Shippings and fangirling ;)

I noticed for myself that for some ships it’s not very easy to find someone to talk to or to fangirl with…
So I decided to put all my shippings out here. And if you like one of those and want to fangirl, to share opinions, need an ally or just want to talk about it please feel free to dm me :)

Shippings I love to talk about:

Greenflame (KaixLloyd, Ninjago)

Larry Stylinson (LouisxHarry, One Direction) (and every other 1D - shipping)

Stucky (StevexBucky, Captain America)

Evanstan (Chris Evans x Sebastian Stan)

Cherik (CharlesxErik, X-Men)

Mcfassy (James McAvoy x Michael Fassbender)

Drarry (DracoxHarry, Harry Potter)

Merthur (MerlinxArthur, Merlin)

Aralas (AragornxLegolas, Lord of the Rings)

Bagginshield (BilboxThorin, The Hobbit)

ElrondxLindir (The Hobbit)

Aidean (Aidan Turner x Dean O'Gorman)

FiKi (FilixKili, The Hobbit)

Richlee (Richard Armitage x Lee Pace)

Gafou (GastonxLeFou, Beauty and the Beast - 2017)

Luke Evans x Josh Gad

Mitch Grassi x Scott Hoying (Pentatonix /Superfruit)

ChrisxAndreas (Ehrlich Brothers)

Horbek (HorusxBek, Gods of Egypt)

Please have in mind that I love all of them but I might not have the latest news about them (I sadly don’t have time for all of them at once)

And please leave NO HATE! I’m here for people who are looking for allies or another fangirl :) I just want to help.

Love to y'all 💜