You’re Here - Brother Daryl Dixon

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Prompt: Hi! Can I request an imagine where y/n grew up with daryl (but ur only 14) who was like your older brother to you but when the apocalypse happened you two got separated, and y/n has been in Alexandria for a year or so and reunite with daryl? Thank you!

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(Y/N) had no one, no one left. Sure, she was surrounded by people who called themselves her friends and her ‘new family’ but that was just crap. None of them really knew her, and there for she didn’t care much for them. She had been there for a year, one whole year, and nothing good had happened to her.

She didn’t like it there, the people just weren’t her type of people. She hated them, for the most part. It was just her luck that she was alone, with no one from her past there with her. She would kill to have her mom back, or her dad, or her not-blood brother.

She stayed in her room, to avoid any and everyone. She didn’t like anyone there, so it only made sense that she kept her distance. Sense she didn’t have any blood family left, she was ‘adopted’ by Jessie and her husband. She didn’t like that idea. She felt as though that was their way of giving her new parents, and she didn’t like that idea. She hated it so much, she threw an all out tantrum when she heard the word ‘adopt’.

She laid in her room, listening to her ‘brother’ playing video games with his friends. She hated that too. She hated that the people weren’t thankful to be alive. She surely was, because she had been out there. She had seen things that made her thankful to be alive, unlike the people of Alexandrea. They didn’t know a thing about the outside world, not anymore.

“Whose room is that?” She heard a voice outside her room ask. She had a ‘KEEP OUT’ sign taped to her door. She had argued with her ‘mother’ about keeping it up. She threatened to deface not only the door but the whole house if she took it down again. She made sure to be the problem child in Alexandrea, not only to the Andersons.

“That’s my sister. We sort of adopted her when she came here. She stays cooped up in her room all the time so just ignore her.” She heard Ron say and then footsteps.

She got up and walked to the door. She left her room and walked over to Ron’s. She glared at him, not saying a word. He was hanging out with his friends and this boy she had never met before. Ron looked at (Y/N) and rolled his eyes.

“Guys, this is Carl. Carl, this is Enid and Mikey.” Ron said, introducing his friends but not his ‘sister’. (Y/N) turned away from them and went down to the kitchen. She didn’t want to stay there anyway.

She looked through the kitchen, looking for something to eat. She didn’t eat much. It had been a year sense she left the scavenger life but she still wasn’t used to eating meals. She found a small snack and went back up to her room.

When she was gong back up the stairs, she ran into the new kid. She looked at him and he looked at her. “Leaving so soon?” She teased him, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” He answered and walked past her. She turned and watched him.She followed him, crossing her arms over her chest. “You’ll never get used to it.” She told him, referring to living normally again. “They don’t get it and they never will.”

Carl turned to look at her. “You lived out there too?”

“I survived out there. I was on my own, cold and alone.” She told him, biting into the crackers she grabbed from the kitchen. She walked with him out of the house. “They’ll never understand.”

She followed Carl all the way to his new house, talking about what it was like from themselves outside the walls. She had never had anyone to talk to, no one really understood. Enid never spoke to her, even though they were both out there alone in the world.

She walked into the house behind him, stuffing her hands into her pockets. She didn’t bother with looking around the house, it was pretty basic. She didn’t care for it either. She walked with him into the living room and saw all the people there.

“Who’s this?” An older looking man asked, walking up to them.

“(Y/N).” She introduced herself, not wanting to let someone else do it for her. She stared up at him, then looked past him. She didn’t believe her eyes, “Daryl?”

The man looked up, staring at her. He didn’t know what to believe anymore. HE had thought the girl was dead, had been for the past few years. “(Y/N)?” He stood and walked over to her.She wrapped her arms around him, not needing to say anything else to him.

She had wondered where he had gone and why he had left. Then it was a matter of if he was alive or not. This was her brother, the one that she had known from the beginning of her life. She was younger but that didn’t matter. She grew up knowing him as her brother and that was that.

Silence overwhelmed the room as everyone there watched the two. Carl was pleasantly shocked. He had met this stone cold girl who was angry at everything and everyone. Along side him was everyone else who was happy to see Daryl finding someone he knew (and cared for) after all he had gone through.