The original myrmidon Princess !

  • First impression : overhyped - praised in every forums for being a murder maching with “dem legs”!
  • Impression now : I like her character and how she follows her own agenda - protect Shanan + repay her debt to Siggy, even if it means not being able to survive for Larcei/Ulster.
  • Favorite moment : Her last stand with Siggy. Isaachian people are dumb, but loyal.
  • Idea for a story : HER SISTER - what was the relationship with her sister, has she stopped by by Rivough during her travels feeling sort of guilty, thought about her exiled nephew now that she and Shanan too have to run away from Isaach… Basically something about her “travels” including FE5 material. 
  • Unpopular opinion : “dem legs” isn’t a reason to like a character I am not really fond of her in the Oosawa manga, especially during the Langobalt fight
  • Favorite relationship : shipping googles say Lex because their chapter 5 convo is nice, but Shanan’s the best - I mean she’s his guardian and aunt and does stuff she’d never do usually for his sake.
  • Favorite headcanon : She survived Barhara and took some years to heal, but Galzus killed her before she could return to Isaach.