight. He didn’t care though, he just wanted to cuddle you and could not wait to go home.

Sehun: You start crying, being so happy to see him again. He’s very happy to see you too but of course he’s the guy so he can’t cry, instead he just holds you tight, telling you in your ear that he missed you.

Suho: He had tried to keep awake so you two could cuddle and talk after a month of being apart, but he was just too tired and had fallen asleep on the middle of the bed. You just moved his arm a little as you crawled onto he bed, hugging him from the back even tough he was sleeping. 

Tao: He didn’t care one bit that you didn’t like how you looked and therefore didn’t want him to see you. He came straight at you, needing your love right then and there.

You: “Tao, no, I look ugly!”

Tao: “Just hug me.”

Xiumin: Yes, he was happy to see you. But some other things mattered more to him at that point. Two moths without a partner? That had been very very very hard on him…

ولا نخلط بين الإسلام السياسي والإرهاب فالاسلام يقوم كله على الحرية ويرفض الإكراه بجميع صوره والمناظر التي نراها من خطف الرهائن إلى تفجير العربات إلى نسف الطائرات إلى اطلاق النار على مخفر شرطة ليست إسلاما ولا أصوليه بل جرائم يرتكبها مجرمون قتلة والإسلام اختبار واقتناع وسيلته الدعوة بالحسنى وهو لا يرفع سلاحا إلا ردا على عدوان ولا يقاتل إلا دفاعا عن حق مغتصب وهو دين الرحمه والمودة والسماحه والحلم والعفو والمحبة وهو سلام كله تحيتة السلام وروحه السلام

We do not mix political Islam with terrorism for all Islam is based on freedom and rejects compulsion in all its shapes and forms that we see today, such as kidnapping, blowing up cars and airplanes or firing bullets at police stations. This is not Islam and not fundamentalism, it is crime committed by murderous criminals. Islam is based on experimentation and persuasion and uses kindly invitation as its method and it does not raise a weapon except when countering an attack and it does not fight except to defend and restore someone’s rights, it is the religion of mercy, affection, forgiveness, forbearance, love. It is based on peace, its greeting is peace and its soul is peace.
All of us are labouring under the same conditions. It’s like we’re all flying in the same busted airplane. Sure, some of us are luckier than others. Some are tough and some are weak. Some are rich and some poor. But no one’s superman– in that way, we’re all weak. If we own things, we’re terrified we’ll lose them forever; if we’ve got nothing we worry it’ll be that way forever. We’re all the same. If you catch on to that early enough, you try to make yourself stronger, even if only a little. It’s okay to fake it. Right? There are no truly strong people. Only people who pretend to be strong.
—  Haruki Murakami, Hear The Wind Sing
It sounds cute and comforting to say “God is in control,” and people who say that may imagine sitting on their daddy’s lap behind the wheel of the family car, going “Vroom vroomy vroom!” while Daddy does the steering. In reality, when God is in control, it feels more like one of those movies where some amateur has to step up and land the airplane or steer the ship to safety through a crashing storm, with an expert giving them instructions remotely through a headset. In theory, following the expert’s instructions will help us get in safely; but our fear, panic, self-doubt, and lack of skill are not exactly comforting. Yes, God is in control, but we’re the ones who are in for a rough ride.

Simcha Fisher, The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning

(Lovely book on marriage and faith; awful title, even worse cover art)

چیزها دیدم در روی زمین
کودکی دیدم ماه را بو می کرد
من قطاری دیدم روشنایی می برد
من قطاری دیدم فقه می برد
و چه سنگین می رفت
من قطاری دیدم که سیاست می برد
و چه خالی می رفت
من قطاری دیدم تخم نیلوفر و آواز قناری می برد
و هواپیمایی که در آن اوج هزاران پایی
خاک از شیشه آن پیدا بود

The things I saw on Earth…
I saw a child inhaling the moon
I saw a train carrying light
I saw a train carrying religious Jurisprudence—and how heavy it moved
I saw a train carrying politics—and how empty it moved
I saw a train carrying the seeds of lilies and the sound of canaries
And an airplane, thousands of feet high,
You could still see dust on its windshield
—  Sohrab Sepehri