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if it's okay to send *you* the prompts, how about fakiru with that third one?

Okay, wow, I was not expecting this.

But I had far more inspiration for this than I should have.

And I somehow managed to crank out 1700 words of this in an afternoon.

So thank you very much.

Prompt: “In a game of Spin-the-Bottle, I landed on the same person seven times in a row.”

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Curse of the Dragon Update: Chapter 10

Curse of the Dragon: Dance With Fate
Author: BluSakura/Trixystix
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Rating: T (Graphic depictions of violence)
Pairings: Ahiru/Fakir, Ahiru/Mytho, Rue/Mytho – many others in the future

AU Ahiru is a noble with an arranged marriage to Prince Siegfried. Everything she knows (and wants) is changed, however, when she is kidnapped by the Dragon Clan and drawn into a tale of curses, war, destiny, and love.

FF.net: Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
AO3: Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

-Chapter 10 Excerpt-
The last time Fakir held a quill between his fingers, he wrote about catching a fish.

He remembered the air going still, the surface of the water undisturbed. The universe held its breath for him, awaiting his next words as the tip of the feather scraped across the rough pages of his book. That the world would wait in such anticipation for such a silly command like that—that the world would bend and shift to the will of his words for something as frivolous as delivering him dinner was … laughable.

He’d been so stupid.

NOTE:  See amazing art HERE!


Lilie dared Ahiru to smooch Fakir on the cheek.

It was Super Effective!

Fakir has fainted.

I have not drawn these two in quite some time. It was actually really hard to remember how I did them before.

Princess Tutu and Corresponding Ballets - Master Post

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In the final moment, his sword pressed to his own chest, Prince Siegfried faltered.

He faltered in shattering his heart and he faltered in sealing the Monster Raven away. In that single moment of hesitation, he lost the battle. From this moment on the Raven would wreak the same havoc on this world as that he had wreaked upon Siegfried’s kingdom, because the Prince had faltered.

Now he is a Prince no more, but a Steadfast Tin Nutcracker, with his little Tin Heart still intact. Not his leg. The Raven has eaten it so that he will never run away. The Nutcracker spends his days dancing with the Princess Krähe. Princess Crow. She was “born into a hideous human body” the Monster Raven said. Now she has truly become a Crow.

She is, without a doubt, happy in this darkness of her father’s.

When the Prince and the Raven burst into this world a flock of the Raven’s crows followed and killed one child’s parents and dear friend, the blacksmith. The onslaught just kept coming. And the Prince did not stop it. He faltered. The child escaped with his life, but a crow plucked out one of his eyes.

The child is a man now. He does not dance. He does not write. Rather, he has become a puppet…eer…

A Swan glides on Odette’s Lake of Tears at the fringe of the town. It never crosses her mind to question why she is a swan with the thought, “But I’m just a Duck.” She remains imprisoned in one form for all of her days.

All this, because the Prince faltered in the shattering of his heart. 

This is my drawing for the New Year 2016 & Anniversary Contest over at Club-Tutu. This month’s theme is The Un-shattered Heart: “What if the Prince in "The Prince and the Raven” did not shatter his heart upon coming out his story in his fight with the Raven? How might their battle have gone? What would happen next? Would the Prince win or the Raven? What affects would they have on the world they’d entered? How would the fight go? What if?“

Rue’s design is based on the Wedding Guests from Season 1 Episode 10.
Fakir’s design is based on Drosselmeyer’s Puppets from Season 2 Episode 10.