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“Lola Lives!”
Now that Coulson’s back in the field, here’s hoping Lola makes a comeback!!
Making sure @clarkgregg and @chloebennet are represented at next weekend’s #heroesandvillainsfanfest!!
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@lil_henstridge : Oh ya know, a standard Monday doing science 😎 @represent tshirt for @Smiletrain coming soon!! #represent #smiletrain


sweeneypua :Crazy string war between@chloebennet and @clarkgregg at the signing booth! He got you good chloe! 😆#AgentsofShield #chloebennet #clarkgregg#hvff

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Secretly Married

Another day at S.H.I.E.L.D the new director had Fitz and Simmons on a undercover op they were a married couple looking for new weapons. The case was a success, and the director was impressed on how well they played a couple. Coulson knew about this case and since the two are part of his team he wanted a meeting with Fitz and Simmons to find out why they are so convincing as a married couple.

“thanks for meeting with us FitzSimmons” Coulson said addressing Mack and May to.

“No problem Coulson what is this about?” Simmons asked taking a seat next to Fitz. Mack, May and Coulson were sitting across from them.

“We are all wondering how you guys managed to play such a convincing married couple, no Agents who have done ops like this were nearly as good as you two” May asked.

“We studied married couple behavior and practiced it to perfection” Fitz said.

“Yeah, it’s all rehearsed” Simmons said.

“That’s great guys but I’m not buying it, I think there’s a personal touch to this I’ve been undercover before and I’ve rehearsed my part many times with the agent I was going under with, it wasn’t nearly as good as you to were” Coulson said.

“Guys I think it may be time to tell them” Mack said.

“No Mack we can’t we will get in trouble” Fitz said.

“Fitz, Mack is right we can’t pretend anymore” Simmons said.

“Tell us what? We promise we won’t tell the director” Coulson said.

Fitz took a deep breath and held Simmons’s hand.

“Simmons and I are in a relationship, we have been for nearly a year”

“Mack has been our rock keeping us a secret” Simmons said.

“ you guys know that’s against policy” May said.

“We know May that’s why we’ve kept it secret till now, it hasn’t affected our work and we are making sure it won’t’ Fitz said.

"I always wanted you to get together, you guys were always in sync” Coulson said, adding, “is there anything else we should know”

Fitz and Simmons exchanged looks nodding at each other.

“There is actually, Mack doesn’t even know this” Simmons said.

“There’s a reason why we worked as a married couple better then other agents have have In the past” Fitz said.

“Why is that Turbo?” Mack asked.

“Because we are married, we got hitched a month ago, I keep the rings on a necklace in my bunk” Simmons said.

“That’s what we have been hiding, sorry we didn’t have a big celebration but we will make it up to you guys” Fitz said.

Coulson, Mack, May all made their promises to keep Fitz and Simmons’s marriage a secret and they gave the couple hugs and congrats they even opened champagne to celebrate. Made a toast to “Forever A Family” and enjoyed their time together without cases and the directors nosy eye, Fitz and Simmons were gleaming with happiness, their greatest fear of telling May and Coulson about them was no more. They showed off a kiss getting a cheer from Coulson, May punching him to shut him up and Mack giving the Newlyweds another hug. They were all happy and laughing over fun times before things there got tough.