So after everyone’s out of the Framework,

May: will be happy that she killed the girl in Bahrain, which will mess her up more than ever before.

Fitz: has to deal with the fact that somewhere inside him is a sadist and a murderer (although I personally think Aida messed with him more than the others because she had a massive robo-crush on him)

Simmons: has to deal with witnessing her normally gentle, compassionate, brilliant boyfriend straight-up murder an innocent woman. (this after having to kill Fitz’s LMD in self-defense)

Mack: has to lose his daughter all over again, except this time it will be so much worse. 

Daisy: has to deal with being betrayed by her SO/mother figure (May) and tortured by one of her best friends (Fitz)

…..and finally Coulson, who will be embarrassed by his slightly-dorkier-than-usual behavior and have the uncontrollable urge to make his own soap.


Interviewer: Do you need to wake up underground, do you dig out?

Iain: No that would be ridiculous.

Liz: No that would be crazy.